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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Spider-Man & Deadpool – Itsy Bitsy | Comics

Her name is Itsy Bitsy and she is the worst nightmare of Spider-Man and Deadpool by killing in their names!

A group of small-time villains with issues calling themselves Hateful Hexad consists of Bearboarguy, Gibbon, Ox, Squid, Swarm and White Rabbit were planning to rise above their situation of constantly getting beaten down by heroes only for Deadpool and Spider-Man to come at them all of a sudden, out of nowhere.

The duo makes a quick work of these lowlife criminals with a great team-up effort but Wade got stabbed through his chest by White Rabbit when he was feeling a bit jumpy when talking about how things are with his wife, Queen Shiklah. His face is not disfigured anymore and he became a good guy, which is not working well for his married life.

They wrap things up with Spidey webbing up Squid but then noticed that the baddie is choking on it and try to tear it up a little to give him room for breathing. DP points out that he don’t remember stabbing Gibbon and then a sword hits Squid on the head. Bearboarguy goes down too and Ox is stabbed with three swords on his back.

Deadpool was successful in saving White Rabbit when she was being pulled upward by the neck. A blue-skinned new villainess with six arms, resembling to an awfully weird amalgamation of the two then reveals herself to them as Itsy Bitsy, after offing most of the Hateful Hexad members and left quickly when the heroes started charging at her.

spider-man deadpool itsy bitsy marvel comics
Spider-Man & Deadpool – Itsy Bitsy | Comics

Back in their hideout Dead-Cave, Wade urges Spider-Man to stop playing Overwatch and asks him to find the punk-rock chick they met earlier. He called Patient Zero over to their clubhouse after figuring out he has a vendetta on Dee Pee. The villain accepts that he created her to destroy them but she wanted to team-up with the heroes.

Seeing his creating having an opposing view, Patient Zero came seeking protection but got sliced into pieces before he could reveal much about her or his own identity. Itsy Bitsy wants to fight crime together with her "Daddies" and came to convince them that she is on their side but got rejected nonetheless for her violent methods.

Since she posses both of their powers, Deadpool and Spidey was having a tough time dealing with her even after pushing to their limits. Sick of getting punched, stabbed and his clubhouse being ruined, Wade blew up his vehicle Dead-Buggy full of hundred pounds of C4 explosives to unsuccessfully get rid of her and ended up in Weirdworld.

There they came across a Dragon, Glarkomen Ogres, Moloids, Witch Queen Morgan le Fay herself and Sl'Ur'Boroth, The Forgotten during their short stay. Dee Pee and Webs even fought for the freedom of Ogres before returning back to Earth. Away for a few hours, the duo returns to find out more than a dozen criminal corpses webbed up by Itsy Bitsy.

Ever since Peter Parker returned from afterlife, Webhead has been feeling a bit empty inside and no matter whatever he does, there will always be something missing. Tangling down with this psychotic killer chick that kills in their names, they have been failing each time they tried to stop her when she goes on a killing spree of "Bad Guys".

Wade believes they need to level up and calls in Nightcrawler for some sword fighting lessons. Arguing about whether to kill her led to a point where Wallcrawler decapitated and sends him to Hell. Shiklah arranged a meeting for him with Patient Zero while Demon Bamfs were sewing his head back to his body and Spidey goes to take down Itsy Bitsy.

spider-man deadpool comics ed mcguinness patient zero
Person of Strings

Here is your links to buy "Spider-Man/Deadpool – Itsy Bitsy" from Marvel Comics in issues on Amazon.

Spider-Man/Deadpool 09

Spider-Man/Deadpool 10

Spider-Man/Deadpool 13

Spider-Man/Deadpool 14

Spider-Man/Deadpool 17

Spider-Man/Deadpool 18

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Spider-Man/Deadpool – Itsy Bitsy

Teaming up for the second time after working on "Isn't it Bromantic" storyline, writer Joe Kelly (Emperor Joker, Justice League Elite) and artist Ed McGuinness (Amazing X-Men – The Quest For Nightcrawler, Avengers – X-Sanction) returns to deliver another action-packed adventure of Spider-Man and Deadpool for Marvel Comics in 2017.

