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Batgirl – Year One | Comics

Young Barbara Gordon went from police Captain James Gordon's daughter to costumed vigilante hero Batgirl!

Barbara Gordon is a college graduate who is a computer-genius and after completing her college, she now wants to join the Gotham City Police Department following the footprints of her father Captain James Gordon. After being refused to be a detective she tries to enlist herself to FBI but she got rejected again for her lack of height and younger age.

batgirl year one
Batgirl – Year One | Comics

Seeing traditional means of crime-fighting opportunities as an off-limit for her, she took inspiration from the costumed vigilantes and managed to send a message to Justice Society of America's member Black Canary regarding her wish to be a sidekick but ended up receiving a negative response from her mentor Wildcat.

Deeply sorrowed by all the dead-ends of her dreams, she locked herself up in home and to console his daughter, Jim Gordon invites her to a masquerade ball. Thinking this as an opportunity she showed up in the ball in an altered version of Batman’s costume, unbeknown to her father.

Her appearance as well as the ongoing party is soon interrupted by a bankrupt ex-millionaire turned second-string super-villain named Killer Moth, who wants to kidnap one of Gotham’s elite; Bruce Wayne for ransom but fails due to Barbara’s intervention. With Barbara on his tail, a running Killer Moth dubs her ‘Batgirl’ as Batman and Robin arrives at the scene. As she continued her vigilantism, a suspicion came to her father’s mind and she received aid from the dynamic duo.

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Seasoned Vigilante of Gotham

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Batgirl – Year One” was released in 2003 from DC Comics as a nine part limited series that served as a sequel to “Robin – Year One”. The plotline of the series was written by Scott Beatty and Chuck Dixon (Birds of Prey, Green Arrow), whereas artist Marcos Martin and Alvaro Lopez were on the illustration duty.

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Masquerade Crime-Fighter

Martin and Lopez were praised for their dynamic drawing style, Dixon and Beatty also received positive feedback for the storyline as it became the best mini-series of 2003 in Wizard Magazine.
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