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The Dark Knight Strikes Again | Comics

After faking his own death three years ago following a battle against Man of Steel, Batman has totally gone underground since then. Along with his young ally Carrie Kelley, who was formerly Robin and is currently operating as Catgirl, Bruce keeps his operation running. Lex Luthor has risen to supreme power as a dictator of world by overthrowing government with aid from Brainiac and is impersonating as president using a computer-generated front. All remaining Mutants and other humans are being secretly trained up to create an army of "Batboys" by The Dark Knight and his sidekick Catgirl.

They are all being readied to oppose Luthor's tyrannical supremacy of worldwide "police-state". After taking his shot at Man of Steel during a Batman v Superman grudge match held previously, Green Arrow has joined with Bruce in his cause. Elongated Man is just a commercial spokesman and a mentally unstable Plastic Man is locked up in Arkham Asylum. The Flash becomes a free power source for America as he is forcibly made to run constantly on a treadmill. Professor Ray Palmer, formerly known as The Atom is imprisoned with his own tech in a petri dish and fighting micro-organisms for years.

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The Dark Knight Strikes Again | Comics

He is collected and rescued by Catgirl from his own laboratories he has been kept in. Reunited once again; these three along with Batboys raids on a secret facility to liberate Barry Allen. Meanwhile, Superman flies off to outer space to stop a giant asteroid from colliding on Earth and then returns to former headquarters of Justice League of America to meet Wonder Woman. An elderly Captain Marvel is forced to work as government operative these days as his twin sister Mary Batson is held hostage by authority. Even Clark and Diana are seemingly bound to obey and act unwillingly as muscle for Luthor.

Lex and Brainiac sends Clark to investigate the reson behind Barry Allen and Ray Palmer gone missing. Knowing Bruce was behind this show, he heads straight to Gotham City aiming for Batcave. As he came crushing, Batman and his allies made quite a welcome party for Man of Steel to bring him to his knees. The Dark Knight arrives wearing a pair of Kryptonite gauntlets to knock some sense into him by pummeling Superman to grounds. Many formerly banned super-heroes also resurfaced in "The Superchix" concert and media gave this news coverage, while new generation accepts them quite positively.

The heroes made a public appearance along with The Dark Knight to re-unite masses against a corrupt government. Though he and his secret benefactor; the extraterrestrial fiend known as Brainiac is not trouble enough for the world already, a Joker-like mysterious figure secretly starts stalking superhero community. He kills an elderly Martian Manhunter, who died trying to save vigilante Question. Captain Marvel sacrifices his life to save people from Brainiac and Superman is forced to rethink his ideals and rise up to his former pride, so that his daughter can live proudly in a brave new world.

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The Dark Knight Wages War

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Here is your links to buy “The Dark Knight Strikes Again" from DC Comics on Amazon.

The Dark Knight Strikes Again (Softcover)

The Dark Knight Strikes Again (Hardcover)

Plotted out and drawn by popular comic-book writer/artist Frank Miller (All-Star Batman and Robin, The Dark Knight III – The Master Race), The Dark Knight Strikes Again is a three part limited series sequel to "The Dark Knight Returns" limited series by the same creator. This successful story was published by DC Comics in 2001 after fifteen years of its predecessor. Although its previous installment was able to gain more publicity and critical acclaim, The Dark Knight Strikes Again mostly failed in that portion compared to its previous installment. Plus, the absence of co-illustrator Klaus Janson is greatly felt when Miller's art came out as plain garbage for everyone's taste.

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The Super Couple Reunites

Although, The Dark Knight Returns managed to be considered for adapted into a two-part animation movie of the same name, this sequel probably wasn't considered worthy enough by DC Universe Animated Original Movies. Like all of Batman stories conceived by Miller, the arc is set into Earth-31, an alternate reality of Multiverse, which is considered as non- canonical with DC's pre-Flashpoint publication. He came up with a second sequel, The Dark Knight III – The Master Race almost thirty years after the culmination of the original series with artist Andy Kubert (Batman – Batman and Son, Damian – Son of Batman).
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