Collecting issues #9-10, 13-14 and 17-18 from Spider-Man/Deadpool monthly ongoing comic-book series, "Itsy Bitsy" is a six-part story that introduces a new villainess who is faster and stronger than both of these heroes. Singing the nursery rhyme akin to her namesake, she does everything they despise but cannot be stopped anyhow.

spider man deadpool marvel comics itsy bitsy ed mcguinness
A Murderous Mix-Up

On surface, it all looks like a vendetta of a madman gone wrong that has given birth to a genetic freak that is tormenting those costumed crime-fighters but someone with a twisted motive is actually pulling all the strings in order to break one of them. Situation went so dire that the friendship among the heroes even started to nearly crumble.

Aside from Anna Maria Marconi, Queen Shiklah and Mephisto, X-Men member Nightcrawler showed up for a surprise cameo. Reference of "The Death of Gwen Stacy" arc was unknowingly made by the Merc with a Mouth. Up next, they are about to chase tails of villainous Arcade and walking cartoon Slapstick for some "Serious Business".
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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Spider-Man/Deadpool – Isn't it Bromantic | Comics

The Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool and webbed wonder, Spider-Man are teaming up together as a real dynamic duo in the neighborhood.

When one of his old enemies Morris Bench, better known as Hydro-Man came up with his latest scheme to sink New York City with its own sewage if he is not getting paid a hundred million dollars, Spider-Man decided to stop him while making bathroom jokes.

As he was on his fourth web cartridge, hired mercenary Deadpool showed up to check on him after he rage-quit Avengers Unity Division. Spidey was already having a tough time paring with Wet-Nap and now he's got to deal with Wade as well.

Since he has trouble understanding how society's moral contract work, DP's therapist suggested him a morality app and according to the suggestion it gave, he decided to go "Chaotic Neutral", which means, he will do whatever he thinks best in this situation.

So, he grabbed webhead and teleported to Hell only to get captured by the dreaded Dormammu and his army of Mindless Ones. As hanging upside down, they are caught in Spidey's webbing but Wade then came up with a butt-cracking idea!

He managed to snap his own hip for Spidey to grab his katana and cut them loose and the latter did so skeptically. Almost immediately after getting free, Deadpool gets overwhelmed by a horde of Mindless Ones but the wall-crawler pulled him out and it fixed his hip back.

As more of them try to swarm the duo, Dee Pee unexpectedly pulls out some real brains off his pouches that he got from a morgue and starts slamming them into their heads. Now, it starts turning them into "Mindful Ones". Having brains of the self-entitled millennials, they start rebelling against their master and the two teleports out of Hell in the mean time.

spider-man deadpool isn't it bromantic comics
Spider-Man/Deadpool – Isn't it Bromantic | Comics

Back in New York, they came across Hydro-Man once again and now Deadpool starts throwing poop jokes at him. After getting showered in poop water, Spidey throws Wade at the villain to detonate his incendiary grenades and it went KA-BOOM!

Spider-Man asks why Wade wants to hang out with him all of a sudden and he replies that he wants to be like Spidey. Back at his place, he receives a contract for killing Peter Parker, who is also the employer of his webhead friend and it makes everything complicated.

At Parker Industries, Peter was having a scene regarding the launch of a wrist device Webware 2.0, while Wade sits back at home going through evidence on his target sent by his contractor. Upon seeing them, his wife Shiklah confirms that the targeted individual deserves a seat in Hell but advises her husband to verify it for himself.

Given that he has no way of contacting his role-model, Wade Wilson starts mugging people off the street and Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales had to call Spidey in for help. He came demanding an explanation from Wade but the next thing they know; they are surrounded by dozens of Goblins from "Goblin Nation".

Deadpool could see through the hallucination they were in and came forward to help driving a revamped Spider-Mobile as Dead-Buggy over the building and shot the wrist devices of Spider-Men. Apparently, someone hacked into their Webware and created this illusion and tracking it back, they crash into the one responsible who turned out to be Mysterio.

Both parties leave but Wade sneaks into Parker Industries to find out a group of scientists experimenting on a subject and he kills off every one of them in disgust. Just when he is fully convinced, he calls his employer "Patient Zero" and accepts the contract.

