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Elephantmen | Comics

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Elephantmen | Comics
Located in a secret location somewhere in North Africa, a top secret research facility of the MAPPO Corporation were doing genetic research on human/animal hybrids to produce the next generation's super powered mindless army of tomorrow. A delusional Japanese scientist, Dr. Kazushi Nikken were running those illegal experiments on African animal species of the likes of wild Warthogs, Elephants, Rhinos, Hippos and other species of large mamals, forcing implantation of their embryos into the wombs of local women to force them into give birth to the race of “Elephantmen” before disposing them off. These super soldiers were taught to serve MAPPO without any sort of free will of their own.

When the United Nations eventually found out about these dirty secrets that MAPPO had been keeping under cover for more than over two centuries, they sent armed forces to raid in their top secret base. The militia that has stormed MAPPO’s hidden base, fought against the mind controlled army and the ensuing battle led to many casualties from both sides. Finally, the collision came to an end with the personnel of MAPPO being arrested by the military and the Elephantmen are all allowed to establish themselves in the outside world. Hip Flask, Ebony Hide, Tusk, Casbah Joe, Obadiah Horn and others of their kind try die-hard to co-exist among the humans; with help from Vanity Case, Herman Strumm, Queen Sahara, a little girl Savannah and a young cab driver Miki.

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Elephantmen is a a monthly ongoing series from writer Richard Starkings, Tom Scioli, Joe Kelly (I Kill Giants, Steampunk) and Jill Freshney with artist Justin Norman, Chris Bachalo (Captain America – Homeland, Dark Reign – The Sinister Spider-Man), Rob Steen and Chris Burnham. This monthly comic book series is published by Image Comics since 2006 with Comicraft company and itself is a spin-off from the Hip Flask series, also published by Image Comics. Hip Flask is regularly featured in the Elephantmen series along with his fellow hybrids from MAPPO. The whole series centers on the different point of view that the humans existing on that universe has on these genetic freaks and the struggle for a peaceful co-existence that the Elephantmen are typically going through.
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