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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Superman – Imperious Lex | Comics

Now that Darkseid is gone, Lex Luthor is chosen to take the throne of Apokolips but he wants Superman to be their leader.

In absence of Darkseid, chaos rages on planet Apokolips and its inhabitants are tearing it down for control. Granny Goodness and her Furies, Kalibak, Kanto and Steppenwolf are running rampant without a master. A soldier named Ardora and an old Prophet believes order and peace can still be established if an iron-willed hand sits on the throne.

On Metropolis, Lex Luthor and Superman works together to stop a gang of bank robbers from fleeing police. When he returned to LexCorp, Luthor is immobilized with a restraining helmet before being abducted by Ardora and old prophet to have his destiny fulfilled as God of Apokolips and quickly teleported back via Boom-Tube.

Big Blue returns home to spend time with his family by going out with his son Jon and wife Lois Lane. Both he and Jon hear a transmission sent by Lex in Kryptonian frequency, which he managed to send over before being taken out and asks Superman to meet him LexCorp tower but Clark ignores it thinking it was not important.

After dinner and movies, the Kents are approached by a bunch of LexCorp robots with a pre-recorded message from Luthor for help, unaware of his secret identity. They become hostile upon denial of his request, forcing Superman and Superboy to fight back. Equipped with a Mother Box, Man of Steel and his family are transported to Apokolips.

superman vol 6 imperius lex dc comics peter tomasi
Superman – Imperious Lex | Comics

Three of them ended up on different parts of the fiery planet, separated from each other. Lois is found by Mad Harriet, who took her as a prisoner but she fought alongside Female Furies and is taken in by Granny. Superboy came across a group of Apokoliptian soldiers and eventually saves a pack of Hunger Dogs from captivity.

Meanwhile, Lex was explaining how he is not their destined ruler according to prophecy and presents Superman to them using a Boom-Tube when they assumed him as an imposter. These two former arch-rivals try to evade their Apokoliptian followers and hides. Luthor resonates to an angry Big Blue that he can truly inspire hope among them.

As they were distracted arguing, Kalibak ambushed them out of nowhere and takes them captive. Thinking Darkseid is at Apokolips' core, he has been using Chaos Cannon to dig him out and all of a sudden, his armies are attacked by Female Furies. Lois frees her husband amidst this chaos and Superboy joins with his pack of Hunger Dogs.

At one point, Kalibak shuts down all fiery pits of Apokolips by venting its core and ushered a complete darkness over it. Though Ardora and the blind priest comes to conclusion that none of them are worthy to take Darkseid's throne except for Superman and decides to pledge their servitude to him rather than forcing it on his shoulder.

They arrive with Omega Fleet and Parademons to assist Man of Steel, right after he saved an unconscious Lex. Granny and her Furies are captured, Superman and his family vouched for peace for their ravaged planet before returning back to Earth.

On anniversary of the destruction of Krypton, Superman and Superboy goes on a space journey together when Fortress of Solitude picked up signal of distant a planet called Galymayne is about to face the same fate as their home planet but they could really do very little against the stern religious faith of its people to be doomed.

superman dc rebirth apokolips patrick gleason dc comics
Anarchy on Apokolips

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Superman – Imperious Lex

Following inception of DC Rebirth crossover event, monthly ongoing Superman series from DC Comics has been seeing a steady run with a roadmap created by comic-book writer Peter Tomasi (Super Sons – Planet of the Capes, Super Sons – When I Grow Up) and currently continuing in sixth storyline titled "Imperious Lex" in 2018.

Aided him in illustrations throughout were talented artists Barry Kitson (JLA – Year One, Secret Invasion – Fantastic Four), Doug Mahnke (Final Crisis, Justice League Elite), Ed Benes (Justice League of America – Second Coming, Justice League of America – Tornado's Path) and Patrick Gleason (Green Lantern Corps, Sinestro Corps War).

superman dc rebirth patrick gleason superboy viktor bogdanovic dc comics
Escape from Suicide Planet

"Imperious Lex" collects issues #33-36 and #39-41 from fourth ongoing volume of Superman and features two separate stories. Entire Kent family had to take a tour to one of the most unpleasant quadrant of entire galaxy; Apokolips to save it from a raging civil war when Lex Luthor dragged them into a mess of his creating.

