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Haunt | Comics

Kurt Kilgore was an skillful special agent for The Agency where he worked as a covert operative, until he was deployed in a special operation to extract Doctor Shillinger, a scientist working on a top secret assignment. But Kurt killed him and he was killed in a plot by a crime lord named Mr. Hurg, with help from a secret betrayer in the Agency.

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Haunt | Comics

Kurt also had a brother named Daniel Kilgore, who is a priest but also regularly visits prostitutes and they both have a strained relationship between them. Daniel hated Kurt because he thinks his former love Amanda cheated on him by marrying Kurt. After Kurt's death, Daniel starts sensing his brothers presence as a ghost who kept him warned about possible killing attempts on his widow Amanda which he brushed off completely.

Soon, by a series of incidental events, Kurt's spirit is merged with Daniel and they became the uncanny ectoplasmic entity called as The Haunt. With his newly discovered amazing abilities, Haunt successfully defends Amanda from the attackers.

Daniel is soon summoned by the Agency where he met Director Beth Tosh and a former Agency operative Mirage, whom had a romantic relation with Kurt. Daniel is then recruited as an agent for the Agency and Kurt's unknown enemy Mr. Hurg hires an assassin called Cobra to destroy the Haunt. Daniel faces all the challenges of his all-new life filled with adventures and beyond while Kurt's ghost tries to make amends with his brother.

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Haunted by His Own

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Haunt – The Immortal Edition Book 02

Published by Image Comics, The Haunt is a monthly ongoing comic series featuring the fictional character of the same name created by comic legend Todd McFarlane (Image United, Spawn) and Robert Kirkman (Battle Pope, The Walking Dead). Artist duo Ryan Ottley (Grizzlyshark, Invincible) and Greg Capullo (Batman – New 52, The Creech) provided artwork for the series.

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A Ghost in Hurg's Way

Initially, it was launched in 2009 and the series only ran for 28 issues. The concept of the series was conceived by McFarlane and Kirkman back in 2006 during San Diego Comic-Con.
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