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30 Days of Night | Comics

30 days of night comic
30 Days of Night | Comics
In the city of Barrow, largest town from the Arctic Circle of Alaska, polar night falls for a straight of 30 days every year. Which seems like a great opportunity for the creatures of the night; the Vampires, who fed on fresh human blood. Unknown to the dwellers of the town, a small pack of Vampires have came to Barrow to take advantage of the month long dark abyss and have a feast of their lifetime on the people who live here. Led by an arrogant Vampire named Marlowe, his Vampire followers have unleashed an uninterrupted killing spree upon entering the city and this news gets to the Vampire elder, Vicente who thinks Marlowe’s actions can bring about the end to an era that was remain a secret for ages, a secret their race are trying to keep in shadows for centuries.

To stop Marlowe’s uncontrolled and unchecked madness on Barrow, Vicente quickly rushes to the wrecked town of Barrow, to take charges of the matter in his more capable hands and take necessary actions immediately. There he confronted Marlowe for his actions and in a sudden fit of rage, Vicente kills him right away by tearing him apart. As the town has already learnt about the deadly presence of the Vampires, Vicente decides it is best for them to destroy the town with its folks after all and make it look like a major accident before they are going to move on. This way, their presence will still remain secret as it was for ages. But a small group of frightened survivors led by Sheriff Eben Olemaun and his wife Stella Olemaun seems to become an obstacle to his way.

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Undead Raid In Alaska
Here is your links for “30 Days of Night" limited series from IDW Comics in issues.

30 Days of Night 01

30 Days of Night 02

30 Days of Night 03
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Vicente Enters Barrow

Here is your links for “30 Days of Night" limited series from IDW Comics.

30 Days of Night (Softcover)

30 Days of Night (Hardcover)

From the banner of IDW Publishing, a three issue limited series titled “30 Days of Night” was released on 2002 that credits writer Steve Niles (30 Days of Night – Dark Days, Night of the Living Dead – London) and artist Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night – Bloodsucker Tales, 30 Days of Night – Red Snow) as its creators. Set on a horror theme, the series was a success; earning both of the respected writer and artist Eisner Award nominations in 2005 and it paved a way for a line of other limited series under the same franchise. The first limited series was also adapted into a motion picture 30 Days of Night starring actors Josh Hartnett and Melissa George and was released on 2007.
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