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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wolverine – Old Man Logan | Comics

old man logan comic
Wolverine – Old Man Logan | Comics
The world we know was gone after the major super-villains of Earth has formed an alliance and has surprisingly taken control over the United States overnight after a massive prison break, which is now divided in territory among them. Doctor Doom, Red Skull, Magneto and Abomination has rise up to power and is ruling over their own territory. Magneto is later replaced by a new Kingpin and The Incredible Hulk takes place of The Abomination. The part of the land that Hulk and his Gamma-Powered Family now owns is now called the "Hulkland", where lives the former X-Man and a man who used to be known as the most dangerous man on Earth; Logan, or better known as Wolverine.

Logan now lives a non-heroic, non-violent life with his wife Maureen and two young children of him; Scotty and Jade. He has given up his bad-ass Wolverine persona and stopped using his Adamantium claws ever since the villains took over the world. When the initial takeover began, Logan was tricked by Mysterio and went on a killing spree where under Mysterio’s illusion, killed all X-Men members, giving him one of the biggest shocks in his life. That moment, he vowed to never use his claws again. Now that the old man needs money to pay his house rent so he took the job offer from Hawkeye to guide him to his destination to deliver a package. On their way, they face an army of Moloids, a Venom symbiote infused Dinosaur and the new Kingpin. But in a world without rules, can Logan keep his claws from not unsheathing again?

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steve mcniven wolverine
Landscape of Dystopia
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Wolverine V3 72

Wolverine – Giant-Size Old Man Logan

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Wolverine – Old man Logan (Softcover)

Wolverine – Old man Logan (Hardcover)

hulk vs wolverine comic
Final Grudge Match
After delivering the ground breaking "Enemy of the State" storyline, fan-favorite writer Mark Miller (Kick-Ass, Reborn) has returned with another another bang; an eight part futuristic storyline "Old Man Logan", that is set on an alternate timeline. The story ran from issue #66-72 of the third volume of monthly ongoing Wolverine comic-book series, plus, a ‘Giant-Size Old Man Logan’ issue from Marvel Comics was released in 2008. Artist Steve McNiven (Civil War, New Avengers) served as the penciller for this story and the late Michael Turner did a variant cover for the arc. This storyline is a primary source of inspiration for the third live-action solo Wolverine film, Logan (2017) except for the rest of the landscape than his personality. Also, following "Death of Wolverine", Marvel has brought Old Man Logan to their regular continuity after the incursion of Multiverse, which caused "Secret Wars" and he joined X-Men's ranks again in "Extraordinary X-Men – X-Haven".
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Friday, September 9, 2011

Old Man Logan | Comics

old man logan comic
Old Man Logan | Comics
Long before everything gone under the rule of super-villains, Logan was a mutant with animalistic nature and a healing factor that made him into a Weapon X operative Wolverine and eventually an X-Man. He was leading his life in adventure with the X-Men, until the villain uprising when Mysterio tricked him into killing all of his fellow teammates and afterwards, his grief made him abandon his heroics.

In his exile, he met Maureen and settled down with their two kids in Hulkland. Then he went on a road trip with Hawkeye as a hired guide, killed Red Skull and came back too late to pay his rent money. As the Hulk gang got bored and murdered his family, he unsheathed his claws again for revenge and wiped out the entire Banner-Family with ruthless efficiency.

The incursions of worlds have destroyed the Multiverse (Time Runs Out) and he found himself on God Doom's Battleworld. He ended up in Deadlands, where he found She-Hulk among the undead and convinced her to help him get out. Awoken in a new world, Logan was unaware of the fact that his counterpart of this world is long-dead, yet he decided to kill the ones who doomed his reality.

So, he faced Totally Awesome Hulk but backed out upon learning it was not Banner himself. In search of Hawkeye, he found Kate Bishop, leading him to a meet Captain America. Logan was found by Storm; the current leader of X-Men and is enrolled into the team after a time-displaced Jean Grey convinced him to (X-Haven). He also fought in Civil War II and the Inhumans/X-Men War.

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wolverine vs x men
The X-Men Massacre

Here is your links to buy "Old Man Logan" comics from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

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Wolverine – Old man Logan (Hardcover)

Old Man Logan – Warzones!

Old Man Logan – Berzerker

Extraordinary X-Men – X-Haven

Extraordinary X-Men – Apocalypse Wars

Old Man Logan – Bordertown

All-New Wolverine – Civil War II

Old Man Logan – The Last Ronin

Extraordinary X-Men – Kingdoms Fall

Inhumans vs. X-Men (Softcover)

Inhumans vs. X-Men (Hardcover)

Extraordinary X-Men – IvX

Old Man Logan – Old Monsters

X-Men Gold – Back To The Basics

An alternate fictional take on the classic Marvel Comics character Wolverine, Old Man Logan is created by writer Mark Miller (Kick-Ass, Reborn) and artist Steve McNiven (Civil War, New Avengers) in 2008, as a storyline which is set in the reality of Earth-807128, apart from the regular timeline.

