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New Avengers – Sentry | Comics

Secrets of the Sentry have remained a mystery to world for long and now New Avengers are trying to figure out who he really is.

Before going out to apprehend one of Raft escapees, The Wrecker at Long Island, Spider-Woman reports to Iron Man. He then goes offline before entering a secret meeting place to meet his colleagues at Illuminati. Doctor Strange, Mister Fantastic and Professor X congratulate him on formation of New Avengers, except Namor.

He is upset that they were not aware of the news of his new team even though it all happened all of a sudden but Black Bolt remains silent as usual. Tony Stark then asks them if anyone happen to know who Sentry is, because he thinks this guy can become a problem for them but apparently no one seems to have ever heard of him so far.

When Tony asked Reed Richards about this guy, he seemed as clueless as everyone else but Stark reminds him that how he sent Matt Murdock to meet him but Reed claims that he hasn't talked to Matt for months. To clear up their confusion, he quickly checks in his files looking for anything on Sentry but came out absolutely nothing.

After helping in wrap up a massive breakout at Raft, the heroes present were inspired by Sentry to assemble a team but went into a hiding afterwards before they could invite him. S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Maria Hill located Robert Reynolds in Nevada Desert, where Captain America and Iron Man goes to talk to him but Sentry asks them to leave.

New Avengers – Sentry | Comics

He explains that since he has used his powers of million exploding suns to help them, now The Void will come to unleash its darkness. When Bob claimed that it also killed his wife, Tony brings out Lindy Reynolds to meet her astound husband and a comic-book writer named Paul Jenkins, who seem to have created his character.

Even after seeing a character similar to him on page of comic-books, Reynolds still couldn't figure out a thing from his past. With so many things seem to overwhelm him at once, he vanishes and wakes up as Bob in a house only to see psychic Emma Frost on his TV screen telling him to come outside and make things easy.

In Long Island, Wrecking Crew member Dirk Garthwaite showed up on house of a very wealthy man named Ed Gross to get his super-villain costume and threatens his daughter to accompany him as a hostage. Just as they were about to leave, Jessica Drew arrives on a Quinjet with Luke Cage, Spider-Man and Wolverine to apprehend him.

Their effort to take Wrecker down remained unsuccessful initially as he sent them all flying until Jessica managed to distract him using her pheromone powers for Cage and Logan to deal the finishing blow. Right after they are done with him, Tony called them to assemble on Hartford, Connecticut immediately and leave.

A confused Bob Reynolds comes out of his house to see members of Fantastic Four, Inhumans, New Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and X-Men have gathered at his front door. He breaks into tears saying that he tried to save them all and then The Void comes out of nowhere to viciously attack each and every other heroes present there.

He discovers himself in company of Emma and Reed secured within a sphere confined by a force field of Invisible Woman, energy field by Iron Man and protective spell from Doctor Strange. In order to help the heroes stop this madness, Bob allows Miss Frost access into his mind and she discovers some dark secret hidden beneath.

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Here is your links to buy "New Avengers – Sentry" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

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Following a "Breakout" of super-villains, Marvel Comics have kick-started New Avengers monthly ongoing series. "Sentry" is second storyline from the same comic-book lineup by writer Brian Michael Bendis (House of M, Secret War) and artist Steve McNiven (Guardians of the Galaxy – Cosmic Avengers, Wolverine – Old Man Logan).

For long, Sentry has remained a mystery and was locked up at Raft prison facility for claims of murdering his wife but most recently, she turns out very much alive. What is more baffling is that no one seemed to remember who this powerful superhero is and not even Reed Richards or Tony Stark has anything about him in their records.

It appears that an answer to who he really is and what made everyone forget about him is trapped within his own consciousness. However, accessing that has grave consequences for everyone if things go south. Emma Frost was successful in digging out the true culprit behind his memory loss and truth behind his nightmare, The Void.

New Avengers are still riling up escaped prisoners of Raft and there are still many more to go. With a new mysterious character named Ronin entering the fray up next in "Secrets & Lies" storyline, there will be much exciting secrets to discover.
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