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The Walking Dead – What We Become | Comics

As the prison compound got destroyed by the villainous Governor, Rick Grimes and his new found family of other survivors got scattered. Rick eventually met his gang and was successful to regroup with most of the remaining members of the group who survived the destruction of prison. They also tagged along three new survivors; Sergeant Abraham Ford, his girlfriend Rosita Espinosa and scientist Eugene Porter in their road trip for life but only now they have a destination to reach which is Washington, D.C.

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The Walking Dead – What We Become | Comics

Despite picking up the pieces of lost dreams to continue their journey of survival, Rick is still unable to cope with the fact of losing his wife, Lori and daughter Judith. He even sees his zombified wife Lori came back devouring him alive and wakes up in panic. Rick relieves Abraham of his monitor duty as he can’t sleep and starts talking to Lori on the phone again. Maggie Greene is also having a hard time coping with the aftermath of the prison massacre as she lost her whole family during the onslaught. Even Glenn fails to comfort her and she tries to commit suicide by hanging herself.

Her breathing stopped literally even after rescuing her fast and Abraham wants to put her down, on which point he had a brief skirmish with both Rick and Glenn. Following that, the group goes into a supply run where they discover new facts about the Walkers, Rick and Abraham tries to sort out their differences in a trip back Rick’s home and finally, they got chased by an enormous Zombie herd that forced everybody to move.

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Into The Herd

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The Walking Dead 55

The Walking Dead 56

The Walking Dead 57

The Walking Dead 58

The Walking Dead 59

The Walking Dead 60

Here is your link to buy “The Walking Dead – What We Become" from Image Comics on Amazon.

The Walking Dead Vol 10 – What We Become

Creator Robert Kirkman (Image United, Invincible) and Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files) continues The Walking Dead saga with “What We Become” storyline in 2009 from Image Comics, which was preceded by “Here We Remain”. The aftermath from “Made to Suffer” storyline is still affecting the remaining survivors of the undead apocalypse and elements from this volume is later adapted in the Season 4 of The Walking Dead TV Series on AMC.

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Converged by Walkers

This book also feature the return of a character that was introduced earlier in the monthly ongoing as he first appeared in “Days Gone Bye”. This is the tenth volume from The Walking Dead comics series which marks the five years run of the popular series through issue #56 and “Fear The Hunters” is the next storyline in queue by the same creative team of Kirkman and Adlard.
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