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Deadpool – Suicide Kings | Comics

Wade Wilson is mostly known as the mercenary Deadpool who has quite a reputation in the business even though he was formerly recruited to the Weapon X program and was rejected as a failure. His insanity has no match till date and he is entitled as "The Merc With a Mouth" for the most obvious reasons. Like all the mercs, Deadpool likes to get paid and so he follows an ad that he saw declaring a fat prize for a hired gun.

deadpool suicide kings
Deadpool – Suicide Kings | Comics

He shows up there to find out three other mercs already waiting there for their audition. As one of them starts conversation with him it instantly turns out to be an all-out killing contest. Of course standing victorious, Deadpool demands the presence of his employer.

The person then reveals him to be the son of rubber magnate John O'Shea, Conrad O'Shea who is quite impressed with Wade’s serious black ops ninja killing action and had placed that ad to get the best merc out there. Conrad is debted to a bad-ass bookie who will kill his entire family if he fails to pay up and he requests Deadpool to kill the bookie for him to get rid of the trouble.

Wade takes the job anyway without knowing that his hit was actually, Tombstone. Soon, he was caught on camera near a building explosion that looked like a major terrorist activity on the news. This however, draws the attention of the dangerous vigilante The Punisher who starts chasing Deadpool’s tail. The Man Without Fear and the friendly neighbourhood wall-crawler shows up to help.

carlo barberi deadpool
Trail of Bad Luck

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Deadpool – Suicide Kings 01

Deadpool – Suicide Kings 02

Deadpool – Suicide Kings 03

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Deadpool – Suicide Kings 05

Here is your links to buy "Deadpool – Suicide Kings" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Deadpool – Suicide Kings (Softcover)

Deadpool – Suicide Kings (Hardcover)

Published in 2009 from Marvel Comics, "Deadpool – Suicide Kings" is a five part limited series plotted by writer Mike Benson and drawn by artist Carlo Barberi (Ororo – Before the Storm, Thunderbolts). Apart from the titular character Deadpool, the series also features the appearance of street-heroes like Daredevil, Punisher and Spider-Man; three of the Marvel Knights.

wrecking crew marvel
Stumbled on Wrecking Crews

Captain America, Iron Man, Thor of The Avengers and Rogue of X-Men also appeared in the story in a dream sequence as well. This five part mini-series is a story full of wise-cracking, head-blowing, kicks to the gut and a lot of gory action from the vigilantes of Marvel Comics.
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