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The Walking Dead – Miles Behind Us | Comics

After losing a couple of group members to the sudden attack by a large herd of Walkers during dinner one night and then Shane's unexpected death caused by Carl Grimes, Rick and the survivors moved from the outskirts of Atlanta. Rick's wife Lori is pissed off by Shane's sudden death and from the flashbacks she was having, it is quite clear that she had a brief sexual relationship going on with Shane on Rick's absence, when he was thought dead by both Shane and Lori.

Rick is elected as the new leader of the group by Dale and the rest of the group. The survivors met Tyreese, his daughter Julie and her boyfriend Chris, all moving together on their journey. Tyreese is welcomed to the group and he discusses with Rick how everything around them has changed so drastically after the apocalypse as well as their viewpoint. Lori reveals to the group that she is pregnant and everyone is happy to hear that news.

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The Walking Dead – Miles Behind Us | Comics

Dale suddenly encounters a frozen Zombie in the snow which startles him and then Rick kills it. The group took shelter in the fenced series of abandoned houses titled "Wiltshire Estates" thinking of starting a new life there as it has enough rooms and food stock. After passing the night safely there, they are attacked by a horde of Walkers in their new sanctuary in the morning and the group barely survived with losing one of them to the undead.

Later, Carl went hunting with his father and he is accidentally shot by Otis, who thought his a zombie. An enraged Rick attempts to kill him in a fit of rage but Otis leads them to the farm of former veterinarian Harshel Greene. Harshel successfully saves Carl by removing the bullet. He introduces his children Arnold, Billy, Lacey, Maggie, Rachel, Susie Greene as well as Otis’ girlfriend Patricia to the group and they are allowed to stay there while Carl slowly recovers from his fatal wound.

Meanwhile, Glenn secretly engages in a relationship with Harshel's daughter Maggie. Dale hints to Lori that her baby maybe Shane's but still, tells her not to discuss this with Rick as it might set him off balance and right now, they all need him as a leader. They all thought that they have finally found a "safe" place to stay but they still don't know all about the other secret "inhabitants" of the farm.

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The Frozen Dead

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Here is your link to buy “The Walking Dead – Miles Behind Us" from Image Comics on Amazon.

The Walking Dead Vol 02 – Miles Behind Us

Following the events of "Days Gone Bye", the story moves up and "Miles Behind Us" is the second storyline featuring issue #07-12 from The Walking Dead ongoing series by writer Robert Kirkman (Outcast, The Astounding Wolf-Man) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files) for Image Comics. Charlie took the drawing responsibility from issue #7 but co-creator of the series, Tony Moore (Fear Agent, Punisher) still serves as cover artist. Though, Charlie Adlard continues a long run from here on but it seems like Moore was always a better choice for drawing the series rather than Charlie.

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An Unknown Deadly Sight

Most of the events that took place in "Miles Behind Us" is later adapted into the Season 2 of AMC's The Walking Dead TV series that aired on 2011. The series contained 13 episodes in total which was quite a stretch compared to the Season 1 of the show. While the Wiltshire Estates are not featured, Greene Family Farm was used as the base of the entire season. After this one, the story is followed by the "Safety Behind Bars" story arc next and moves to a new level.
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