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The October Faction Vol 01 | Comics

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The October Faction Vol 01 | Comics
Frederick Allan used to hunt down terrible monsters and ghouls everyday for a living in his prime but after quitting that part, he has chose a plain and simple life as a professor in a college where he teaches people on the mythology of monsters. His long departed colleague and best friend Lucas who disappeared during a mission when he was turned into a Werewolf after contacting a wound from another of the kind, suddenly shows up years later after his class was dismissed. Following the retirement, Allan made a good investment with the money he made from the hunting and Lucas ended up spending almost all of it for his divorce. But Lucas came to warn Frederick about the recent endeavor of his thrill seeker wife Deloris with their former foe Merle Cope.

Meanwhile, Allan’s son Geoff was busy with an experiment of ritual while he torments his bully classmate Phil about a secret past that started haunting the boy and his school hating creepy daughter Vivian were up to see the result of her brother’s testing of an incantation. Been trying to convince their father to enlist them into the venture of monster-hunting family business, they both shows him a wandering spirit they snagged from around the house. Surprisingly, the spirit goes berserk seeing Frederick on sight. Then, they got a call from the hospital of Deloris being beaten up pretty badly. And just when he was trying to piece things up to merge together, an old monstrous entity returns to Allan's life which he have locked away, to throw everything off balance.
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The Wake of Robot Face
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october faction #2
Stalking Mechanical Monster

The October Faction 06

Here is your link for “The October Faction Vol 01" storyline from IDW Comics.

The October Faction Vol 01

Steve Niles (30 Days of NightCriminal Macabre) and Damien Worm, the creative team who previously brought us the fan-favorite limited series Monster & Madman, is back with a brand-new craziness of a family that lives and breathes in horror mythology in their everyday life. The October Faction is their latest monthly ongoing from IDW and the first six issue is collected in ‘The October Faction Vol 01’. The story gave the readers a whole new perspective of a new age The Addams Family meets The Munsters experience. The dark watercolor-like style of the art by artist Worm packed with chilly plotline by Niles is a pretty fun read for a horror-lover.
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