After he took up the mantle of Man of Steel to become a savior of Metropolis, he met with skepticism from everyone but he worked with Big Blue to earn his trust and built a working system by putting aside their differences. Whatever trust they had was gone because of his most recent actions that jeopardized Clark's personal life.

Lois Lane has temporarily joined Female Furies during her stay there and Superboy had the chance to fight alongside his father more than once. His adventure with Damian Wayne AKA Robin as Super Sons is also referenced earlier. Further adventure of this iconic father-son duo would be explored up next in "Bizarroverse" arc.
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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Superman – Hopes and Fears | Comics

Superman's biggest fear is often pushed back by his values, making him one of the greatest superhero in the world!

After discovering himself along with his family on a new world where his counterpart died before his eyes, Superman had no chance to catch a breath as he tackled the Eradicator (Son of Superman), fought Doomsday (Path of Doom), helped Justice League preventing an invasion (The Extinction Machines).

Then he band up with The Trinity to defeat Mongul (Better Together), saved Supermen of Multiverse from a being Prophecy (Multiplicity) and discovered his place in this new world (Superman Reborn) before standing out against a newly reformed version of Superman Revenge Squad (The New World).

Even a Man of Steel needs rest after all that stress and he returns home tired and wake up next day to find out his wife Lois Lane has arranged for a special Fourth of July trip throughout the country to celebrate America's 241st birthday.

She and Clark teach their young boy Jon Kent about lessons from history and the idea of coexisting with different beliefs. They toured trough places from Niagara Falls, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., meeting people who served the country before returning back to Metropolis.

superman vol 5 hopes and fears dc rebirth
Superman – Hopes and Fears | Comics

Back in the city, little kids are gone missing for more than two weeks and it worries Superman. He finds yellow footprints and following them, led him to the first missing child with another kid and when confronted, they blasted him with some yellow energy.

Initially, he believes Sinestro is behind all these but then he finds the locations where the kids are all kept as Parallax were feeding on their fears. After resisting for a while, Big-Blue willingly submits himself to the fear entity seeing it draining those abducted kids alive.

Sooner as the demon took possession of his body, an old foe strikes on him and is revealed to be Sinestro, who came back to re-acquire the parasitic entity. However, using the amazing might of Superman, it managed to pummel the Korugarian to ground but then is transported to the anti-matter universe of Qward, where Weaponers of Qward struck it down using their Qwa-Bolts.

Trying to exorcise Parallax out of Superman's body, Sinestro exposed him to a series of his greatest fears, all involving him failing to save the day.

Soon, it leaves him and made the Korugarian believe to have taken refuge into Lyssa Drak but it is revealed to be otherwise. Because of his last encounter with Hal Jordan (Sinestro's Law), the villain got exhausted from struggling to put the entity inside his ring and the Kryptonian made a judgment call before returning to Earth.

Then, in pursuit of the interview of a lifetime, Lois Lane travel across the globe to meet the ultimate assassin, Deathstroke the Terminator and they cross each other's path on very irregular circumstances.

superman vs sinestro dc rebirth
Battle For Sinestro's Might

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Superman – Hopes and Fears

Man of Steel continues his journey on DC Rebirth from "Black Dawn" storyline to a new one titled "Hopes and Fears", which collects issues #27-32 from the fourth volume of Superman monthly ongoing from DC Comics. Unlikely enemies like the Lord of Yellow Lantern Corps and the self-proclaimed Terminator have come to tangle with Big-Blue under interesting situations.

