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Spectacular Spider-Man – The Hunger | Comics

Detective Neil Garrett is investigating a series of incidents that have been reported lately, where the victims' lifeless bodies are found with fang marks. Eddie Brock laments for the sins he did in the past in a church. Peter Parker, Aunt May and Liz Allen visits a nearly comatose Flash Thompson on St. Mark's hospital, who is badly injured by the Green Goblin.

the spectacular spider-man the hunger part 1
Spectacular Spider-Man – The Hunger | Comics

Detective Garrett learns from Doctor Phil of St. Jude's hospital that the victims were completely drained of adrenaline and his point only leads to Venom, one of the oldest enemies from Spider-Man's past. Responding to his Spider-Sense, Peter enters a tunnel to and upon confrontation; Spidey learns a horrible fact that, the alien symbiote is deadlier than ever because currently it is roaming without a host!

As the symbiote is still emotionally attached to Spider-Man, it desperately tries to merge with him once again but Spidey deals with him by fighting off. A withered symbiote now crawls back to a very broken Eddie Brock for one last time and takes him for a walk, as it needs some adrenaline. Peter meets Detective Garrett and they both exchange information on Venom and his victims, only to reach to a conclusion that the suit is looking for a new host.

In another face-off, Spider-Man outsmarts Venom in almost every moves and he seemed defeated. Then the Human Torch of Fantastic Four aids Spider-Man while he was fighting off the symbiote again as it tricked him to warp him over. Peter finally meets Eddie in person for a chat only to receive a very shocking revelation.

spiderman venom comic
Creepy Clinging Symbiote

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Spectacular Spider-Man V2 01

Spectacular Spider-Man V2 02

Spectacular Spider-Man V2 03

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Spectacular Spider-Man V2 05

Here is your links to buy “Spectacular Spider-Man – The Hunger" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Spectacular Spider-Man – The Hunger

It couldn't be better than this, to start off a new Spider-Man series with writer Paul Jenkins (Wolverine – The End, World War Hulk – Front Line) and the talented artist Humberto Ramos (Age of Apocalypse, Superior Spider-Man) in a storyline from Marvel Comics titled "The Hunger" involving one of Spidey's most ruthless and powerful arch-enemies; Venom.

spiderman vs venom
Venom On The Loose

Jenkins took a very creative approach of setting the Venom symbiote apart from its host and a new reason to seek out Spider-Man to bond with him again. This story took place in the second monthly ongoing volume of Spectacular Spider-Man, running from issues #01-05 and then concluded in the next chapter called "Countdown".
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