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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Suicide Squad – Burning Down The House | Comics

In the aftermath of the confrontation between Justice League and Suicide Squad, Rustam from the original formation of the team escaped custody and Amanda Waller is not in charge of the program anymore.

Task Force X goes to Tibet, looking for the Annihilation Brigade to confront but takes out a small army instead and Rick Flag reports this to their current boss Emilia Harcourt, also expressing his doubt that they have a mole among them.

Captain BoomerangDeadshotEnchantressHarley QuinnKatanaKiller Croc and Flag gets a night off from their duty, while Rustam causes a prison outbreak in Belle Reve and Blackgate Penitentiary.

suicide squad burning down the house dc comics
Suicide Squad – Burning Down The House  | Comics

The Squad is brought back to face him but Rustam and his team Burning World took both Katana and Flag captive. Waller flies to New Orleans where she got shot in an alley by a mysterious shadowy figure.

Harcourt interrogates the entire Squad about that night of Waller's death to judge their motives. Upon looking at Waller's autopsy report, Hack confirms Harley about it was actually and not a decoy, who is killed with a perfect shot.

This leads the point of Harley's suspicion to one person, the deadliest assassin on the planet; Deadshot. In his secret base, Rustam reveals to Katana and Rick Flag about how Waller manipulated them to join Suicide Squad and offers them to join his cause.

Meanwhile at Belle Reve, Harley angrily confronts Floyd Lawton about Waller's death and Croc got involved in the fight too. Djinn breaks into the facility and disables the brain-bombs implanted to Squad members.

Deadshot then shoots Boomerang and walks toward his freedom, betraying the Squad to join Rustam's Burning World. This sudden betrayal of Floyd Lawton may be end of the Squad.

harley quinn suicide squad comic
Harley goes AWOL

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Suicide Squad – Burning Down The House

As the spectacular crossover event of "Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad" came to an end, the Suicide Squad has come to face another crisis that threatened the team from within. The entire storyline collects issues #11-15 from the fifth monthly ongoing volume of Suicide Squad and writer Rob Williams (Martian Manhunter – New 52, Martian Manhunter – The Epiphany) forms a new alliance with master artist John Romita, Jr. (Superman – Before Truth, Superman – The Men of Tomorrow) in this spy-thriller adventure of Task Force X from DC Comics in 2017.

john romita jr suicide squad dc rebirth
Assault on Belle Reve

The entire climax of this plot eventually comes to an end after a lot of action, blood-spilling and then finally leads to the next arc of the series "Earthlings on Fire", where the Squad first team-up with and then faces an angry General Zod, backed up by the newly reformed Superman Revenge Squad on Belle Reve.
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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

All-Star Batman – My Own Worst Enemy | Comics

In order to cure Harvey Dent to get rid of his villainous Two-Face persona, The Dark Knight takes on a cross-country trip!

In New Jersey, Auggie Mac's Diner was having a sunny summer day with its regular customers and patrons but then suddenly Batman comes crashing down through the window with two other hired guns; Firefly and Killer Moth following his tail.

He makes a quick work of them both by wrapping the former in his cape and incapacitating the latter by  stabbing into his wrist gauntlet as they were about to threaten the lives of civilians present there. Before he catches his breath, two mechanical arms of the mercenary and former Suicide Squad member Black Spider pulls him from behind.

He throws Batman into a nearby picket fence after dragging him off the diner thinking him outgunned but soon, The Dark Knight comes back at him with a chain saw to take him down. Firefly recovered and came back to take a shot at him when he is engaged but ran with tails between his legs after receiving a cold stare from the Bat.

Batman then finds himself up against the mob of locals seeking a bounty on his head and Two-Face appears from behind. As the crowd shoots him down, Batman quickly grabs Harvey Dent and cutting all communications, hits the road in a truckers' rig.

all star batman dc rebirth
All Star Batman – My Own Worst Enemy | Comics

It all started a while ago when Gotham's former District Attorney and an old friend of Bruce Wayne; Harvey Dent reaches out to him for his help to locate a formula which would allegedly got rid of his twisted Two-Face persona and cure him forever.

Despite his own doubts and Alfred's protests, Bruce decides to help his old buddy anyway to give him a chance to become normal again and takes off with Dent in his Batplane to a 500 miles long journey. Dent's alter ego secretly puts a back-up plan of causing an acid rain over Gotham in motion to make sure Batman never succeeds.

In addition, Dent's alter ego made an open offer to anyone who would stop them from reaching destination of paying a combined fortune of Gotham's three biggest crime lords and then a missile is fired at the Batplane, which knocks it down.

This is how they ended up on New Jersey earlier and now the Caped Crusader comes face to face with the crowd of heavy-hitters like Amygdala, Killer Croc and King Shark in his road-trip. This trio of muscles tried their best to crush their enemy into puddle for that huge stack of cash dent offered but they all eventually sought defeat one by one.

