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Flashpoint | Comics

Barry Allen, the second Flash wakes up on his desk to find himself in a world of an alternate timeline, where he isn't known as world's fastest speedster The Flash and any superheroes doesn't even exist except Cyborg. He found out that, one of his arch-nemesis for years, Captain Cold has become a hero of Central City and now going by the name of Citizen Cold. Many other elements from the original reality he knew are missing from around as well and in this new world, no one has ever surprisingly heard of Justice League or Superman.

To his surprise, he discovered his long deceased mother Nora is very much alive and his father has passed away instead of being at jail. Barry also learns that The Dark Knight of this timeline is not Bruce Wayne but his father, a vengeful Thomas Wayne, who runs the Wayne Casinos with Oswald Cobblepot as a disguise to his crusade during daytime and embarks his cape at night to be Batman. However, Thomas is way more ruthless and brutal to his enemies as the caped crusader than his son that Barry knew of.

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Flashpoint | Comics

Cyborg is considered as a major heroic figure of the United States, who is trying to deal with the massive ongoing battle between the race of Atlantians and Amazons, led by Emperor Aquaman and Wonder Woman. She killed Colonel Steve Trevor who was trying to reach reporter Lois Lane, who was saved by Grifter and The Resistance. Aside from Barry Allen, Booster Gold and Kid Flash seem to be the only persons present in that timeline, who seems to know about the abnormal differences of the realities in this world.

Barry decided to approach Batman to seek his aid in stopping this senseless madness that the two races have unleashed upon mankind. When he entered the Batcave, Thomas attacked him thinking an intruder and almost broke his hand before he could talk. He finally made Thomas listen to him when he decided to show his costume but Barry's ring ejects the Reverse-Flash costume. He then suspects that his greatest enemy Professor Zoom has been secretly manipulating the time stream and wants Barry to know his involvement.

Thomas intends to help him if he can reverse his timeline and assists him to recreate the accident which gave him the power of Speed-Force. In their first attempt, Barry got badly burnt and barely survived but he managed to get his power in their next try. Barry then informs Batman that they are going to need the help of Superman, who is held captive by U.S. Government since he came to Earth. For this job, they decided to call Cyborg and he joined these two to secure the last Kryptonian for saving their reality from destruction.

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A Timeline In Turmoil

Here is your links to buy "Flashpoint" from DC Comics in issues on Amazon.

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Here is your links to buy "Flashpoint" from DC Comics on Amazon.

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Flashpoint – The World of Flashpoint Featuring Superman

Flashpoint – The World of Flashpoint Featuring Wonder Woman

"Flashpoint" is a major DC Comics crossover event that totally changed the landscape of DC Universe. Originally released as a five issue limited series, "Flashpoint" was published in mid 2011 and consists of issues written by Geoff Johns (Blackest Night, Infinite Crisis) and drawn by artist Andy Kubert (Batman Vs. Predator, Dark Knight III – The Master Race) along with many other tie-ins books. DC also released quite a few other limited series as tie-in story for main plot of this crossover like Abin Sur - The Green Lantern, Batman - Knight of Vengeance, Emperor Aquaman, Project Superman and Wonder Woman and the Furies.

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Reverse Time-Stream Conflict

What "Flashpoint" did to DC Universe is, it kept all that happened before this event intact as history but took all characters to a new reality where they already have been living for long with a rich legacy of their own, yet to be discovered. This event also brings an end of regular New Earth continuity and jump-started a new era with a complete different timeline of Prime Earth with every issues from each publication of books are titled “The New 52”. Then there were more crossovers like "Convergence" and "DC Rebirth" that re-shaped that continuity by bringing heroes like New Earth Superman and then tying with Watchmen franchise in same timeline.
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