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Monday, April 26, 2004

Bane | Comics

A tactical genius with extensive combat expertise and sheer brute force at his disposal as a result of a super-steroid called Venom; Bane is one of the most formidable foes who Batman has ever came across in his crime-fighting career. Grown into harsh surroundings of Peña Duro prison in Santa Prisca, he was a being born and molded by darkness that feared nothing.

He was subjected to an experimental drug known as Venom and not only did he survived, he became insanely strong. Bane is a unique combination of brains with brawns, which makes him deadlier than most of The Dark Knight's other enemies.

Vengeance of Bane
Most of his early years from childhood were spent within the walls of Peña Duro prison of Santa Prisca. He was serving prison time off his father's life sentence along with his mother until the day she died. Young Bane witnessed his mother being thrown off to shark-infested waters around that prison as her funeral by prison guards.

The boy started developing both mentally and physically by reading a lot of books and working out at gym. He committed his first murder at the age of eight and gained respect from his fellow inmates very soon.

Growing up, he earned loyal companionship of Bird, Trogg and a physician named Zombie, who recognized potential of his strength and intelligence. He grew quite a reputation around Peña Duro that even their warden became concerned and placed him put him in solitary confinement for a decade.

Yet he didn't break and then a scientific research team took him as their test subject to run experiments on him. Though no has survived the process before, Bane came out alive and stronger with an addictive super-steroid Venom in his system.

bane dc comics
Bane | Comics

Broken Bat
With a desire to conquer Gotham City and destroy its protector Batman, he escaped Peña Duro with several of his friends. He heard stories about The Dark Knight and how Gotham was ruled by his fear among criminals. He engaged in a brawl with menacing villain Killer Croc and defeated him to test his strength.

His duel with Croc left the latter with two broken arms. Then to test his opponent, he doused The Riddler with Venom and turning him into a hulking version of himself to become both physical and mental challenge for Batman.

In his attempt to keep his target occupied, he then released the maniacs like Joker, Scarecrow, Mad Hatter, Ventriloquist, Firefly, Two-Face and Zsasz from Arkham Asylum, which took Batman months to round up.

When he found Robin trying to follow him, he captured the boy wonder but a surprising intervention from Killer Croc seeking vengeance on Bane saved him. Finally he got into Wayne Manor after figuring out his secret identity and literally broke Batman's back to usher Knightfall by leaving him paraplegic.

Right after he took down The Dark Knight, Bane took care of major gangs in Gotham and even offered Catwoman to join, which she refused. Soon, he realized that there was another Batman in town and sends his men to check out who that is.

In Bruce Wayne's absence, Jean-Paul Valley has taken the mantle and found Bane but their fight was interrupted. Pumping venom into his system, he confronted Jean-Paul who came wearing an armored Batsuit. They struggled with each other for some time, only for the former to be defeated and getting captured before being taken away to Blackgate Penitentiary.

For several months, he remained catatonic in Blackgate until the night Bruce Wayne finally recovered and returned as Batman. He recovered his addiction to Venom, served his time and then left Gotham looking for his father. According to a lead from the priest of Peña Duro, Bane went Rome searching but met with Talia al Ghul instead, who introduced him to her father Ra's al Ghul.

The international eco-terrorist was so impressed with his talents that he even chose to make him as his heir. They launched an outbreak of Apocalypse Virus on Gotham and he had a rematch with Batman, who came out victorious this time.

Infinite Crisis
Years after, Bane returned to Santa Prisca to find out a new variation of Venom is now being distributed to public. After destroying everyone and everything related to the drug, he came to know that its formula was taken from a strength enhancing pill called Miraclo, created by chemist Rex Tyler who was the original Hourman and a member of both Justice Society of America and All-Star Squadron. When the battle of Metropolis broke in, he was there with other villains and killed Judomaster by breaking his back with his signature move.

One Year Later
When the crisis on Earth was finally over, he came looking for Rex Tyler for his involvement in creation of Miraclo, which then led to the making of Venom. As he broke in and starts manhandling Rex, his son Rick Tyler arrives to the scene after seeing Bane coming after his father in time vision.

He claimed that he was forcibly hooked on with Venom once again by Santa Prisca mob and is sent after Rex Tyler's formula. When he was completely assured of having no documents of that formula exists anywhere, he making on the father-son duo.

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bane vs rick tyler hourman battle
The Hourman Connection

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Breaking his way into the fictional world of DC Universe in 1993, Bane was created by writer Chuck Dixon (Batgirl – Year One, Birds of Prey) and Doug Moench (Batman & Dracula – Red Rain, Batman Vs. Predator II – Bloodmatch) with artist Graham Nolan (The Joker – Devil's Advocate, The Phantom).

Though much of his back-story remains unclear to audience and his foes, he became a very prominent character after he literally "Broke the Bat" in his debut story-arc Knightfall and this infamous act is depicted in various other medias like Batman – Arkham series of video games and several other animated TV Shows over years. This has become a signature-move for him and he actually repeated this act with few other characters as well.

bane dark knight rises
Bane of Evil

Even in the live-action Batman film The Dark Knight Rises (2012), actor Tom Hardy played Bane's character and staged this infamous act on screen. After that, mainstream media became aware of his ruthlessness and soon this character has been stepping out of comic-book pages too often than he used to.

When "Flashpoint" crossover event has introduced The New 52 timeline, Bane also re-emerged with a brand-new origin story that is quite similar to the post-crisis era but also picked up many other characters to develop more depth in his role. It delved deeper into his past after DC Rebirth shook things up for Prime Earth and a darker back-story was unfolded.
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