Moments later, Cheshire and Copperhead sneak attacks on Bats with poison darts, forcing him to jump off the train they were travelling. Upon resurfacing, more men came out of nowhere and shot Batman down before transporting them to a new location.

Meanwhile, Black Mask, Great White Shark and The Penguin of Gotham Organized Crime secretly meets master assassin Anatoli Knyazev AKA The Beast for a road kill. He agrees to one condition and asks them to clear the mess he is going to leave behind for this job. What these crime bosses didn't know is how messy it is going to be.

batman vs two face
Evil Over Good

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All-Star Batman 05

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All-Star Batman – My Own Worst Enemy

With the Rebirth of DC Universe, two of most celebrated superstar comic-book creators of recent years have teamed up for an all-star saga of The Dark Knight. Featuring first five issues of the ongoing series, there was another sub-plot "The Cursed Wheel" by the same writer and artist Declan Shalvey (28 Days LaterMoon Knight) as well.

Acclaimed comic-book writer Scott Snyder (American Vampire, The Wake) and Eisner Award-winner renowned artist John Romita, Jr. (Superman – Before Truth, Superman – The Men of Tomorrow) finally unites to collaborate in their first adventure of All-Star Batman ongoing story titled "My Own Worst Enemy".

batman vs kgbeast
Road-Trip Action

Batman's new young sidekick Duke Thomas played an important part in the main story and in additional sub-plot as vigilante hero The Signal. Also, the Caped Crusader went against Court of Owls, acting as Dent's goons while lesser-known villain Gentleman Ghost and Royal Flush Gang had a cameo appearance in the entire plot.

The key focus shifts on the menacing bad guy Anatoli Knyazev, once known as KG Beast and is seen as most ruthless than any iteration of him ever played before. This is probably because he is now a part of Batman legacy in DC Extended Universe and was quite intimidating in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Superman – Before Truth | Comics

superman new 52
Superman – Before Truth | Comics
During his encounter with the Man of Tomorrow; Ulysses, Superman discovered a new ability that he possessed; a solar flare. The only downside of this power is that it completely drains his powers. To deal with this side-effect of his new power, his friends in Justice League comes forward to test his limits and fortunately he reverts back to his powerful self after 24 hours. They go to dinner together and he gets a hangover from alcohol in his current state. Waking up to news of shootout downtown, he immediately rushes in normal speed to fight armed men that he never seen before and who seem to drain his power. He gets injured in fight and as he headed to Batman and Cyborg, got caught on camera bleeding. While the news goes viral Lois Lane also notices Clark’s injuries.

Jimmy Olsen now knows about Clark’s secret identity which he shared with his pal at some time ago and while they were at Daily Planet, Clark gets an anonymous tip in his phone that leads the duo to bust major crimes and on top of that, the person also knows his secret. As he blackmails Clark to follow his instructions, he plays along get to the bottom of it. Soon, Lois tags along with them on the case and finds the Metropolis state senator involved. Clark’s blackmailer then sends a girl named Condesa Amoragujeta to Daily Planet and is shortly arrested by the FBI. Lois inspires Clark to save her and in doing so, his identity is revealed to her and she couldn’t believe it. With his friends at his side, Clark now prepares to face his mysterious enemy HORDR Root.

For more information on Superman – Before Truth, you can check out the link below.

Superman – Before Truth (Comics) DC Wikia
superman lois lane
The Truth Revealed
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Superman V3 40

Superman V3 41

Superman V3 42

Superman V3 43

Superman V3 44

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superman dc comics
Truth and Lies of Life

Superman – Before Truth (Softcover)

Superman – Before Truth (Hardcover)

As the modern Trinity of DC Comics creative panel; writer Gene Luen Yang (American Born Chinese, Savage Dawn) and celebrated artists John Romita, Jr. (Kick-Ass, World War Hulk) and Klaus Janson (The Dark Knight Returns) have band together to bring something new to the Man of Steel legacy that would create some definite impact. “Before Truth” is a story that leads to another major revelation involving some very important cast of the DC Universe. Aside from the idea of a “powerless” Superman, the revealing of his secret identity is also explored. The cameo appearance of Aquaman, Batman, Cyborg, Flash and Wonder Woman as well as an ensemble cast of villains like Royal Flush Gang, Livewire, Killer Croc, Shockwave, Killer Frost and Titano was a bonus fun-part for the fans.
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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Superman – The Men of Tomorrow | Comics

Around 25 years ago, a secret research facility named Ulysses Research Centre in Omaha had a critical hazardous leak that forced everybody on board to evacuate at once. Scientist couple Bridget and Peter Quinn were the ones who were researching on other worldly dimensions found themselves trapped inside and the base is set to self-destruct itself as a measure of containment.

superman the men of tomorrow
Superman – The Men of Tomorrow | Comics

Seeing no hope of surviving their fate, they decide to send their newborn child to the otherworldly Dimension Four, so that he could live. Currently, Superman was having a brawl with the monstrous ape Titano in Metropolis, while photographer Jimmy Olsen tries to get some good shots of the fight. Perry White called out Clark Kent to join the Daily Planet again as a reporter to help him run it.

