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Green Lantern – Sinestro | Comics

green lantern sinestro
Green Lantern – Sinestro | Comics
The once fallen bearer of Green Power Ring, Thaal Sinestro recites the Green Lantern Oath in front of the Guardians of the Universe to become a Green Lantern again. When asked about his thoughts of becoming an honorary member of the Corps again, he simply asked them to remove the ring but the Guardians sees the ring choosing him again as a sign of redemption. As Sinestro leaves to protect his respected sector, all of the Guardians attack Ganthet for expressing a different view on their decision. Sinestro observes his home planet of Korugar from the Orbit to find out that his own army of Sinestro Corps has taken over the planet to tyrannically rule over its populace and he is attacked by his Corps member 435, who he kills with almost no effort.

Meanwhile in Coast City, Hal Jordan is faced by his apartment’s landlord for past dues and as soon as he hears a cream for help, he jumps right through his window to the building next door to help a woman, only to find out that a shooting was taking place there and it got him arrested. His ex-girlfriend Carol Ferris bails him out of jail and offers a job, as well as been asked out on a date by Hal. Hal expresses his frustration on the Green Ring over the fact that he is stripped of his Lantern's duty and Sinestro was chosen instead. As his date with Carol was eventually trashed, Hal returns home only to find Sinestro out at his doorstep to offer a team-up. Soon, these two former partner forms an alliance that may be the only hope for planet Korugar.

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Following “Flashpoint” crossover event, the regular New Earth’s timeline of DC Comics has been replaced by a rebooted timeline of The New 52. Writer Geoff Johns (Blackest Night, Brightest Day) and artist Doug Mahnke (Batman – The Man Who Laughs, Black Adam – The Dark Age) has returned to work again on Green Lantern monthly ongoing series which has remained mostly unchanged after the time-stream altering events of recent period and the titular “Sinestro” storyline is one of their first work for the new timeline containing issue #01-06. The storyline also sows a few initial hints for the upcoming "Rise of the Third Army" and "Wrath of the First Lantern" crossover event.
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