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Chew – Flambe | Comics

chew flambe comics
Chew – Flambe | Comics
During the big-fat family reunion of the Chu Family, giant fiery-writings mysteriously pops-out in the sky all over the world and everyone took it as a sign of the end of the world. As soon as the fiery-writings appeared, the government and the FDA seem to give no damn about the chicken prohibition anymore. So, people are back in the chicken business and FDA agent Tony Chu along with his partner John Colby goes looking for a Voresophic named Daniel Migdalo who is also a former FDA agent. But Colby gets drunk in the middle of the day and Tony is forced to team-up with agent Caesar Valenzano. The guy they were looking for is the smartest person when he is eating and they found him in a state that the agents did not have ever anticipated before.

Tony and John then goes for a school boy turned food-terrorist named Peter Pilaf from Tony’s daughter Olive Chu’s class. After confronting him, they are led to believe that he was also responsible for the destruction of the Fisher-Okroshka international space station the night before. All the confusions about the Fisher-Okroshka station soon gets cleared to Tony when he goes on a mission with his sister and a NASA operative; Antonelle Chu. Seeing a prophetic vision of the upcoming future, Mason Savoy goes out to recruit the aid of an extra-ordinary individual, while Tony and John goes to scope things out about Divinity of the Immaculate OVA and face their doom. Plus, special agent Poyo goes up against General Jontongjoo of North Korea.
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A Prophetic Vision
Here is your link for “Chew – Flambe" storyline from Image Comics in issues.

Chew 16

Chew 17
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Divinity of The Immaculate OVA

Chew 18

Chew 19

Chew 20

Here is your link for “Chew – Flambe" storyline from Image Comics.

Chew – Flambe

Writer John Layman (Aliens – Inhuman Condition, Army of Darkness/Xena) and artist Rob Guillory has brought the fourth arc of the fun-filled food-venturous universe of Toy Chu in the Chew monthly ongoing series from Image Comics. Following the success of “Taster´s Choice”, “International Flavor” and “Just Desserts", this storyline takes place in between issues #15-20 and while it slowly builds itself toward a grand event for the series, Flambe heads the timeline of Chew to the “Major League Chew” storyline.
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