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Superman – The Men of Tomorrow | Comics

Around 25 years ago, a secret research facility named Ulysses Research Centre in Omaha had a critical hazardous leak that forced everybody on board to evacuate at once. Scientist couple Bridget and Peter Quinn were the ones who were researching on other worldly dimensions found themselves trapped inside and the base is set to self-destruct itself as a measure of containment.

superman the men of tomorrow
Superman – The Men of Tomorrow | Comics

Seeing no hope of surviving their fate, they decide to send their newborn child to the otherworldly Dimension Four, so that he could live. Currently, Superman was having a brawl with the monstrous ape Titano in Metropolis, while photographer Jimmy Olsen tries to get some good shots of the fight. Perry White called out Clark Kent to join the Daily Planet again as a reporter to help him run it.

Back home Clark tries to reach out to Wonder Woman and Batman to no avail. As he was passing a pretty boring evening, suddenly he rushes out in costume in response to a cry for help. He finds a huge spacecraft in the middle of the city that blasts him away while a hooded figure observes him from an unknown location.

An alien from the ship comes charging at him and nearly overpowered him until another powerful being busts into the scene from a portal to undertake the alien. They made a quick work of the being and the stranger named Ulysses is surprised to learn that he’s on earth as he believed he’s the Last Son of Earth, which he apparently is not anymore and he sure about to led Superman to exciting mysteries and some dimensional adventures.

superman and ulysses
The Unstoppable Team

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For years, the character of Superman has gone through many changes and revamps that made the Man of Steel who he is today. In The New 52, writer Geoff Johns (Flashpoint, Forever Evil) has teamed up with the legendary artist John Romita, Jr. (Kick-Ass, World War Hulk) and Klaus Janson (The Dark Knight Returns) to deliver another brand new era on DC Comics in a complete new story setting.

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Menace of The Mechanist

It’s like a strange visitor from another planet meets another strange visitor from other dimension. Plus, a new super-villain is introduced to oppose the unstoppable team of Superman and Ulysses. It’s a bumpy ride that even Superman is having a hard time bracing himself with.
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