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DC – The New Frontier | Comics

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DC – The New Frontier | Comics
Johnny Cloud, William Storm, "Sarge" Gunderson, Gunner MacKay and Pooch belonged to a team called The Losers during World War II in 1945, staying in the Dinosaur Island to administer Operation Four Horsemen on behalf of Colonel Richard Flagg. Unfortunately, all of them died battling the prehistoric creatures of the isle. After the government has banned all the vigilante heroism, in Gotham City, Hourman dies by falling from a rooftop during a chase. These hostile reactions from the government caused the Justice Society of America to disband immediately and banish forever. Though Superman and Wonder Woman cooperated with law, the Man of Steel was greatly unsuccessful in apprehending Gotham's urban legend Batman.

Test pilot Hal Jordan is forced to kill a Korean soldier inn battlefield throughout The Korean War in 1953 where Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen rushed to his rescue before Green Lantern Abin Sur passes his ring to him. J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter is teleported to Earth by Dr. Saul Erdel who dies almost immediately. However, J'onn adopts Dr. Erdel's appearance as disguise and soon joins Gotham City Police Department as a detective who discovers a death cult worshiping "The Centre" while Barry Allen fights Captain Cold as The Flash. Richard Flagg formed Task Force X and he eventually discovered the Martian. An ancient being is watching the evolution progress of the humans and decides that it is time for the "vermins" to perish as they are a threat to themselves.

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Golden Age Frontier
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Heroes of All Ages

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Absolute DC – The New Frontier

Published by DC Comics in 2004 as a six part limited series, DC – The New Frontier is solely created by writer/artist Darwyn Cooke (Catwoman – Selina's Big Score, The Spirit) featuring many popular Golden and Silver Age characters. Even though this monthly limited series had no specific continuity in the regular DC Universe, it still received massive popularity and positive reception among the fans and critics, leading it to be adopted in an animation feature in 2008 titled, Justice League – The New Frontier. The series itself won the Eisner Award and Harvey Award upon release, also creator Cooke got recognition for his work in the series as Best Artist and Best Colorist.
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