Webhead have a shift in perspective and eventually starts thinking that Wade is not that awful. They even go on a double date with demonic Succubus named Jenny, who is a cousin of Shiklah and Jane Foster, the female Thor! The real fun begins when Deadpool accidentally makes a mess and tries to undo it with a great cost.

spider-man deadpool comics ed mcguinness
Weird Double Date

Here is your links to buy "Spider-Man/Deadpool – Isn't it Bromantic" from Marvel Comics in issues on Amazon.

Spider-Man/Deadpool 01

Spider-Man/Deadpool 02

Spider-Man/Deadpool 03

Spider-Man/Deadpool 04

Spider-Man/Deadpool 05

Spider-Man/Deadpool 08

Here is your link to buy "Spider-Man/Deadpool – Isn't it Bromantic" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Spider-Man/Deadpool – Isn't it Bromantic

Considering one of them is company mascot and another being extremely popular these days because of his R-rated movie, Marvel Comics had to put together Spider-Man and Deadpool for an inevitable team-up, which ended up being a monthly ongoing series by writer Joe Kelly (Emperor Joker, Justice League Elite) and Scott Aukerman.

Also, artists Ed McGuinness (Amazing X-Men – The Quest For Nightcrawler, Avengers – X-Sanction) and Reilly Brown (Deadpool – Dracula's Gauntlet, Deadpool & The Mercs For Money – Mo' Mercs, Mo' Monkeys) were brought in to pull this off in "Isn't it Bromantic" storyline comprising issues #01-05 and 8 from the brand-new series.

spider man deadpool marvel comics
Bizarreness About Truth

Though these two doesn't get along and one of them pissed off another by being part of a badass team in "Uncanny Avengers – Lost Future", proves putting them together successfully is a tough job. Wade Wilson helped Peter Parker during a dirty job that involves them dipping into human filth by Hydro-Man, going to Hell and both of them dying.

Reference from 1994 crossover event "Clone Saga", "One More Day" story arc following the events of Civil War as well as Doctor Strange was mentioned at one point. Entities like Death and Mephisto makes cameo appearance because of their unconventional ties to these two iconic characters, who will return in upcoming arc titled "Side Pieces".
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Elephantmen | Comics

image comics elephantmen
Elephantmen | Comics
Located in a secret location somewhere in North Africa, a top secret research facility of the MAPPO Corporation were doing genetic research on human/animal hybrids to produce the next generation's super powered mindless army of tomorrow. A delusional Japanese scientist, Dr. Kazushi Nikken were running those illegal experiments on African animal species of the likes of wild Warthogs, Elephants, Rhinos, Hippos and other species of large mamals, forcing implantation of their embryos into the wombs of local women to force them into give birth to the race of “Elephantmen” before disposing them off. These super soldiers were taught to serve MAPPO without any sort of free will of their own.

When the United Nations eventually found out about these dirty secrets that MAPPO had been keeping under cover for more than over two centuries, they sent armed forces to raid in their top secret base. The militia that has stormed MAPPO’s hidden base, fought against the mind controlled army and the ensuing battle led to many casualties from both sides. Finally, the collision came to an end with the personnel of MAPPO being arrested by the military and the Elephantmen are all allowed to establish themselves in the outside world. Hip Flask, Ebony Hide, Tusk, Casbah Joe, Obadiah Horn and others of their kind try die-hard to co-exist among the humans; with help from Vanity Case, Herman Strumm, Queen Sahara, a little girl Savannah and a young cab driver Miki.

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elephantmen wounded animals
Army of Tomorrow
Here is your links for "Elephantmen" comics from Image Comics.

