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Star Wars – Darth Vader – Imperial Machine | Comics

Before he became the fearsome Dark Lord of Sith, Darth Vader took a journey for his legendary red lightsaber.

Right after his transforming into Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker was defeated and his disfigured body was left on volcanic planet Mustafar by his former master Obi-Wan Kenobi. Darth Sidious then came to retrieve his burnt body and placed it in a cybernetic suit to save his life at that moment.

As he gained consciousness, Vader learns that his wife Padmé is no more and now he is left with pain and rage in his life. Palpatine asks him whether he wants to live with this pain or just simply die and Anakin expresses his wish to live only to be struck by his masters' powerful Force-lightning.

Palpatine asks Vader to defend himself with his lightsaber but he states that he has already lost it on Mustafar. After warning him never to touch him again with the Force, Sidious suggests that Vader let go of his personal vendetta and peruse serving Galactic Empire for greater good.

He explains to his apprentice how both Jedi and Sith have different color of lightsaber and how to turn one into red. He drops Lord Vader on a desert planet of Mid Rim to set on a journey to find out a Jedi and take his lightsaber from him.

star wars darth vader imperial machine charles soule jim cheung marvel comics
Star Wars – Darth Vader – Imperial Machine | Comics

Darth Vader goes looking for his ship to reclaim it from a group of pirates that was prepared for him by The Emperor and was stolen earlier. He visits a nearby Jedi outpost on Brighthome for some information he needed to start his quest, which was guarded by clone troopers.

He killed them all for blowing off some steam instead of providing them security codes to pass. Vader looked for any Jedi who have taken the Barash vow before Order 66 and found it in Jedi Master Kirak Infil'a who is residing on river moon of Al'doleem.

Master Infil'a has already sensed that a Dark Lord of Sith is coming for him and as soon as Vader sees him, he unsuccessfully tries to Force choke Infil'a, who threw him off balance by hitting him with a Force blast in counter attack. The Jedi invited The Dark Lord on top of mountain before unleashing currents of a river flowing on him.

Cutting a way through using the Force, Vader conquered all obstacles thrown at him and eventually confronted the seasoned Jedi Master in a brief battle. He is quickly defeated by Master Infil'a and then gets thrown from top of the mountain.

Vader reassembles his cybernetic body with scrap parts using the Force to face Master Infil'a in a final battle this time. Thinking the Sith Lord has finally perished, Infil'a was preparing to go on a hunt for Vader's true master to put an end to Sith but then he realized that his enemy has survived somehow.

Now, Vader challenges the Jedi Master once again and fought him with ruthless efficiency. Once he is done, he still has to bleed the kyber crystal he took out from the fallen Jedi's lightsaber to complete his weapon for a few more tasks left to complete for his master.

star wars darth vader comic charles soule giuseppe camuncoli marvel comics
Pain and Rage

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Star Wars – Darth Vader – Imperial Machine

The second monthly ongoing volume of Darth Vader starts publishing from Marvel Comics in 2017 and first story arc of the series is titled "Imperial Machine". The story contains issues #01-06 from Star Wars spin-off series featuring Vader and is set almost immediately after the events of "Revenge of the Sith".

Renowned comic-book writer Charles Soule (Death of Wolverine – The Logan Legacy, Death of Wolverine – The Weapon X Program) was tasked to form this plot and he was aided by artist Giuseppe Camuncoli (Amazing Spider-Man, Superior Spider-Man) to portray his visions.

star wars kirak infil'a vs darth vader charles soule giuseppe camuncoli marvel comics
The Lost Jedi Master

"Imperial Machine" features a self-exiled Jedi Master named Kirak Infil'a, whom many has never even heard of and he is the first Jedi that Vader has fought right after his body was encased in a cybernetic suit. Also, this story explores an interesting theme on colors of the lightsaber that Jedi or Sith wields.

When Vader was trying to corrupt kyber crystal within the lightsaber he took from Infil'a, it showed him a different reality of what could've actually happened but The Dark Lord of Sith refuses that idea and sticked to his vengeful path.
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