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Chew | Comics

After 23 million Americans are dead in an outbreak of bird flu, chickens and other bird meats are announced illegal throughout the world. In that world, Tony Chu is a police detective, works for the Philadelphia Police Department and is a Cibopath, a rare food related ability which lets him get the psychic impressions or awareness about what happened of the people and things that are eaten or tasted by him.

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Chew | Comics

He investigates a chicken smuggling case that led him to a black market on FDA (Food and Drug Administration)’s invitation. Upon tasting a bowl of chicken soup he finds out the cook is responsible for murdering people and putting them in the soup but as he gives a chase, the chef puts his partner John Colby out off the commission by hitting on his head with a hatchet.

Not wanting to spill anything, commits suicide outside the restaurant afterwards. Chu gets fired from his duty and was hired by the FDA, where he gets a bulky partner named Mason Savoy, who also happens to be another Cibopath and is secretly looking for the reason that actually caused the catastrophic bird flu resulted the death to masses, including someone very close to him.

They were investigating about a Health Inspector named Evan Pepper, who went missing during duty and ended up on some unexpected ends. Soon, tables are turned and the situation starts getting out of his hand as he is betrayed by the people around and various challenges from many unlikely places came along at work.

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The Chew Universe
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Entirely plotted by writer John Layman (Aliens – Inhuman Condition, Army of Darkness/Xena) and penciled by artist Rob Guillory, Chew is a monthly ongoing comic series from Image Comics publications. The series also is an Eisner Award winner and is greatly appreciated that the first few issues went on several printing process.

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A Weird Romance

Throughout this outstanding series, John Layman creatively introduced a series of food related super powers and most definitely presented a unique story concept that managed to maintain a balance to the core. The series was also in talks for development for a television series adaptation starring Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead) in the lead role.
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