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Batman – As the Crow Flies | Comics

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Batman – As the Crow Flies | Comics
Batman is in a situation where he is facing a gangster named Thomas Alliaotto, better known as "Big Tommy A". A decade long experienced crime lord has just gone berserk and is carelessly shooting nonstop. Tommy has quite a murderous nature but he was never been a mindless creature. But right now he is hallucinating hideous monsters and demons all around him, which frightens the hell out of him. Batman tries to tranq him down but he is not giving up or slowing down for anything. Batarangs are thrown at him, his shoulder is dislocated, wrist is broken, but Tommy won't stop at nothing. Then all of a sudden he ran like crazy and jumped from the building, a maneuver that Batman failed to stop.

Next up, it's an ex-con and commercial club owner Ruben DeSoto went on rampage after three henchmen of Penguin pays him a visit. Batman quickly reaches the spot but had a very hard time subduing Ruben. Finally Ruben's heart gave up and he fell. Meanwhile, Penguin is berating his thugs for their irresponsible behavior that caused the recent incidents. When they were trying to explain what happened to Penguin, a person appears and it is revealed that the Scarecrow has joined Penguin and is now working for him with a vile plot. With no clue about the real culprit responsible for the incidents, Batman also starts suffering from a very old nightmare of his own.

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The Vicious Adversary
Here is your links for “Batman – As the Crow Flies" storyline from DC Comics in issues.

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The Murderous Scarebeast

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Here is your link for “Batman – As the Crow Flies" storyline from DC Comics.

Batman – As the Crow Flies 

Written by Judd Winick and pencilled by Dustin Nguyen, As The Crow Flies is a five part storyline that ran from issues #626-630 from the first ongoing monthly series of Batman. This storyline features Scarecrow and Penguin, two of Batman's villain with a whole new scheme that will tie the story to the next upcoming tale of "Batman – Hush". It was published by DC Comics in 2004 and later came out as a trade paperback graphic novel.
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