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The Walking Dead – Miles Behind Us | Comics

In lookout for shelter outside of Atlanta, Rick and his fellow survivors are forced to travel on road to find more trouble.

After losing a couple of members to a sudden attack by a large herd of walkers during dinner one night, remaining Atlanta survivors move from outskirts of the city and Rick is elected as new leader of their group by Dale and rest of his group. Then Shane's unexpected death at the hands of Carl Grimes has shaken them even further.

Lori is pissed off by Shane's sudden death and her flashbacks clearly suggest that she had a brief sexual relationship with Shane on Rick's absence, when he was thought dead by both Shane and Lori. Cursing with disgust, she spits at his grave which has gone unnoticed by everyone but they all realize that she is taking it harder than the rest.

On road, they met another survivor Tyreese, his daughter Julie and her boyfriend Chris, all moving together on their journey. They all are welcomed to join Rick's gang and he discusses with Rick how everything around them has changed so drastically after the apocalypse took over as well as their viewpoint on way of living.

Lori reveals to Rick that she is pregnant and then tells everyone else who are both happy and worried to hear that news. Next day, Dale encounters a frozen zombie under the snow filled road which startles him and then Rick kills it.

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The Walking Dead – Miles Behind Us | Comics

Survivors took shelter in a series of abandoned houses of "Wiltshire Estates", thinking of starting a new life there as it has enough rooms and food stock. After safely passing a night there, Rick notices a sign outside warning outsiders to stay away but before he could alert his group, they came under attack by a horde of walkers.

Their newest sanctuary quickly turns into a death trap and barely escaped on Dale's RV even after losing Donna to undeads. Later, Carl went hunting with his father only to get accidentally shot by Otis, who mistook him for a zombie. Rick almost attempts to kill him in a fit of rage but Otis leads them to nearby farm of Harshel Greene.

Harshel is a former veterinarian and he successfully manages to save Carl by removing his bullet. He introduces his children Arnold, Billy, Lacey, Maggie, Rachel, Susie Greene as well as Otis' girlfriend Patricia to their group from Atlanta and allowed them to stay in his place while Carl was slowly recovering from his fatal wound.

Meanwhile, Glenn was sitting really upset for not making a move on Carol on time before Tyreese arrived and he wishes not being end up alone. Harshel's daughter Maggie agreed to sleep with him after hearing that because her boyfriend is long gone. She also doesn't want to be alone either and they secretly engage in a relationship.

Harshel informs Rick that Carl is awake and everyone came to see him, including his friend Sophia. Dale talks with Lori about what he thinks about her baby and points out that it maybe of Shane's but tells her not to discuss this matter with Rick at all since it might set him off balance and right now, they all need him as a leader.

Living in Harshel's farm, they all thought that they have finally found a safe place to settle during post-apocalyptic world but they still are not aware of other secret "inhabitants" residing in the farm and what chaos they will unleash upon them.

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The Frozen Dead

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The Walking Dead Vol 02 – Miles Behind Us

Following events of "Days Gone Bye", Rick and his friends continues their journey in second storyline "Miles Behind Us", collecting issue #07-12 of The Walking Dead ongoing series from Image Comics by by creator/writer Robert Kirkman (Outcast, The Astounding Wolf-Man) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files).

Adlard took over drawing responsibilities from issue #7 onwards but co-creator Tony Moore (Fear Agent, Punisher) still continues to serve as regular cover artist for TWD. Though, Adlard ended up continuing a long run from here on but it seems like Moore was always a better choice and far better suited for drawing this entire series.

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Unknown Deadly Sight

Majority of events that has taken place with survivors in "Miles Behind Us" was later adapted into Season 2 of AMC's live-action horror drama TV series adaptation of The Walking Dead that aired on 2011. It contained a total of 13 episodes which was quite a stretch compared to a smaller run of six episodes for its first season.

Although tragic events of Wiltshire Estates were not featured, Greene Family Farm was used as the base of entire second season. Rick will lead his fellow survivors into an unknown path of struggle just to make it out in next storyline "Safety Behind Bars" and things will start to take a new turn to a new level that will last longer than expected.
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