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JLA/Avengers | Comics

jla avengers crossover
JLA/Avengers | Comics
An exiled Oan villain named Krona from DC Universe is out to seek the secret of the universe's origin and destroys several realities and realms upon failing in his quest as well as the Crime Syndicate. Grandmaster; the alien entity from Marvel Universe approaches Krona with a proposition to arrange a game to collect twelve different items from the two universes by the JLA and The Avengers. They will participate in this contest on behalf of them and if Krona wins the game then he will learn what he seeks for. Krona and Grandmaster are given the heroes from their alternate universe. Metron approaches the two super teams and tricks them into this galactic game without knowing the reasons behind it.

Meanwhile, the JLA battles the villainous Terminus from their alternate reality and has finally defeated it in Keystone City. Starro the conqueror attacks on New York and is confronted by the Avengers. After facing the Scarlet Witch's chaos magic, the star conqueror fled to space in horror. When the JLA are visited by the Grandmaster, who enlighten them about their objectives except the fact behind the game and they travel to Earth-616 to collect the items he told them about. There they met the heroic Avengers and as both teams assume the other as enemies, they engage in an all-out battle royal where the toughest Joes from each side starts throwing their best feat at each other.

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jla/avengers comic
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Here is your links for “JLA/Avengers" crossover limited series from Marvel Comics and DC Comics.

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JLA/Avengers is a 2003 inter company limited series crossover event by DC Comics and Marvel Comics. This four issue storyline is created by writer Kurt Buisek and artist George Pèrez. It's the biggest crossover of the two industry giant in comic history featuring JLA of the DC Comics and the Avengers from the Marvel Comics as these two teams are forced to work together to haul a common enemy who threatens their reality.
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