Elephantmen – War Toys, Vol 01 – No Surrender

Elephantmen Vol 00 (Softcover)

Elephantmen Vol 00 (Hardcover)

Elephantmen, Vol 01 – Wounded Animals (Softcover)

Elephantmen, Vol 01 – Wounded Animals (Hardcover)

Elephantmen – Mammoth Book 01

Elephantmen, Vol 02 – Fatal Diseases (Softcover)

Elephantmen, Vol 02 – Fatal Diseases (Hardcover)

Elephantmen – Damaged Goods

Elephantmen, Vol 03 – Dangerous Liaisons (Softcover)

Elephantmen, Vol 03 – Dangerous Liaisons (Hardcover)

Elephantmen, Vol 04 – Questionable Things (Softcover)

Elephantmen, Vol 04 – Questionable Things (Hardcover)

Elephantmen, Vol 05 – Devilish Functions (Softcover)

Elephantmen, Vol 05 – Devilish Functions (Hardcover)

Elephantmen, Vol 06 – Earthly Desires (Softcover)

Elephantmen, Vol 06 – Earthly Desires (Hardcover)

Elephantmen 2260 Vol 01
hip flask comic
Man or Monster?

Elephantmen 2260 Vol 02 – The Red Queen

Elephantmen 2260 Vol 03 – Learning To Be Human

Unhuman – The Elephantmen - The Art of Ladronn

Elephantmen is a a monthly ongoing series from writer Richard Starkings, Tom Scioli, Joe Kelly (I Kill Giants, Steampunk) and Jill Freshney with artist Justin Norman, Chris Bachalo (Captain America – Homeland, Dark Reign – The Sinister Spider-Man), Rob Steen and Chris Burnham. This monthly comic book series is published by Image Comics since 2006 with Comicraft company and itself is a spin-off from the Hip Flask series, also published by Image Comics. Hip Flask is regularly featured in the Elephantmen series along with his fellow hybrids from MAPPO. The whole series centers on the different point of view that the humans existing on that universe has on these genetic freaks and the struggle for a peaceful co-existence that the Elephantmen are typically going through.
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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Justice League Elite | Comics

In absence of original Justice League team, the notorious Crime Syndicate of Amerika was on a rampage and a new superhero team; Justice League Elite was formed by their former enemy Vera Black to do the odd jobs JLA wouldn't want to be involved with. Their objective was to face and remove extraordinary threats, which normal people cannot face but even being such a black-ops wing, they still have to follow one rule that original Leaguers followed: No killing.

justice league elite
Justice League Elite | Comics

Green Arrow and The Flash, members of original Justice League team also joined The Elite for its view towards crime that they both shared. While serving both teams, the latter has designed a new dark costume for his time with Elite. One of JLE's members Coldcast happened to be an original member of the previous roster of The Elite team which once clashed with Superman over their point of view on crimes.

Other members of the team were Menagerie II, Manitou Raven and his wife Manitou Dawn as a supporting member, former Suicide Squad operative Major Disaster and a ruthless teenage assassin named Kasumi AKA Mist, who has said to have killed more than 200 people and has a real shady past. The sister of former team leader Manchester Black, Vera Black as Sister Superior, takes the leadership mantle of the team to show everyone that she can run the team better than her brother. But her leadership and humanity will be on jeopardy when her brother returns with a being from Source Wall named Eve, who has the power to alter reality.

For more information on Justice League Elite limited series, you can try out these links below.

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manchester black dc comics
Rivalry of Meta Siblings

Here is your links to buy "Justice League Elite" from DC Comics in issues on Amazon.

Justice League Elite 01

Justice League Elite 02

Justice League Elite 03

Justice League Elite 04

Justice League Elite 05

Justice League Elite 06

Justice League Elite 07

Justice League Elite 08

Justice League Elite 09

Justice League Elite 10

Justice League Elite 11

Justice League Elite 12

Here is your links to buy "Justice League Elite" from DC Comics on Amazon.

Justice League Elite Vol 01

Justice League Elite Vol 02

Published by DC Comics in 2004, "Justice League Elite" is a 12 issue limited series, created by writer Joe Kelly (Emperor Joker, Our Worlds at War) and artist Doug Mahnke (Batman – The Man Who Laughs, Black Adam – The Dark Age) on the pages of JLA #100. The series actually shows a darker view of DC Universe, showcasing how super-hero teams manages to take down greater threats than giant killer robots and beyond.

eve of destruction dc comics
Dawn of Destruction

Tensions rise among the characters when misunderstanding, lack of belief and infidelity corrupts them eventually and breaks them from inside. Plus, an important large-scale guest appearance is made by original JLA team just before the climactic conclusion.
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