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Superman/Batman – Supergirl from Krypton | Comics

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Superman/Batman – Supergirl from Krypton
 | Comics
In the aftermath of a massive incoming Kryptonite asteroids' fallout on Earth, while investigating a fallen meteor underwater Gotham harbor, Batman is informed of a sudden breach in Batboat. What he finds out after a city-wide chaotic chase in Metropolis is a very powerful mysterious girl who demonstrates super-powers in the likeness of Superman and flees from scene instantly. Later, after apprehending the girl and taking her to Batcave for further study, it is revealed that she appears from Krypton and also claims to be Superman's long lost cousin Kara Zor-El. Even though she is kept hidden in the Fortress of Solitude, her hostile behavior and Krypto’s unusual hatred towards her left Batman in doubt but Clark asks him to let her live in her own way.

Though Batman is still skeptical on the situation as always, Wonder Woman took her under care to Paradise Island to train Kara with her Amazon warriors. Even the dreaded god of Apokolips; Darkseid seems interested in her to recruit her in his honorary Royal Guards. So he sends an army of mindless Doomsday clones to capture her. A massive battle takes place on Themyscira that led to death and destruction of Amazon army with Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman leading the army of Amazons against the army of ultimate killing machine, Doomsday! What follows next is only large scale casualties, the things that were about to bring upon her arrival as foretold. To take back the only remaining family he has, The Trinity ventures to the fiery pits of Apokolips with help from an expert friend, who had a history with Darkseid.

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Welcome to Apokolips
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Here is your links for "Superman/Batman – Supergirl from Krypton" storyline from DC Comics.

Superman/Batman Vol 02 – Supergirl from Krypton (Hardcover)
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The New Girl In Town

Followed up by previous story "Public Enemies" from the first monthly ongoing Superman/Batman series of DC Comics, "Supergirl from Krypton" is the second storyline which ran through issue #08-13. This plot is devised by writer Jeph Loeb (Batman – Dark Victory, Catwoman – When in Rome) and interiors were done by artist Michael Turner (Soulfire, Witchblade). This is the only story arc where Turner did the illustrations other than TopCow or Aspen MLT. This tale was dedicated to the famous actor Christopher Reeve, who portrayed Man of Steel in several movies, died that year at the ending of this story. Later this story was adopted to make a direct-to-video from DC Universe Animated Original Movie line titled, Superman/Batman – Apocalypse (2010).
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