Series regular Patrick Gleason (Brightest Day, Sinestro Corps War) and Peter Tomasi (Batman – Arkham Knight, Black Adam – The Dark Age) are joined by two new writers James Bonny and Keith Champagne to contribute in the plot conceived in 2017.

superman vs deathstroke dc rebirth
Face Off With Deathstroke

Artists Ed Benes (Justice League of America – Injustice League, Justice League of America – Tornado's Path), Doug Mahnke (Final Crisis, Justice League Elite), Philip Tan (Spawn, Uncanny X-Men) and Tyler Kirkham (Deathstroke – Family Business, Deathstroke – Suicide Run) took turns on penciller duty.

The fear entity was released after "Forever Evil" and now Thaal Sinestro seeks its power once again. The tale of Parallax will continue later in "Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps – Twilight of the Guardians" storyline next and Superman will return for a trip to Apokolips with his family in "Imperius Lex" arc.
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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Superman – Multiplicity | Comics

When Supermen from across the Multiverse start vanishing without a trace, the Man of Steel of Prime Earth gets involved.

Seeing plant lives around Smith farm area dying as nearby ponds and streams are all being drained unnaturally, Superman flies to a nearby river and .quickly determines after some observation that this is no drought.

He came across a being from below ground known as Swamp Thing, who makes his presence known and states after seeing Superman at the first glance that the latter doesn't belong here, on this plane of reality. After their initial introduction, Clark calls him by the name of Dr. Alec Holland, who also points out an obvious that the former is not a Man of Steel from this world.

Because of his unique power of elemental control, Dr. Holland sensed an anomaly within him and found Clark in Hamilton County. Holland believes that a disturbance in "The Green" is what brought him here and as Superman assures he means no harm.

When he placed his hand on Swamp Thing, it released Kryptonian blue energy, overwhelming Holland. As a result of this misunderstanding, they get into a fight where Swamp Thing sees his memories of New Earth and Mister Oz visiting him earlier. Then he advises Clark not to consider himself as an outsider in this world and peacefully parts away.

superman multiplicity dc comics
Superman – Multiplicity | Comics

The other night, when Clark was driving his home to Hamilton County, he stumbles onto a badly beaten Superman of Earth-30 (Red Son), who was being chased by the Gatherers. Even though Clark was not on their list, they fought back these "Gatherers" together, who came following the Soviet Superman here.

As he retreated from their clutches, he heard Kenan Kong is next on their list. At that moment, Justice League Incarnate arrives to the scene from future and Superman of Earth-23 meets Superman of New Earth.

The JLI briefly explains to him what's happening around here before they all go and try to help Kenan Kong in Henan Province but failed to save him. In the House of Heroes, Justice League Incarnate was explaining the entire situation to Superman, while the Gatherers were busy abducting other Supermen from different worlds for their master, Prophecy.

So, they go to every other worlds to talk to each Superman counterpart and assemble them all on Ultima Thule; a plane outside space and time. They collectively decide to lure their enemy out using their combined power and then face him together.

However, Superman teleports others away to save them at the final moment and faces the being alone in space-time continuum. Even though Prophecy detects Superman as an anomaly, he is immediately drained off his power and rendered weak.

Still, he assures the other powerless captive brethren that he has one trick left. The monstrous entity believes that a great catastrophe is on the horizon and if he can collect the power of all the Superman of the Multiverse, he might have a fighting chance against that.

superman multiverse comic
Supermen of Multiverse

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Superman – Multiplicity

The era of DC Rebirth reigns supreme as Superman returns with his third storyline in "Multiplicity", collecting first annual issue and issues #14-17 from fourth monthly ongoing volume of Superman comic-books in 2017.

