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The Walking Dead – Too Far Gone | Comics

too far gone
The Walking Dead – Too Far Gone
 | Comics
Following Rick Grimes and his posse of survivors founding a Zombie-free community of Alexandria Safe-Zone, they are trying to settle in fresh with their lives inside those walls. Although Rick and his group attends the welcoming party and play along, deep down inside they still believes these people has a lesser chance of survival if they do not work out their security issue. Rick works up his plan to take back their weapons in secret with Maggie and Glenn. Tobin took Abraham Ford with their group of construction crews and then Walkers show up from the woods. Whereas the rest of the crews get in a "formation”, Abraham jumps onto the small herd to save a woman named Holly. Not only he saves her, the crowd is astounded at his unmatched bravery.

Tobin talks to their leader Douglas Monroe about Abraham’s courageousness during the event of the campsite and believes that he is not fitted to lead the crew anymore. Father Gabriel finds Douglas to speak of the fact that Rick and his people should not be trusted as they did terrible things before coming here. Meanwhile, Glenn accompanies Heath to Washington, D.C. for a supply run and discovers a group of scavengers who sacrifices one of their own to the undeads to get out. Even though the two of them head back to home without encountering that group, they followed them from the noise of Glenn and Heath’s motorcycle engines. Back on Alexandria, Rick picks a fight with one of the residents Pete regarding issues of his domestic violence and things quickly gets too ugly.

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Construction Site Survival
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Here is your link for “The Walking Dead – Too Far Gone" storyline from Image Comics.
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Consumed With Anger

The Walking Dead Vol 13 – Too Far Gone

Creator Robert Kirkman (Image United, Invincible) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files) has got to the thirteenth volume of the narrative taken from the monthly ongoing The Walking Dead series from Image Comics. This particular story mostly focused on the issues caused by humans and certainly fewer Zombies were in the path of creating some big trouble. The issue #75 of this storyline features a non-canon story that come in the form of Rick’s hallucination after he was hit on his head by Michonne. The base of the plotline is that the aliens have recruited Rick and his friends after they died and turned them into super-soldier to fight an overrun Earth full of infected populace. The reason behind this story was involving a history when Robert Kirkman lied to his publisher about The Walking Dead being Aliens versus Zombies type of story to get them print it and when it became a success for what it is, Kirkman confessed about his deception to them.
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