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Wolverine – Weapon X – Adamantium Men | Comics

Logan goes after Roxxon when they attempt to create super soldiers like Wolverine from old Weapon X secret files.

In Colombia, entire village of locals near Magdalena river are slaughtered by an assailant except one who is later send to an outpost of armed rebels that were fighting Roxxon Corporation for some time. Everyone at that station is gunned down by a group of killers who left a calling card after stabbing the last one with glowing Adamantium claws.

Back in San Francisco, reporter Melita Garner was traveling through subway when two armed thugs came to rob her and she refused to give her phone away. One of them tried to wake up a bum sleeping on a nearby seat only get his hand slashed by his apparent victim, who turns out to be Wolverine who takes care of the other goon and leaves.

Though Melita tries to talk to him, he brushes her off and leaves to meet his old friend Maverick from his days in Weapon X. He informs Logan about a group called Blackguard, a subsidiary of Roxxon and hands him over a file containing data. His contact says that they acquired old files form Weapon X program and has replicated their old formula.

Since Maverick is unwilling to get his hands dirty now that he has lost powers, Wolvy takes it upon himself to break into a secret Blackguard facility only to discover what horrible tests they already ran though. They already put those formulas into use by synthesizing Adamantium and created their small army of corporate mercenaries for hire.

wolverine weapon x adamantium men marvel comics jason aaron ron garney
Wolverine – Weapon X – Adamantium Men | Comics

He flew off to Colombia to personally take care of Blackguard business and eventually lures out his enemies. Two mercs tries to get a drop on him before being ambushed by Wolverine instead and they fights back with energy blades for claws. After fighting each other for a while, more of them show up and Logan is forced to retreat within deep jungle.

They decide to split up to chase him and finish him off, which is exactly what Wolvy has planned for them. Belonging to a special unit called Strikeforce X, these mercenaries went after him without realizing what they are getting into. By simply using guerrilla tactics, Logan picked them up one by one and took one out with bullets that gives cancer.

Meanwhile, Melita Garner was digging for a story on Logan and received an anonymous tip over phone to investigate Blackguard. She finds a contact inside the company who hands her over crucial data on illegal operation of Strikeforce X. When men were sent after these two to cover up, Maverick decides to show up and take them all down.

Blackguard leader Klein has a talk with Roxxon Chief Executive and assures the latter of taking care of Wolverine by any means. One of their own was taken hostage by Logan who managed to get away but with a tracking device on him. Garner's expose becomes a huge problem for Roxxon at a congress hearing regarding a major defense contract.

Maverick gets a call from Logan as he intends to lead an ambush on Roxxon Chief Executive who is planning his retreat and is being escorted by Strikeforce X mercenaries. Ramming his bike directly into their vehicle, Wolverine starts a face-to-face battle with Adamantium Men leader Klein and they tear each other up until one of them falls.

Chris Nord unsuccessfully tries to stop Roxxon executive but is impaled by energy blades that are thrown at him. Klein and Logan gutted each other before they both fell and is found by H.A.M.M.E.R., lead by Agent Jacks. Finding a way out of his captivity, Wolvy plans on striking one last time at Roxxon goons with his buddy Maverick at his side.

strikeforce x super soldiers wolverine weapon x adamantium men marvel comics jason aaron ron garney
Strikeforce X Super Soldiers

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"Adamantium Men" storyline takes place in a brand-new ongoing series titled Wolverine – Weapon X that kick-started by Marvel Comics back in 2009, which initially got writer Jason Aaron (Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine, Avengers Vs. X-Men) and artist Ron Garney (Wolverine – Back In Japan, Wolverine – Get Mystique) on board.

Wolverine goes after a group of corporate mercenaries working for Roxxon Corporation under the name Blackguard. Using secret files form Weapon X program, they created a band of killers who call themselves Strikeforce X. Getting a lead from his buddy Maverick; he seeks them out in Colombia and engages in a brawl with these "Adamantium Men".

wolverine vs adamantium men weapon x marvel comics jason aaron ron garney
Wolverine Versus Adamantium Men

Logan tips a reporter to expose their unlawful activities in public as he goes after chief executive of Roxxon. He goes after Blackguard operations to send a message that no one should restart Weapon X program again. However, he is no match for this latest bunch of killers that are equipped with nanite-based healing factor and energy claws.

Despite his best efforts, Wolverine came inadequately prepared in taking down his Blackguard targets and even got captured by H.A.M.M.E.R. agents. Also, pieces of two-part story arc "A Mile in my Moccasins" by Aaron gets a look back at. Logan will soon be tripping into some serious trouble in upcoming storyline "Insane in the Brain".
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