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Amazing Spider-Man – Until The Stars Turn Cold | Comics

During his battle against energy vampire Morlun, Aunt May accidentally discovers secret of Peter’s duel identity and after a little while she becomes one of his biggest support (Coming Home). May Parker then go to Daily Bugle building to meet J. Jonah Jameson in person for a talk as she has a problem with Jameson’s anti-Spidey editorials. Also, she wanted to let him know that she is cancelling her regular subscription for his newspaper from now on because of his flawed decisions on everyone's favorite wall-crawler. Though Jonah is not worried about her cancellation of his paper, he was more stirred to see her view change.

Apart from his life as the Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker also teaches at Midtown High. During the break time, he was talking to a student of his class named Jennifer Hardesty about her addict brother who is in hospital now and then came to know from her that, people are mysteriously getting vanished out of nowhere in her neighborhood. After a brief investigation on that particular matter Peter came to a point that no bodies were found so far and only persons from streets are getting vanished all of a sudden. Since most of them were jobless, police were not interested to look up either.

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Amazing Spider-Man – Until The Stars Turn Cold | Comics

While on patrol at night as Spider-Man, he is suddenly alarmed by his spider-sense and found a guy with wraith-like appearance was vanishing one of his victims in front of him who called himself The Shade. As Spidey tried to engage him in combat, he couldn't land a punch on him but the guy toyed with him for a while. When he was outsmarted by his opponent and took a little beating, he decided to retreat. With help from Lieutenant William Lamont, Spider-Man gets to the root of Shade’s origin and then ends up taking help from Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange to take him down.

Previously, Peter missed a scheduled meeting with his wife Mary Jane, which greatly frustrates her over Peter. Meanwhile, she called Aunt May to check on her and because of her tone, it seemed to MJ that she now knows about Peter’s secret. May and Peter quickly flies off to California to meet MJ, to make it up to her for last time where she is currently trying to have a break in film industry. It was all good until a new Doctor Octopus starts terrorizing the city with his latest evil schemes. Following him, the original Doc Ock also shows up shortly to make matter worse for everyone.

Earlier Otto Octavius was invited to research and development company, Nexus Industries with an employment offer by Luke Carlyle and asks him if he'd be interested to join them as a consultant. In actual, Carlyle was a corporate fraud, who climbed up to power with ulterior motives of his own and bringing Octavius was part of a plan to steal his mechanical arms. After rendering Doc Ock unconscious, he steals Octavius' cybernetic appendages to have his scientists copy the tech. This is the reason, why Doctor Octopus came looking for this new impostor at the first place, to exact vengeance for conning him.

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Playing Heroic Responsibilities

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Amazing Spider-Man 481

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Amazing Spider-Man 483

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Amazing Spider-Man 486

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Amazing Spider-Man Vol 03 – Until The Stars Turn Cold

It is the third storyline by the popular creative duo run of writer J. Michael Straczynski (The Other – Evolve or Die, Silver Surfer – Requiem) and artist John Romita Jr. (Avengers Vs. X-Men, World War Hulk) for Amazing Spider-Man monthly ongoing comic-book series featuring issues #40-45 from second volume which will be issues# 481-486 according to the original numbering. Straczenski mapped out two interconnected mini stories that balance out everything that is going on in his life and was later published by Marvel Comics back in 2002 as a single graphic novel entitled "Until The Stars Turn Cold".

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In Cold Arms

One of the most important aspects of Spidey's life except fighting super-villains and saving the world on a daily basis that is often left about is his personal life. First there was just Aunt May back then and now that he is married, he has to make time for his wife Mary Jane Watson. Now that his aunt knows about his secret, he can finally be open up to one more person in his life and not worry about it either. On top of that, he has a job now and that responsibility is often colliding with his super-heroics. Writer Straczynski brilliantly plots all of that out and it gets real with the touch of master illustrator John Romita Jr.
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