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The Flash – Move Forward | Comics

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The Flash – Move Forward | Comics
Forensic scientist Barry Allen asks his co-worker Patty Spivot out for a date to a Tech Conference at Central City that took him almost two years. As the environment was perfect for him and they were having a nice time, Barry suddenly gets to meet renowned researcher Dr. Darwin Elias. They were discussing about a model of monorail when a group of thugs broke into the exhibit by crushing down the ceiling of the building. While they were busy putting the crowd on sleep by gassing them, Barry soon turns into his alter ego of the fastest man alive; The Flash and starts taking out the thugs one by one. Seeing their mission jeopardized by the presence of the speedster, the thugs started fleeing and Barry gives them chase to the roof but one of them is captured by him.

Flash manages to catch one of the crooks and crash lands into the sewer after vibrating through buildings. He hands over a Portable Genome Re-Coder that the group was trying to steal to Dr. Elias and then reverts back to his civilian form. Patty tells Barry that they left a body and as they get to the scene, Barry recognizes him as his old friend Manuel Lago. Looking for an answer, he gets into investigation, trying to find out the connection between Manuel and the DNA Re-Coder, of which Iris West is seems pretty interested. Out of the blue, he discovers a very much alive Manuel in his apartment who tells him to keep up and Barry notices two other copies of Manuel chasing them. The gang of Manuel calls them Mob Rule and The Flash is after the link between his friend and the Mob.

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Too Much Too Fast!
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Into The Light

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The Flash – Move Forward (Softcover)

The Flash – Move Forward (Hardcover)

In the Post-Flashpoint event, DC Comics took a reboot of an entire timeline that is called The New 52 and Flash as well as other characters got their new monthly ongoing series. Writer Brian Buccellato (Forever Evil – Rogues Rebellion, The Flash – Reverse) and artist Francis Manapul (Magdalena/Vampirella, Witchblade) took on the fourth ongoing volume of The Flash and started with the storyline “Move Forward” that contains the first eight issues of the series. Two of Flash's Rogues; Captain Cold and Gorilla Grodd also appears in the story that is going to be significant in their future endeavors. The story successfully continues with the following plot titled “Rogues Revolution”, featuring the creative works of Buccellato and Manapul duo.
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