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Joe Hill's The Cape – 1969 | Comics

the cape 1969 comic
Joe Hill's The Cape – 1969 | Comics
During the period of Vietnam War in 1969, Captain Gordon Chase was a medevac chopper pilot. While he was serving for US Army, his wife was reading a letter he sent to their kids Eric and Nicky back home. Chase and his friends were having things a bit quiet for a few weeks and thought all of it will be over soon. But war can turn out ugly any second and as they were unaware of the gathering soldiers on waiting to ambush on them, Chase and the troops were having a laugh. Suddenly a bullet hit one of them in the head and their copter was heading for impact from the heavy fire it took from the soldiers below. By the time, they crash-landed, co-pilot Larry got shot. Chase managed to pull the chopper far from the shootout and only three of them were alive.

Impatient to get out of this mess, one of them gets riddled with bullets by enemy forces. The Vietcong fired at their chopper and when paused, Chase throws a grenade, decimating them and starts running with his fellow combat medic behind enemy lines. Whereas, squads were searching for them, a mystery person was looking upon them from above the tree, who seems amused by the nonsensical destruction of war. Eventually Chase and his fellow medic gets captured and they killed the latter. Chase was imprisoned and the next day they throw in the mystery person watching them prior, whom they call a witch. As the world believes Chase is missing in action, he decides to exact vengeance on the Vietcong for his fallen comrades with help from an unexpected source.
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Desire of Destruction
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The Cape – 1969 01

The Cape – 1969 02

The Cape – 1969 03

The Cape – 1969 04
the cape 1969 joe hill
Game of Chase

Here is your link for "The Cape – 1969" limited series from IDW Comics.

Joe Hill's The Cape – 1969

Based on the original work of New York Times bestselling writer Joe Hill (Locke & Key, Wraith – Welcome to Christmasland), The Cape – 1969 is actually a prequel story for Joe Hill's The Cape. This four-part limited series was released on 2013 from IDW, a year after its sequel and it was written by Jason Ciaramella (Oxymoron, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Villains). Artist Nelson Daniel (Judge Dredd, Wild Blue Yonder) and Zach Howard (Aliens – More Than Human, Judge Dredd – City Limits) were at the wheels of illustration duty and they did a great job. Although, there are very little space for character development and the overall plot is pretty gory, which makes the book not very suitable for everyone, it is highly recommended for anyone who wishes to get into some solid storytelling.
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