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Haunt Vol 03 | Comics

Former priest Daniel Kilgore is now working for The Agency with help from his brother's ghost as Agent Haunt. Recently, he saved the life of director Beth Tosh, destroyed Shillinger’s mindless drones, sent the fugitive Mr. Hurg into prison, moved in with his girlfriend Autumn and even reconciled with Kurt's spirit but what he did not notice is that a strange spirit-like entity keeping an eye on the brothers.

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Haunt Vol 03 | Comics

When he was in the middle of a meeting with director Tosh and fellow Agent Park, Rodus and Weathers for a mission brief, The Apparition shows up and vanishes Kurt by wrapping him up with its body. As the team goes after the notorious Arc Light next day, Daniel is still puzzled with Kurt's disappearance and when they need Haunt the most, he didn't show up.

However, Daniel's fellow operatives took care of the situation and Kurt eventually showed up running to his brother. Together as Haunt, Daniel now sees the ghost and unsuccessfully tries to best it with no avail while The Apparition tries to strip him off his suit. Daniel visits Beth to find out a Bolivian woman named Alegria, who was in a cell with him previously and apparently knows a lot about The Haunt than himself.

He goes looking for her in the city but Alegria found him first and with The Apparition on their tail, she explains that it is part of a force, which came to prevent Kurt from existing into both realms. Therefore, it will take Kurt back from the realm of the living. The trio finally manages to escape the spirit, wondering even with Alegria's help, can they actually win?

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The Ghost and The Witch

Here is your links for “Haunt Vol 03" storyline from Image Comics in issues.

Haunt 13

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Haunt 15

Haunt 16

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Haunt 18

Here is your link for “Haunt Vol 03" storyline from Image Comics.

Haunt Vol 03

Acclaimed comic-book creators Robert Kirkman (Battle Pope, The Walking Dead) and Todd McFarlane (Image United, Spawn)'s original Image Comics' monthly series, Haunt finally ascends to its third storyline. Drawn entirely by sensational artist Greg Capullo (Batman – New 52, The Creech), the plotline is composed of issues #13-18 from the monthly ongoing, as the Kilgore brothers team up to their newest adventure.

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The Haunting Apparition

Originally released in 2012, the book quickly escalates from the previous arc to a higher ground in story telling by adding more supernatural elements to the core plot as well as other conflicts grow in the background for to take care in the upcoming future and it is also followed up by Haunt Vol 04.
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