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30 Days of Night – Dark Days | Comics

30 days of night dark days
30 Days of Night – Dark Days | Comics
Following a murderous event on the city of Barrow, Alaska, the very existence of Vampires are revealed to its residents. Unfortunately, a few of them survived the night but only because Barrow's brave Sheriff Eben Olemaun took it upon himself to be one of them and end their menace for good. Eben's wife Stella Olemaun lived to tell the story and she wrote a book titled "30 Days of Night", chronicling the events that took place on Barrow. She takes an initiative of informing the general populace about their presence but no one seems to believe her except for the Vampires. During one of her lecture at University of California, Los Angeles, a group of Vampires even attacked her when she forced them to reveal their identity by exposing them to ultra-violet lights.

She ruthlessly taken down all of them but police arrives to take them into custody, only to release them shortly afterwards for lack of evidence and charges. At one point, she get very depressed upon finding out that her publishers has listed her book as fiction, which is why people were not taking her seriously. A woman who lost her son on the same incident as Stella named Judith Ali meets her with evidence footage of the creatures' attack on Barrow. When followed by deceased vampire Marlowe’s friend Dane, she managed to incapacitate him and struck a deal with him in exchange for valuable information. Meanwhile, aware of Stella's crusade on her race, Vampire elder, Lilith prepares for revenge on her for taking the life of her love; Vicente.

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30 Days of Night – Dark Days (Softcover)

30 Days of Night – Dark Days (Hardcover)

As a follow-up to the original 30 Days of Night limited series from IDW Comics, "Dark Days" was created by writer Steve Niles (Night of the Living Dead – London, Remains) and artist Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night – Bloodsucker Tales, 30 Days of Night – Red Snow), the same creators responsible for the first series. The story is continued from the aftermath of its predecessor and creates a premise for a line-up for upcoming stories of 30 Days of Night chronology. This limited series was adapted into a live-action movie 30 Days of Night – Dark Days (2010) starring actor Kiele Sanchez as a sequel to 30 Days of Night (2007).
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