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Deadpool | Comics

Most of his early life is unknown and when it comes to remember his own past he also cannot recall almost any of it. Whatever memories he still has are all very conflicting. At one instance it is what he recalls to be raised by a single mother who was very abusive to him and then in another, he remembers losing her when he was only five while he was raised by an ex-army officer who used to beat him up all the time. That is what he believes to be the reason why he grew up to be a criminal but before his old man could reconcile with him, one of his friends shot him dead.

It turns out later that, he left home in an early age and his parents were still living in the same house they had in Canada. When he came back to that place, Wade Wilson could not recognize his room which his parents kept the same. He joined U.S. Army Special Forces after departing from home but had a hard time following orders, so he was kicked out soon. He is rolled into a CIA-sponsored group of mercenary assassins to kill certain targets that need not to live. These are the events of his life that all took place before he was taken to Department K, meet Wolverine or even becoming the anti-hero Deadpool.

Whatever weird stuff Wade did back then is less known but he travelled to Morocco and then Japan to be hired by a Yakuza crime boss. He was sent to get into a rival sumo-wrestling ring of his boss but ended up falling for Sazae, daughter of Oyakata, who was training him in wrestling for three years. As the time came when his employer told him to kill his expert sumo wrestler mentor, Wilson backed out of this assignment that he claims to be the first time in his life. Sazae was left heartbroken as Wade relocated to U.S. he came to meet a mutant teenage prostitute Vanessa Carlysle.

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Deadpool | Comics

He almost immediately fall for her and even dreamed of having a life with her but their romance was very short-lived. Then on an assignment, he was hired to kill a British Government operative named Blind Al, who escaped before he could kill her. To get to him, Vanessa was targeted by his new employer but she was saved by Zoe Culloden from of Landau, Luckman, & Lake. The organization believed Wade was some sort of messiah who is going to prevent an oncoming cosmic threat and that is why they saved his girlfriend.

Weapon X
Wade Wilson found out that he has been diagnosed with cancer and he then broke up with Vanessa, so that she could live a normal life instead of pinned with him. He even gave up on chemo treatments as he did not wished to prolong the inevitable. Then Department K contacted him with an offer to become a test subject for one of their superhuman enhancement project. He volunteered for the project and is given former Weapon X operative, Wolverine’s rapid healing factor so that he could survive their experiments.

Wade found himself in a field mission alongside other operatives Kane, Sluggo and Slayback. At one point, even Vanessa joined the team as mutant shape-shifter Copycat when her abilities started manifesting. Later Wilson realized that his healing power is failing, thus the cancer came back and it horribly deformed his flesh. Considering him as a failure, Weapon X Program rejected him and sent him to their secret facility named Hospice. What Canadian government didn't know is that all of Hospice’s patients end up being experimental test-subjects for Doctor Killebrew and his assistant Ajax.

Killebrew and Ajax are primarily responsible for turning Wade Wilson into psychotic super-merceneray Deadpool he'd become later. In Hospice, patients used to bet in a "deadpool" for how long they each going to last there. While suffering at the hands of evil geneticist Killebrew, he eventually met cosmic entity Death and formed a romantic relation, which then prompts him into trying to kill himself to join her. He keeps on taunting Ajax by calling his real name Francis all the time, which earned him the respect of his fellow patients but angered the sadistic assistant.

To teach Wade a lesson, Ajax lobotomized his close friend Worm, whom he was forced to kill and end his suffering. Killebrew had a rule that if any of his patients kill another should be executed and so, Francis tore the heart out of Wilson before leaving him for dead. His thirst for vengeance was so strong that it eventually jump-started his healing factor once again to save his life by regenerating his heart but unfortunately couldn't cure his scars. Nevertheless, Wade quickly rushed out to find Ajax after beating up all the guards in his way and he finally got to and shot his enemy before leaving him to die.

Merc with a Mouth
Upon leaving Hospice, Deadpool became an enforcer for Hammerhead before becoming a freelance mercenary with new costume and identity. He was hired by Kingpin as an assassin and then tangled with Logan, when he was a spy for the Canadian government. Wade eventually found Blind Al and keep her captive, killing anyone who tried to help her escape. Years later, he returns to Hospice and government has assigned Doctor Walter Langkowski to treat him, who also happens to be Canada’s super-team Alpha Flight member Sasquatch but Wade abandons this venture as well.

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Gags, Booms and Wade Wilson

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It was the idea of writer Fabian Nicieza (Alpha Flight, New Warriors) who co-create this character for Marvel Comics with artist Rob Liefeld (Heroes Reborn – Captain America, Onslaught Reborn) that made his debut in first volume of New Mutants monthly ongoing series in 1991. This character has appeared in several comic-book titles as main character and sometimes as a supportive character. After starring in many limited series of his own, he gets his own monthly series by Joe Kelly (Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil) and Ed McGuinness (Avengers – X-Sanction, Hulk – Red Hulk) in 1997. His own monthly titles are often turns into action comedy stories rather than some serious stuff.

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The Best Mercenary Ever

Over the years of publication, Wade Wilson has made more enemies than he made friends and though his intentions are not always bad, he is often portrayed as an anti-hero. He would mostly pick up fights with bad guys who are way out of his league but will manage to take them down in the end anyway. Even after all that in his resume, he somehow pulled off being a member of Uncanny Avengers and X-Men for at least once. In motion picture, this character is portrayed by actor Ryan Reynolds in X-Men Origins – Wolverine in 2009 first and then later in his live-action solo Deadpool movie in 2016, which became an impressive Box-Office success, triggering a sequel. Reynolds returns with Deadpool 2 in 2018 which also stars actor Josh Brolin as Cable in the character's cinematic debut.
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