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Green Lantern – Rebirth | Comics

green lantern rebirth
Green Lantern – Rebirth | Comics
Kyle Rayner, current Green Lantern of Earth, was on patrol in Sector 3599 where he saved a group of small aliens from a giant insectoid being and his power ring translates their feared speech as “Parallax is coming...”. Kyle then crashes on a spacecraft on Earth beside a green coffin and loses his consciousness then. Somewhere else, Hal Jordan becomes The Spectre to save a pilot from crash-landing and faced a drunk driver to punish him for his irresponsible actions. He tries to resist killing him but his former Parallax form comes in way with The Spectre, both refusing to let him believe it’s not who he really is. Hal’s home town Coast City was once destroyed by the villainous Cyborg Superman that eventually drove him mad; he became a villainous entity known as Parallax.

As Parallax, his uncontrolled rampage decimated planet Oa of Guardians of the Universe, killed a few Green Lanterns and destroyed Central Power Battery of Oa. During this state of chaos, one of his old enemies Sinestro was also killed by him. All of a sudden, there are a couple of weird happenings; once destroyed Coast City suddenly re-appears, Green Lantern John Stewart goes crazy on Justice League, Guy Gardner becomes a Green Lantern again and Kilowog suddenly assaults on Kyle Rayner for no good reason. Hal Jordan confesses to his friend Green Arrow that he cannot focus properly and all of these things that are happening recently do not seem to be normal. To make his suspicion true, Batman shows up with Justice League to confront Hal.

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Parallax Reborn
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Absolute Green Lantern – Rebirth

Following the huge success of "The Flash – Rebirth", Green Lantern – Rebirth is a six issue limited series by fan-favorite writer Geoff Johns (Final Crisis – Legion of Three Worlds, Final Crisis – Rogues' Revenge) and artist Ethan Van Sciver (Batman/Catwoman – Trail of the Gun, Impulse) from DC Comics in 2004. The storyline takes a flashback in time, borrowing a few elements from 1994's comic-book crossover event "Zero Hour" and also brought up a few fan-favorite casts to the series as well as popular current DC Comics super-heroes. For a few instance, "Rebirth" has paved a path for the significant future oncoming Green Lantern stories and major crossover events "Sinestro Corps War" and "Blackest Night".
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