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Red Hood and the Outlaws | Comics

Dick Grayson was Batman’s first crime-fighting sidekick and the first Robin, who grew up to his own identity of the solo superhero Nightwing and left the Robin mantle behind. After Dick, Batman found a troubled orphan boy from the streets of Crime Alley to be his newest sidekick and the second Robin. What they didn’t knew was that Jason’s becoming Robin was a plan The Joker had in mind and very subtly manipulated the deaths of his parents.

red hood and the outlaws
Red Hood and the Outlaws | Comics

He eventually fell into a trap set by Joker, where he was beaten to death only to be revived later by Talia al Ghul through the use of Lazarus Pit. He became a bit unstable and received new training. After hanging out with the League of Assassins for a while, Jason realized their way does not suit him best and he left.

Now assuming the new identity of Red Hood, he calls up his former friend Roy Harper from his days as Robin who was also a side kick of another vigilante hero named Green Arrow previously and now going by the name Arsenal. Princess Koriand'r AKA Starfire of the planet Tamaran is also grouped in and together they formed a squad of freelance mercenaries to avenge the enemies of justice.

After leaving the shadow of The Dark Knight, Jason started taking somewhat unethical moves in fighting crime like killing his opponents which earned him a reputation among the underworld. Red Hood fought Ra's al Ghul and later as a second chance, he was offered place in Batman Incorporated by Batman. Some time later, Jason would find himself teamed-up with Artemis and Bizarro.

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Band of Fugitives

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Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol 06 – Lost and Found

During the wake of The New 52 wave following “Flashpoint” crossover event, the incident taken place in “A Death in the Family” had an altered effect in the new timeline. Jason Todd is back as Red Hood who is not a criminal but more like an anti-hero with two other popular characters to sum up the monthly ongoing Red Hood and the Outlaws from DC Comics.

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No Rest For The Wicked

The series debuted in 2011 with veteran writer Scott Lobdell (Alpha Flight, Generation X) and artist Kenneth Rocafort (Madame Mirage, Velocity) in charge of the storyline continuation. The series also tied in with two major New 52 crossovers like “Night of the Owls” and “Death of the Family”. After "DC Universe – Rebirth" wave on the timeline of Prime Earth, Red Hood eventually manages two new outlaws for his band, this time with Artemis and Bizarro.
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