Back home Clark tries to reach out to Wonder Woman and Batman to no avail. As he was passing a pretty boring evening, suddenly he rushes out in costume in response to a cry for help. He finds a huge spacecraft in the middle of the city that blasts him away while a hooded figure observes him from an unknown location.

An alien from the ship comes charging at him and nearly overpowered him until another powerful being busts into the scene from a portal to undertake the alien. They made a quick work of the being and the stranger named Ulysses is surprised to learn that he’s on earth as he believed he’s the Last Son of Earth, which he apparently is not anymore and he sure about to led Superman to exciting mysteries and some dimensional adventures.

superman and ulysses
The Unstoppable Team

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Superman V3 39

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Superman – The Men of Tomorrow (Softcover)

Superman – The Men of Tomorrow (Hardcover)

For years, the character of Superman has gone through many changes and revamps that made the Man of Steel who he is today. In The New 52, writer Geoff Johns (Flashpoint, Forever Evil) has teamed up with the legendary artist John Romita, Jr. (Kick-Ass, World War Hulk) and Klaus Janson (The Dark Knight Returns) to deliver another brand new era on DC Comics in a complete new story setting.

john romita superman
Menace of The Mechanist

It’s like a strange visitor from another planet meets another strange visitor from other dimension. Plus, a new super-villain is introduced to oppose the unstoppable team of Superman and Ulysses. It’s a bumpy ride that even Superman is having a hard time bracing himself with.
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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Captain America – Castaway in Dimension Z | Comics

captain america comics
Captain America – Castaway in Dimension Z
 | Comics
Captain America is on a mission to stop an eco-terrorist named the Green Skull, who is flying a plane that is carrying missiles that holds the extremely hazardous chemical called Omega Fertilizer. Green Skull is determined to crash the plane on the population of Manhattan, which Captain America stops by entering the plane and taking them down. Cap successfully saved the day and the plane crashes into a nearby river. After the rescue mission, Steve meets Sharon Carter in a distinct alley where they reunites and changes into civilian garb. Turning 90, Cap considers the fact that he's been a devoted soldier for far too long and maybe it's time to say yes to Sharon's marriage proposal.

Steve and Sharon goes to investigate in the subway for a hidden car that S.H.I.E.L.D. had been monitoring for some time that disappears in a flash with Cap still inside it. Inside, Steve is doused with an anesthetic shot and when he woke up he discovers himself fasten in an operating table and to his horror, he finds out that one of his worst enemy from World War II and also an evil geneticist, Arnim Zola is in front of him. Steve eventually flees from his captivity along with a baby boy that was inside a large glass tube, which was actually Zola's son. Captain America races against time to escape from Dimension Z but unfortunately stays trapped inside instead it with no hope to return to his own timeline. While trapped in the distant world of Dimension Z for more than a decade, Cap raised the kid as his own and named him "Ian".
captain america marvel
Clashes of The Fathers
Here is your links for "Captain America – Castaway in Dimension Z" storyline from Marvel Comics in issues.

Captain America V7 01

Captain America V7 02

Captain America V7 03

Captain America V7 04

Captain America V7 05

Captain America V7 06

Captain America V7 07

Captain America V7 08

Captain America V7 09

Captain America V7 10

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Captain America – Castaway in Dimension Z Vol 01 (Softcover)

Captain America – Castaway in Dimension Z Vol 01 (Hardcover)
castaway in dimension z
A Soldier Out of Time

Captain America – Castaway in Dimension Z Vol 02 (Softcover)

Captain America – Castaway in Dimension Z Vol 02 (Hardcover)

"Captain America – Castaway in Dimension Z" is the new age of Captain America storyline that centers on a distant journey of Steve Rogers on Dimension Z. Plotted out by writer Rick Remender (Crawl Space – XXXombies, Fear Agent) and fan favorite artist John Romita Jr. (Amazing Spider-Man, World War Hulk) this one is a story that was looked up for a long time. The storyline started in 2013 in the seventh volume of the Captain America monthly ongoing series from issues #01-10 and is published by Marvel Comics. Aside from Arnim Zola and Sharon Carter, this plotline set in an alternate dimension also introduces a few more characters like Captain Zolandia, Ian and Jet Black..
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