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Incredible Hulk – Planet Hulk | Comics

After years of his destructive rampage and a recent incident in Las Vegas that killed several civilians, Hulk is proven too dangerous to stay on Earth. So, the Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards, Doctor Strange, Iron Man and the Inhuman king Black Bolt; members of a secret band of super powered figures called The Illuminati decides to send him off-planet. Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. approached Bruce Banner to go on a mission to the orbit of Earth to destroy a satellite weapon of S.H.I.E.L.D. that went rogue.

Though he was meant to send in a distant planet free of any inhabitant but the shuttle carrying Hulk entered in a wormhole and he finally crushed onto the savage planet of Sakaar. As he had a long space travel, the Hulk was in a very weakened condition that allowed him to be captured soon with the help of obedience disk placed on him by his captors. He is then forced to battle as a gladiator to entertain the ruler of that alien planet, the notorious Red King.

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Incredible Hulk – Planet Hulk | Comics

In the gladiatorial arena of Sakaar, various challenges were thrown at him but Hulk successfully smashed them all and remained victorious. A few survivors of the arena has banded together with Hulk to tackle the onslaught that was coming their way. He was about to receive a pardon from the Red King but instead an angered Hulk attacked him out of his hatred for him and sent to The Maw along with other captives as punishment.

He forms a team called Warbound with fellow gladiators Brood, Elloe, Hiroim the Shamed, Korg and Miek to face the Red King's second in command Caiera the Oldstrong, who was proven quite a match for Hulk's own strength. She even tries to buy him off on Red King's behalf but Hulk rejected the offer. The next day, Hulk took out a Deathfire Bomb dropped in the arena and then took out an entire troops of Imperial Death's Head alone, making him even dangerous threat in the eye of the King.

Later, Caiera decided to send one of the captive being with cosmic powers at Hulk and he faced a mind-controlled Silver Surfer in the intergalactic battle arena, with whom the jolly green giant had a savage fight that eventually freed the Surfer of his disks. He then frees every other person in the arena wearing an obedience disk. Bidding Surfer good-bye, Hulk and his Warbound went into the woods and even managed to receive support of the local villagers.

The Warbound takes care of the dreaded Wildebots, fend off the army of the Emperor and free the maw of its prisoners. The Emperor goes mad seeing the fall of his authority slowly to the rise of Hulk whom everyone now calls the fabled Sakaarson and this, along with a few other facts made Caiera a bit doubtful to her King. In order to survive against the odds on Sakaar and find his freedom, Hulk must find a way to defeat the Red King.

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Clash With The Red King

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Planet Hulk Omnibus

"Planet Hulk" is a major Hulk storyline that took place in the second volume of the monthly ongoing Incredible Hulk comic series and was published by Marvel Comics during 2006 to 2007. The story ran through the issues #92-105 and had a prelude story that started from issue #88 and concluded in issue #91 (Planet Hulk Prelude). Writer Greg Pak (Iron Man – House of MMagneto – Testament) skillfully crafted this tale of Hulk with help from artist Carlo Pagulayan (ElektraEmma Frost).

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Exile of Redemption

This arc is later continued in the significant World War Hulk crossover event and led to the creation of the characters; Skaar, Son of Hulk and Red Hulk throughout the upcoming arcs. "Planet Hulk" was later adapted into a direct-to-video animated film on 2010 by Marvel Animation. The story arc will also serve as major plot element for 2017's superhero film Thor: Ragnarok, where he will be fighting in an intergalactic battle arena much like the one in Sakaar.
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