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The Walking Dead – No Turning Back | Comics

After Rick and his friends are devastated by a vile act of Whisperers, he takes a step from which there is no turning back.

Returning back from Whisperer camp, Rick, Carl and Lydia finds heads of Ezekiel, Rosita and many more, impaled on a line of stakes. Andrea, Dante and Michonne arrived shortly to find that shocking sight in their disbelief. Michonne gets teary eyed seeing her dead lover thinking how she threw away her chance to be with him.

When she approaches to put down his reanimated head, Rick stops her offering to do it himself but she angrily pushes him back and bursts out in tears hugging him immediately after only for Andrea to do it instead. She then tackled Lydia to ground lashing at her but eventually gets off her when everyone was telling her to stop.

Lydia simply states that she never knew that her people would have done this, because they never did something like this before and her mother Alpha, leader of The Whisperers, is probably scared of their huge circle of communities.

When she decides to bury those heads there, Rick agrees but tells them to keep boundary of Whisperer territories where they are. She gets angry for him not willing to cross the line even when his friends are being killed but he most probably would have made an exception if it was Andrea or Carl, which Rick couldn't deny for a fact.

the walking dead no turning back image comics
The Walking Dead – No Turning Back | Comics

After picking themselves up, Rick and his gang went back at Alexandria bearing the bad news. Everyone within their community is in shock and they go to Rick after funeral service to know his next course of action. Some wanted war in retaliation and some volunteered to go against The Whisperers but he simply denies that idea.

Rick suggests not rushing things now because it can risk everything they have only to get called a coward by a community member, who suggests Maggie Greene should be in charge. When asked, she reveals that she executed Gregory and it made Rick angrily lash at her, which quickly escalates into them pushing and punching each other.

Back at his home, Rick Grimes sees Eugene waiting for him and wanted to talk plans to hurt them back to avenge Rosita's death. Clearly he is devastated and proposes that they try to get leverage over Alpha since they now have her daughter. He even goes further to suggest killing her to which, Rick obligates and Eugene angrily leaves.

Andrea deems it not safe for Carl and Lydia in Alexandria anymore and escort them to Hilltop until things settle down a bit. Right after their departure, Michonne sneaks in with her katana and come across Rick, who assumed that she came here to kill Lydia but she reveals that she came here to do what Andrea is doing.

On their way to Hilltop, Andrea asks a patrolman not to tell anyone that he saw her, which made Lydia question her action and pulled a gun on her. Carl gets confused and draws his gun at Andrea too but then he points it to Lydia before sorting it out. Elsewhere, a Whisperer saw Alpha crying and she quickly slits his throat.

Dwight decides to step out of leadership of Saviors but fellow Savior, Laura from Sanctuary still disagrees. Unable to rile up angered Alexandria citizens, Rick goes to seek advice from his former enemy Negan and is welcomed with a grin.

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The Walking Dead 145

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Here is your links to buy "The Walking Dead – No Turning Back" from Image Comics on Amazon.

The Walking Dead – No Turning Back

Continuing from previous storyline "Life And Death", monthly ongoing The Walking Dead comic-book series from Image Comics returns to its post-apocalyptic adventure in "No Turning Back", which collects issues #145-150 and winding up for a major conflict between survivor community of Alexandria and The Whisperers.

Series creator/writer Robert Kirkman (Battle Pope, Haunt) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files) returns with twenty fifth story arc of the series in 2016, which served as plot source for Season 9 of The Walking Dead live-action TV series on AMC and slowly builds up a premise for upcoming major events to take place.

Rick Grimes and his gang come across a savage mob of people who gave up civilized way of living in favor for survival among Walkers. Although they each got into wrong foot with one another in the beginning, things are taking a turn to be worse. So much so that Rick had to seek for advice from his former enemy turned prisoner, Negan.

Residents of Alexandria start questioning leadership skills of Rick Grimes when he doesn't take immediate action against Alpha after she massacred a dozen of their own. However, he is slowly preparing for a long game to deal with Whisperers and all of that will be unfold pretty soon when things escalates in "Call To Arms" storyline up next.
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