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The Walking Dead – No Way Out | Comics

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The Walking Dead – No Way Out | Comics
The group of scavengers that Glenn and Heath previously discovered in Washington, D.C. has secretly followed them to Alexandria Safe-Zone and attacked on the residents there but they soon are all killed. Rick gains more popularity and Douglas Monroe gives him the charge of Alexandria as he also took care of a berserk Pete, who killed Douglas’s wife Regina. Because of the previous gunfire a herd of Walkers was attracted to the sound and rallied up near the safe zone. Snow starts to fall and Abraham takes a team to clear the undeads outside only to find out many more of them. They face quite a hard time killing the herd as there were more than they expected and their man Bruce got bitten. Following which Abraham puts him out of misery while shortly upsetting Holly.

Everything inside the wall eventually soothes in as Morgan and Michonne rekindles, Jessie moved in to Rick’s house with her son Ron, an affair between Abraham and Holly starts to blossom and Rick finally coming to terms with his dead wife over phone. Meanwhile, Abraham notifies Rick about a breach in the wall which they back up with a truck. Glenn, Heath and Spencer travels through a horizontal line over the rooftops to help a trapped Andrea on the bell tower. Nonetheless, the wall gave in and Zombies outside breaks in to torn Tobin apart. Morgan reaches the spot with Rick and got bitten in the arm. Everyone takes shelter in the houses as the Zombies pour in and overrun Alexandria. Bloods going to spill, limbs are about to sever and the world around them will get gory.

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Death Swarms Alexandria
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Tiptoeing Through The Deads

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The Walking Dead Vol 14 – No Way Out

The previous story “Too Far Gone” was like a prelude to a whole new world of deaths and despair which starts reflecting on the current storyline “No Way Out”. Series regular Robert Kirkman (Outcast, The Astounding Wolf-Man) and Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files) has brought up this plotline in issues #79-84 on the monthly ongoing comics series of The Walking Dead from Image Comics. As the series is adapted into a TV Show on AMC network, elements from this story was taken for the Season 06 of The Walking Dead. Rick and his group continue their adventure next in the book titled “We Find Ourselves”.
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