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Hulk – Gray | Comics

Physicist Bruce Banner pays a visit to world's renowned psychologist and long time friend Leonard Samson, who is also a gamma powered superhero of his own rights. For years, Doc Samson has been the most supportive friend that Banner ever had and despite their differences; they always watched each other’s back in every awry situation.

hulk gray comic
Hulk – Gray | Comics

And mostly, he is one of the few people Banner knows who could actually understand the Banner/Hulk dilemma. As he stopped by at Samson’s place, he re-collects the old memories of that time when his life was turned upside down after the accident that caught him in the middle of the experimental explosion of the Gamma Bomb while trying to save the teenager Rick Jones, who had no idea of the experiment.

Initially, his superiors and all the military personnel thought him to be dead for credible reasons yet he miraculously survived the nuclear holocaust. But after a couple of hours he transformed into the incredible monster that always lived in the deepest corner of his psyche and instead of being green he was gray at first.

He went on a wild rampage and tried to seek redemption to his love of life Betty Ross, the daughter of General "Thunderbolt" Ross, which did not went very well since the army was already in search of him and General Ross believed him to be a huge threat. After having a brief skirmish with the armed forces, Hulk faces an Avenger member simply known as the Golden Avenger; Iron Man.

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hulk vs ironman
Hulk Bests Iron Man

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As a part of the franchise of limited series, "Hulk – Gray" is a six part limited series written by Jeph Loeb (Avengers – X-Sanction, Fallen Son – The Death of Captain America) and drawn by artist Tim Sale (Superman For All Seasons, Wolverine & Gambit – Victims). Alongside this project the creator duo also worked on three other limited series; Captain America – White, Daredevil – Yellow and Spider-Man – Blue.

tim sale hulk
Gray Hulk on Rampage

It was not actually an origin story, however it sheds the lights on how it all happened at the very beginning and the storytelling earned the creators positive feedback from the fan base.
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