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Superman/Batman | Comics

superman/batman comic
Superman/Batman | Comics
Rocketed to Earth from the doomed planet of Krypton, Kal-El is raised by an earthly parent as their son Clark Kent, who taught him moral values a human should learn and raised him as their own son that they never had. Thus, the most godlike alien being grew up on Earth as a mild mannered gentleman. When discovered his extraordinary potent and limitless power, he decided to use it for the betterment of humanity and devoted himself for "Truth, Justice and American Way" as Superman, the Man of Steel. Whether, orphaned as a child, millionaire Bruce Wayne has dedicated his life to wage war against crime but in a dark way that strikes terror into the minds of his enemies as Batman, The Dark Knight.

These two iconic heroes have been considered as best friends, allies and confidante of each other on the path of justice for a long period. Superman’s super-powers met with Batman’s keen analytic mind has made this pair World’s Finest. Even though they are members of Justice League’s Magnificent Seven; the charisma of these heroes can even tremble mountains. Though, they both share a different view of justice, together this two best friends have tackled President Lex Luthor, Metallo, Mongul, Gorilla Grodd, Silver Banshee, Doomsday clones, Darkseid, The Joker, The Maximums, Scarecrow and their catastrophic evil plans, while being aided by fellow heroes like Wonder Woman, Captain Atom, Green LanternPower Girl, Katana, Nightwing, Robin, Teen Titans, Supergirl and many others in many of their world saving missions.

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World's Finest from Multiverse
Here is your links for "Superman/Batman" comics from DC Comics.

Superman/Batman Vol 01 – Public Enemies (Softcover)

Superman/Batman Vol 01 – Public Enemies (Hardcover)

Superman/Batman Vol 02 – Supergirl from Krypton (Softcover)

Superman/Batman Vol 02 – Supergirl from Krypton (Hardcover)

Superman/Batman Vol 03 – Absolute Power (Softcover)

Superman/Batman Vol 03 – Absolute Power (Hardcover)  

Superman/Batman Vol 04 – With a Vengeance (Softcover)

Superman/Batman Vol 04 – With a Vengeance (Hardcover)

Superman/Batman Vol 05 – Enemies Among Us (Softcover)

Superman/Batman Vol 05 – Enemies Among Us (Hardcover)

Superman/Batman Vol 06 – Torment (Softcover)

Superman/Batman Vol 06 – Torment (Hardcover)

batman and superman
Man of Steel and Dark Knight
Featuring two of DC Comics' most iconic and famous superhero, Man of Steel, Superman and world's greatest detective, Batman, DC Comics starts publication of the monthly comic series titled Superman/Batman on 2003. Writer Jeph Loeb (Batman – Dark Victory, Catwoman – When in Rome) along with his long time collaborator Ed McGuinness (Our Worlds at War, Emperor Joker) started the series with a BANG! Other than these two prime creator of the ongoing, writers Alan Burnett, Andy Lanning (Legion Lost, Majestic – Strange New Visitor), Dan Abnett (Sinister Dexter, The Authority), Joe Kelly (Justice League Elite, Steampunk), Mark Verheiden (Aliens, Predator) and artists Dustin Nguyen (Batman – As the Crow Flies, Thanos – A God Up There Listening), Ed Benes (Artemis – Requiem, Blackest Night – Titans), Ethan Van Sciver (The Flash – Rebirth, Green Lantern – Rebirth), Francis Manapul (Magdalena/Vampirella, Witchblade) and Ian Churchill (Deadpool – Sins of The Past, Hulk – Hulk Vs. X-Force) contributed to the series as well. Many twists and turns and shock of events are showed as these crime-fighting buddies fight their way to victory.
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