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The Walking Dead | Comics

Officer Rick Grimes was gravely wounded by a gunshot while chasing a group of thugs in the line of duty. He awakens in an abandoned hospital from coma only to discover that the town and probably the rest of the locality is now filled with walking corpses. He goes out to explore the world that he once knew and finds out that it now belongs to legion of undeads. He eventually met his friends and family as well as a band of survivors with whom he embarked a journey of a lifetime for the sake of survival.

Days Gone Bye
Upon getting shot during his time as Deputy Sheriff, Rick Grimes ended up in a hospital where he was into a coma for months. After regaining sense, he patches himself and goes to his home in search of his family but found none except the father-son duo of Morgan and Duane Jones. Rick then travels to Atlanta, Georgia, in search of his missing wife and son but when reached, he is welcomed by a massive horde of zombies who surprised and ravaged his horse in moments after he fell from it. Rick is saved by Glenn, who safely led him to a survivor group camp just outside the city.

There, Rick befriends fellow survivors Allen, Amy, Andrea, Billy, Ben, Dale, Donna, Jim, Carol and Sophia after finding his wife Lori and son Carl as well as close friend Shane. When Rick was out in the hospital and thought dead, Shane and Lori got together and now that he is back, Lori left Shane to reunite with her husband. Dale has a bad feeling about Shane that he reveals to Rick, which he brushes off. The other night, when all of them were having dinner, they were attacked by a group of zombies that leads to the death of Amy and Jim got bit. Shane got into a violent argument with Rick and ends up getting shot by Carl.

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The Walking Dead | Comics

Miles Behind Us
After Shane's burial, Lori displayed her disgust at him by spitting at his grave, indicating they had hooked up in Rick's absence. Dale asks Rick to be their new leader and Lori announced the news of her pregnancy. Along came Tyreese, Julie and Chris as they marched forward. Although Rick mistook Tyreese for a walker at first but these two got along just fine. They took shelter at "Wiltshire Estates" for a night and then forced to leave as they got swarmed by walkers. Later, they left their camp outside the city and they moved to the Greene family farm ran by Hershel Greene.

Safety Behind Bars
During their stay at Greene family farm, Glenn and Maggie starts dating and when an angry Harshel kicked out Rick and his gang after an incident that killed many of his children, he left behind at the farm. Rick's group hits the road again and all of them decided to take shelter on an abandoned prison that Andrea and Dale discovered and the trio of Rick, Andrea and Tyreese manages to completely clear it out of Walkers. Inside the compound, they met four remaining inmates who welcomed the group among them. Harshel is also invited to live among them and unaware of a threat that hides in plain sight.

The Heart's Desire
A mysterious katana-wielding survivor, Michonne is welcomed in Rick's gang after she safely escorted Otis back to the prison from a roaming horde. She used to walk with two of her pet Walkers, whom she crippled by hacking off their jaws and arms. When Rick agrees to let her in only if she hands over her sword and to kill them, she instantly beheads them. Tensions start rising when she tries to get cozy with Tyreese and hurting Carol's feelings, where she even tries to commit suicide. Rick and Tyreese have a fight over this issue and the former had to step down from the position of leadership.

The Best Defense
While tracking a crashed helicopter for survivors, Rick, Glenn and Michonne stumbles onto the community town called Woodbury. There the survivors' encounters the devilish leader of the town called The Governor. This lunatic enjoys people fighting in an arena surrounded by Walkers and he feeds strangers to them as well. He tries to squeeze information from Rick and his group by cutting Rick's right hand, brutally raping Michonne repeatedly and locks up Glenn to hear her screams. All he wants is to know where the prison compound is so that he can take their supplies and move with his town folks there.

This Sorrowful Life
With some unexpected help from The Governor's ally Caesar Martinez, Rick decides to escape from Woodbury with Glenn, Doctor Stevens and Nurse Alice. Michonne decides to stay behind for a while to settle some score with the maniacal leader of the town and promises to join them shortly. She breaks into Governor's apartment, knocks him off by surprise and then inflicted every other torture technique she could think off and successfully crippling him before escaping. Back at prison, Rick founds the compound overrunned and took care of a mole that he finds out.

The Calm Before
Lori finally opens up to Rick about her secret affair with Shane, that Rick admits of already knowing and requests her not to bring up. Glenn and Maggie get married through a small ceremony. Expecting a massive onslaught from Governor and his men from Woodbury, a small group from the prison goes to the National Guard Station for supplies. Lori finally gives birth to a baby girl who is named Judith. Dale gets bitten in the leg and one of the survivors totally loses it before doing the unthinkable. With all these trouble of their own, a threat arrives at their doorstep to knock them dead.

Made To Suffer
After getting severely mutilated by a vengeful Michonne, The Governor was nursed back to health. He gathers his men upon recovering and showed up at Rick's doorstep riding on a tank with Woodbury forces following his lead to kill Rick's group. In retaliation, Andrea fires at them from the guard tower to demolish Woodbury army but in the mean time, Tyreese and Michonne got captured at the hands of Governor's men. As they debate on whether to fight or run many of Rick's friend dies and the conflict between the two groups turns into a bloody massacre.

Here We Remain
Rick and Carl barely survive the bloody onslaught at the prison by The Governor and fled with their lives after losing Lori and Judith in the causality of the war. Michonne tracks them back and joined the duo to the town where they have temporarily starts staying until Rick recovers from a bullet wound he received from the war. They are reunited with Glenn and Maggie Greene, who are currrently living at the farm with Dale, Andrea, Ben, Billy and Sophia. Three new survivors; Abraham Ford, Rosita Espinosa and Eugene Porter heading to Washington, D.C. for a mission, crosses their path.

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The Army of Walking Dead

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Published monthly in a black and white format, The Walking Dead is a monthly ongoing comic-book series from the independent publication of Image Comics that start publishing in 2003. Renowned comic-book writer and series-creator Robert Kirkman (Battle Pope, Haunt) and artist/co-creator Tony Moore (Fear Agent, Punisher) had created the core concept of this epic saga that is later continued by artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files) when Moore left the series after his stint on the first six issues. However, he kept contributing to the series by providing mind-blowing cover arts for the series till issue 24.

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The Uprising of Walkers

The series became very popular as one of Kirkman's original work that it received Eisner Award for "Best Continuing Series" in 2010. Then a television series, The Walking Dead also adapted into and premiered the same year on AMC television, which has succeed for a eight season run and a record breaking amount of audience in the history of cable TV. Although the TV adaptation of the series has added many original character to the cast and killed off many characters with great importance in the future, it still manages to stay popular to the fan-base and be a charm to the rest of the audience at the same time.
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