So, DC Comics hooked up writer Peter Tomasi (Black Adam – The Dark Age, Forever Evil – Arkham War) and artist Patrick Gleason (Green Lantern Corps, Sinestro Corps War) to came up with the plot for this story while artists Clay Mann (Dark Reign – Elektra, Magneto – Not a Hero), Ed Benes (Artemis – Requiem, Blackest Night – Titans), Ivan Reis (Blackest Night, Infinite Crisis), Jorge Jiménez (Earth 2 – Society, Earth 2 – World's End), Tony Daniel (Deathstroke – New 52, Justice League – New 52) as well as various other lend hands for illustration.

superman rebirth dc comics
Last Superman Standing

The opening one-part story features Swamp Thing who took a peak at Supermen's recent adventures; like his fight with Eradicator on moon (Son of Superman), joining the Justice League of Prime Earth (The Extinction Machines), reunion with The Trinity to defeat Mongul (Better Together) and battle with a Kryptonian deformity known as Doomsday in Metropolis alongside Lex Luthor (Path of Doom).

Then all Supermen of Multiverse goes against a common threat and Mister Oz made special appearance. Next up, there is a crossover of Action Comics and Superman series titled "Superman Reborn" that will delve more into the mysteries we are being teased about since DC Rebirth.
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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps – Bottled Light | Comics

Hal Jordan is lost after Warworld is destroyed and Green Lantern Corps teams up with Sinestro Corps to watch over.

While Hal Jordan was fighting to overthrow the tyrannical Sinestro and totally wrecked his Warworld before vanishing into beyond, the Green Lantern Corps had disappeared and came back. Earlier, Guy Gardner was captured by Yellow Lanterns but former Corps member and Sinestro's defiant daughter Soranik Natu helped him out in time.

When John Stewart led his entire Corps onto Sector 0, he caught a brief glimpse of that destruction and was surprised to see Gardner with Sinestro Corps, who were currently following the lead of Soranik. As she updates them about what Jordan did back there, Salakk picks up an emergency on Tomar-Tu's homeworld Xudar.

Leaving everyone else on living planet Mogo, Stewart takes the rest of the Corps to the location to find it under attack by Starro. John and his colleagues try their best to restrain the Star Conqueror and just when they were feeling outnumbered, Soranik led her Yellow Lantern Corps to help but then it immediately disappears from there.

Members of both Corps were having a hard time dealing with the locals controlled by Starro and suddenly discovered themselves trapped within an energy barrier. Attempts of breaking it remain unsuccessful so far and on top of that, all Corpsmen are now suddenly being attacked by a large group of mind-controlled Xudarians.

hal jordan and the green lantern corps dc comics
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps – Bottled Light | Comics

Taking care of the crowd, Stewart realizes after some inspection that they all are miniaturized and captured by Brainiac 2.0. It is finally revealed that Brainiac was actually working on behalf of Larfleeze, who found him among the junks of planet Okaara. Upon learning who their true captor was, John plans an escape tactics with Soranik.

On a hidden prison planet of Indigo Tribe at Sector 2814, Ganthet and Sayd finds Hal Jordan's lost ring that indicates end of their exile. They see the ring without its bearer and Sayd asserts it as a deception citing only a Guardian can create a ring of will. However, her husband is amused that it exists and that means Hal proved everyone wrong.

Jordan discovers himself stranded on Emerald Space, where he is greeted by Abin Sur and many other deceased members of the Green Lantern Corps. Since it is an everlasting sphere for departed Corps members, Sur states that Hal doesn't belong there yet and the exiled Guardians notice whatever life essence he had is dying quickly.

So, White Lantern Kyle Rayner is called in to rescue Hal from fading away in Emerald Space and bring back to the world of living to save the Corps. Together they were able to pull Jordan back to the world of living before he was getting lost forever.

Hal reunites with Ganthet, Sayd and Kyle with a new perspective at his destiny and learned that his fellow Corpsmen have returned a while ago. They all then head to living planet Mogo to see them all only to know that they all left earlier in response to an emergency but could not establish contact for lack of communication data.

