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Batman – Hush | Comics

Batman goes to save a kidnapped boy from the clutches of Killer Croc after tracking him down and have a brief fight with monstrous Croc but before S.W.A.T. team arrives, the ransom money is surprisingly stolen by Catwoman, who remained unnoticed to everyone else but The Dark Knight. He starts to give her a rooftop chase but someone from shadows has cut his Bat-Line in mid air. It caused him to fall on ground and receive a severe damage to his skull. As he was falling to his uncertain fate, she ran off with the money unaware and then handed it over to Poison Ivy.

Unable to even move a muscle, Batman is now surrounded by thugs of Crime Alley and Oracle sends out a distress signal for his rescue. Vigilante hero Huntress responds to this emergency signal as she was nearby and arrives in her motorcycle to rescue The Bat as soon as she could. She fought her hardest to a standstill from surrounding goons of Crime Alley until Batmobile was sent to their location. In Batcave, Alfred Pennyworth patches him up and a near-unconscious suggests him thorough Morse code to arrange for his childhood friend, now a renowned neurosurgeon Thomas Elliot to perform a brain surgery on him.

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Batman – Hush | Comics

When slightly recovered, he starts investigating about his fall and confronted Killer Croc again in Arkham Asylum. Croc was seemingly more agitated than his usual self and he unexpectedly proceeds to break out of his cell to make an escape upon tossing out everyone from his way. Batman immediately goes after him but the tire of Batmobile was shot in the middle of the road during this chase. As Croc was about to off Catwoman for stealing his money, Batman saved her life by intervening in time. She then reveals that she stole the money for Poison Ivy in a mind-controlled state.

Together these two head over to Metropolis for further investigation only to encounter Poison Ivy with a mind-controlled Man of Steel at her side. It is later revealed that Ivy made Catwoman steal the money for her own purpose. Batman is suspicious about a resourceful new mysterious enemy working from shadows who is responsible for his allies and enemies to acting weird and out of their characters but before figuring out who that is, he has to save his own from an enraged Superman. Although The Dark Knight came prepared, it took all of his effort just to restrain his opponent.

The duo then goes back to Gotham City to gather at an Opera as Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, along with Tommy Elliot and Leslie Thompkins. The stage is taken by Harley Quinn and her masked henchmen, so Batman had to intervene. While chasing her, Catwoman is shot and Harley escaped. Following her trail, Batman hears a gunshot and then reaches outside to find out The Joker is looming over the lifeless body of his friend Tommy. In a violent fit of rage, he viciously beats Joker with an inch of his life and attempts from Selina and Jim Gordon finally stopped him from crossing the line.

Next up, he has a run-in with villains like Scarecrow, Ra’s al Ghul, Clayface, Lady Shiva, The Riddler and Two-Face waiting in queue to encounter as all of them fits quite the profile of his mysterious new enemy, who is secretly manipulating everyone around him like chess pieces. Apparently, his nemesis has a lot of information about his friends and enemies but every lead he finds becomes another dead-end. In a situation where he cannot even trust his allies and partners, how is Batman going to handle it alone? Plus, a long-dead person from his past makes a surprise return to haunt him.

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United Against An Unknown Foe

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"Batman – Hush" storyline itself is a milestone epic created by two comic book legends; writer Jeph Loeb (Batman – Dark Victory, Catwoman – When in Rome) and superstar artist Jim Lee (All-Star Batman and Robin, Divine Right). This is a tour in modern-day Gotham City with The Dark Knight to experience a dark chapter of his life, questioning new stand of his old friends and foes alike. His trusty butler Alfred Pennyworth, regular crime-fighting partners Nightwing, Robin and Oracle, old friend James Gordon, Leslie Thompkins, Huntress and even Harold Allnut made their presence known throughout the plot.

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The Mystery of Hush
Other important characters as Suicide Squad director Amanda Waller, Green Lantern Alan Scott, Lex Luthor, Daily Planet's photographer Jimmy Olsen, reporter Lois Lane and editor-in-chief Perry White, his former love-interest Talia al Ghul made special appearances in-between the arc. Story and artwork throughout this tale are absolute praiseworthy, which is why this saga made is listed as one of the best Batman graphic novel of all time. While building up its own complication, "Hush" also developed pathway for upcoming "Under The Hood" storyline that offers a major revelation on an unresolved past mystery.
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