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Venom – Run | Comics

Venom escapes from the arctic research facility and moved to the U.S. Radar Station called "Christmastown" (Venom – Shiver). Actually this one is derived from the original alien symbiote that gave birth to it and later has regenerated into a clone with full form. He is now being followed by a mysterious being called The Suit, whose agenda is not clear yet.

venom run comics
Venom – Run | Comics

However, this self-regenerating sentient being took Lieutenant Patricia Robertson, the only survivor of Venom’s mayhem on arctic along with him to seek and destroy the menace for good before it reaches the civilization. Hungrier than ever and also aware of The Suit persuading him, the symbiote is out to feed on its prey which it seeks in Canada. Inside the wilderness, the symbiote clone made a mess of wild animals and left some trail after escaping the scene by attaching itself to a crow.

After leaving his trail of rampage all over the places he had been through, he goes to the Northwest Territories of Voici with more unanticipated forces behind his tail. Venom reaches Nan's cookhouse with a temporary host and as soon as he got inside the clone attempted to feed on the people there.

Two armed female operative named Frankie and Victoria shows up to handle the situation. They visit Bob's Bar at the town and right at that instance, the world’s most dangerous mutant there is, the walking switch-blade, Wolverine were present there. When these two tracks the clone and eventually got attacked by Venom, Logan steps in. Even though, the Venom clone had not come here looking for Logan, these two soon engages in an intensely ferocious battle for control which only one of them might survive.

Wolverine realizes that the Venom he is facing is clearly not Eddie Brock but something else. The more he resists to get the clone near him, the more it gets mad. The Suit buds in to the brawl out of nowhere to make it more interesting. Frankie and Vic returns to the fight and soon, is forced to flee.

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Killer Adrenaline Craving

Here is your links to buy “Venom – Run" from Marvel Comics in issues on Amazon.

Venom 06

Venom 07

Venom 08

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Here is your links to buy “Venom – Run" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Venom – Run

Published from Marvel Comics in 2004, “Venom – Run” is a six part storyline told in the Venom monthly ongoing series. Writer Daniel Way (Deadpool, Ghost Rider) and artist Paco Medina (New X-Men, Nova) cooked up this plot with a great pace all along. Daniel Way sums up the whole storyline based on the previous one that was about a new Venom symbiote clone that terrorized the Arctic Circle with his genocidal spree, which will later lead us to other stories featuring the alien symbiote.

venom comics
Bloodthirsty Homicidal Maniacs

Plus, a great berserker action by the feral X-Man Wolverine is the cherry on the cake. Though Medina's take on Wolverine made the character a little bulkier, but how he draws the manga styled Wolverine was the main pleasure point and the rest of the drawings were just fine. This monthly ongoing Venom series is in a process to build up a large plot in the background that will hopefully lead up to some grand conclusion.
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