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Green Lantern – Agent Orange | Comics

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Green Lantern – Agent Orange | Comics
Following the events of “Sinestro Corps War”, the ancient dwellers of Oa known as the Controllers saw the upcoming “War of Light” and decides to be prepared for it. For that purpose, they sneaked into the hidden underground palace of Okaara in the Vega system, where the Orange Lantern Power Battery is kept, to add it in their possession. As they located and approached to the battery, suddenly it unleashed the Orange Lanterns who killed the Controllers immediately on sight. Even it was the plan of the Controllers alone, an unaware and enraged Agent Orange is very displeased at this sneak out, which he sees as the break of the age old treaty the Guardians had made with him and became very angry at their seeming deception.

On Odym, Hal Jordan was trying to get rid of the Blue Lantern Ring given to him by Saint Walker previously as Ganthet and Sayd explains to him that they actually wanted Hal to lead the Blue Lantern Corps as a Green Lantern. The Green Lantern Stel was chasing one of the rogue Sinestro Corps Member 2825 but he suddenly got captured by the minions of Agent Orange after the Sinestro Corps member was devoured. An injured Stel is then sent back to Oa to deliver the Guardians a message from Agent Orange and despite the protest of them having no affiliation with Controllers, Agent Orange declared their age old treaty null and void. This heated argument turned into a battle of the two corps and Hal Jordan is abducted by Orange Lanterns.

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Hal Jordan meets Master of Avarice
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Owner of Orange Lantern Corps

Green Lantern V4 42

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Consisting of issues #39-42 from the fourth monthly ongoing volume of the Green Lantern series, Agent Orange is a four part storyline released from DC Comics in 2009. Writer Geoff Johns (52, Brightest Day) and artist Philip Tan (Spawn, Uncanny X-Men) has served as the creator of the arc which serves as a prelude to the upcoming crossover event “Blackest Night”. The storyline also hinted previous arcs as well as shown an origin of a new and unique Orange Lantern Corps, plus a backstory of the villainous owner of that Corps; Larfleeze.
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