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Batman – Arkham City | Comics

batman arkham city
Batman – Arkham City | Comics
Arkham Asylum is a mental institute for the lodging of criminally insane and Gotham's worst kind of villains. Recently, Batman's arch nemesis, The Joker has spread chaos in the inner circles of Arkham but Batman however, was able to finally put an end to the riot in time that left it all in ruins. The clown prince of crime formerly injected himself with the Venom like serum that super-powered criminal Bane uses to amplify his physical strength, called the Titan formula which had a bizarre effect on him, making him am enormous monster. Batman eventually defeated him in his gigantic form after quite a hard battle and The Joker is left in a dying, sickly state on Arkham.

In the heat of the situation, the administrator of Arkham Asylum, Quincy Sharp takes advantage of the situation and becomes the mayor of Gotham City to control the power that runs the city. Meanwhile, two super powered thug siblings named "T&T" who were working as henchmen for Two-Face, secretly succumbed to the Titan formula and starts a murderous spree across town, which prompts a martial law in Gotham by Mayor Sharp. Batman is well aware of Sharp's intention and realizes that someone from the behind is orchestrating the entire plot to manipulate the entire series of events. Meanwhile, Joker's girlfriend Harley Quinn decides to perform a rescue mission to set his lunatic lover free to spread limitless chaos together.

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Rogues of Arkham
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Batman – Arkham City 01

Batman – Arkham City 02

Batman – Arkham City 03

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Batman – Arkham City 05
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Master of Mayhem

Here is your links for the "Batman – Arkham City" limited series from DC Comics.

Batman – Arkham City (Softcover)

Batman – Arkham City (Hardcover)

As a tie-in prequel back-story to the 2009’s smash-hit game Batman – Arkham City, a five issue limited series of the same name was published by DC Comics in the same year. This comic book tale was written by famous Batman veteran Paul Dini (Justice League, Justice League Unlimited) and illustrated by artist Carlos D'Anda (Deathblow, JLA – Kid Amazo). This story is a link up to the first two games of the Arkham series; Batman – Arkham Asylum and Batman – Arkham City. Following the success of this limited series, a follow up monthly ongoing titled “Batman – Arkham Unhinged” was released by DC Comics in 2011, which was a continuation of the chronicles that took place in this book.
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