Meanwhile, John Stewart and Soranik Natu starts a fight that eventually draw in every members of each Corps into pounding one another, causing Agent Orange to worry about losing his specimens and unwittingly setting them all free at once.

green lantern corps dc comics soranik natu rafa sandoval
Attack on Xudar

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Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 13

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Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps – Bottled Light

Picking up one of the renowned flagship of DC Comics, writer Robert Venditti (Damage – Out of Control, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps – Sinestro's Law) hailed brand-new monthly ongoing comic-book series Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps quite well for "DC Rebirth" from where it was left of by the end of "New 52" run.

Venditti was assisted by artists Ed Benes (Justice League of America – Sanctuary, Justice League of America – Second Coming), Ethan Van Sciver (The Flash – Rebirth, Green Lantern – Rebirth) and Rafa Sandoval (Catwoman – Death of the Family, Catwoman – Gotham Underground) for issues #8-13 of second story arc of the series, "Bottled Light".

green lantern orange lantern dc comics rebirth ethan van sciver
Trapped and Collected

Now that Sinestro is gone, his Corps follows Soranik Natu as their newest leader and she tries to atone for her father's wrongdoings by forming an alliance with Green Lantern Corps. They fight against celestial conqueror Starro side by side before fighting the combined threat of collector of worlds, Brainiac 2.0 and avatar of avarice, Larfleeze.

Venditti and his entire creative team continues their successful stint that was kick-started during Rebirth in 2017 and concluded to next story-arc "Quest for Hope", where Kyle Rayner and Hal Jordan will go looking for Saint Walker. Sandoval is showing some superior drawing skills so far to be a rising star of DC Comics if he is not already.
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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Green Lanterns – Phantom Lantern | Comics

Jessica Cruz is invited by Simon Baz to spend family time with him in Halloween and help him bake Ma'amoul cookies. Always a loner and suffering from social anxiety, Jessica Cruz decides to run away but Simon convinces her to stay. One of the Guardians of the Universe named Rami takes shelter in their residence to safeguard The Phantom Ring and meditate about the most obvious threat.

green lanterns rebirth
Green Lanterns – Phantom Lantern | Comics

Sensing the presence of the alien race of Dominators, Rami goes rogue with the ring. Jessica and Simon eventually locates Rami and then two Dominators in pursuit attacks them, only to be taken down by the rookie Lanterns. However, a whack-job name Frank Laminski starts chasing Jessica and Simon in search for The Phantom Ring as he wants to have its power for himself.

In the flashback, it is shown that Frank was always hanging to the second string for his entire life and when his career in Air Force as a test pilot failed him to rise above, he was saved by Hal Jordan. Ever since then, he is fascinated by the power-ring and has been obsessed to gain one for him. While, he had no lack of dedication in his goal, his motives was outright selfish and that is why the ring never picked him.

However, help came from the most unexpected source to him as Volthoom, The First Lantern arrives at his doorstep to help him get The Phantom Ring. By distracting Jessica and Simon, Frank steals the ring and becomes Phantom Lantern with help from Volthoom but without any training of experience of wielding a power ring, he sure will doom everyone.

jessica cruz and simon baz
The Dominating Spectrum

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Green Lanterns 08

Green Lanterns 09

Green Lanterns 10

Green Lanterns 11

Green Lanterns 12

Green Lanterns 13

Green Lanterns 14

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Green Lanterns – Phantom Lantern

Following "Rage Planet", Green Lanterns monthly ongoing series continues from DC Comics with writer Sam Humphries (Fanboys vs. Zombies – Wrecking Crew 4 Lyfe, Fanboys vs. Zombies – Appetite for Destruction), assisted by the team of artists Ed Benes (Artemis – Requiem, Blackest Night – Titans), Eduardo Pansica, Jack Herbert, Robson Rocha and Ronan Cliquet.

the phantom lantern dc
Phantom Ring Wielder

The second storyline from the series on the dawn of DC Rebirth, the arc collects issues #07-14 of the monthly volume. An old adversary of the Corps, Volthoom, The First Lantern returns with his newest schemes to exact his vengeance on the Guardians of the Universe and secretly employs his plan in action.
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