wolverine old man logan comic
Back for Redemption

Following "Death of Wolverine", Marvel was in a crisis for Wolverine in their publication and they made X-23 take the mantle. However, there was still a void and so; they used the events of "Secret Wars" to bring the version of the hero who was also having a live-action movie released in 2017 titled "Logan". Although, this version of Wolverine is considerably slow and weak, he still is the best there is at what he does.
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kick-Ass | Comics

Kick-Ass | Comics
High school student Dave Lizewski is just another average teenage boy living in New York with his single father James Lizewski. He loves TV shows, movies of Ryan Reynolds, fantasizes about his biology teacher and has a huge crush on a girl named Katie Deauxma of his class. Apart from having affection for common stuffs, Dave has a craze for comic-books and the boy himself wished to be a super-hero in the real life just like the ones he sees in the pages of comics for years. After getting inspired by the books, Dave purchases a wet-suit from eBay and starts training himself, which temporarily satisfies him. But then he decides to take it to the next level and goes to seek some "real" action, which resulting him getting in a brawl with street punks, leading him to got beaten up severely.

However, he did manage to strip him off his clothes to save his secret identity before being taken to the hospital. He totally hides the actual cause of his injury to his father and spends the next few months in recovery. As soon as he got well he starts patrolling again, he saved a person from a few chasers and dubbed as "Kick-Ass" when a bystander uploads the scene to YouTube, turning him into an overnight superstar. Dave's getting beat spreads the rumor of him being a gay prostitute in the school and his long time crush Katie accepts him as her "Gay Best Friend". Even though he never wanted to appear as a queer to her, he plays along without disclosing the truth about him. Next up, when he went on another patrol and got into trouble he is saved by vigilante duo Hit-Girl and Big Daddy.

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So Much For Heroism
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Kick-Ass 05

Kick-Ass 06

Kick-Ass 07

Kick-Ass 08

Here is your links for "Kick-Ass" limited series from Marvel Comics (Icon Imprint).

Kick-Ass (Softcover)
It's Pimp-Slapping Time

Kick-Ass (Hardcover)

Kick-Ass Box Set

Conceived by renowned writer Mark Miller (Civil War, Wolverine – Old Man Logan) and penciled by artist extraordinaire John Romita Jr. (Black Panther – Who Is Black Panther, Daredevil – The Man Without Fear), Kick-Ass is an eight issue limited series from Marvel Comics published in 2008 as part of a creator-owned comic book project from their Icon imprint. The series is about an everyday boy Dave Lizewski who wants to be a super-hero and the misadventures that follows him. A film adaptation of the story of the book titled Kick-Ass is released in 2008, directed by Matthew Vaughn and then the sequel Kick-Ass 2 was also came out in 2013. The series gained quite a popularity that the creator duo went on to release two sequels; Kick-Ass 2 (2010) and Kick-Ass 3 (2013) as well as a spin-off series Hit-Girl (2012) based on a prominent character from the original series.
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Monday, June 1, 2009

Civil War | Comics

When the young mutant group of heroes, the New Warriors tried to get higher ratings for their own TV Show by ambushing a few second-string super villains like Cobalt Man, Coldheart, Nitro and Speedfreak, their plan went wrong. The villain Nitro caused an explosion during his escape attempt which killed more than 600 people, among them 60 were confirmed to be children.

This event sparked an anti-mutant hysteria in the aftermath of M-Day and the necessity for superheroes to be kept in check and thus the Super Human Registration Act, which was already being discussed by a few super people earlier, is passed within a week. According to the Act's rule, every super powered person both heroes or villains should reveal their secret identities to the government and to register with them as well.

civil war tpb
Civil War | Comics

Captain America was approached by S.H.I.E.L.D. to work with them in support of the Act because of his influence on the community but his quick refusal made him a fugitive of law too and he narrowly escaped his capture at the hands of S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives. Captain America formed the Secret Avengers with Cable, Daredevil, Falcon, Bill Foster, Hercules and Luke Cage, who were opposed to the Registration Act. Iron Man grouped the other super peoples to the Act's support as well as Spider-Man on his side. Upon being convinced by Tony Stark, he even revealed his secret identity in front of public as a support to the Act.

Cap's team is soon joined by Young Avengers, Cloak and Dagger as they occasionally fights S.H.I.E.L.D. "cape-killer" units and other criminals. Tony on the other hand believed that, oversight of heroes is a great idea. Then, along with Mister Fantastic and Hank Pym, he created Prison 42 for captive heroes and villains alike who will not comply with them, located inside the Negative Zone. Peter Parker realized that Tony is monitoring him with his new Iron Spider suit and then took a tour of the Negative Zone; he quickly realized that he joined the wrong side.

He sneak out of Stark Tower with Aunt May and Mary Jane but Iron Man released a few villains on his tail to bring him back. It was the timely intervention of Punisher who saved Spidey and brought him to Cap's secret base. Soon, the whole super human community became split into two teams. A major conflict between the divided heroes occurs and the effect is going to shake the core of everyone’s relation with each other.

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civil war comics
Major Superhero Collission

Here is your links to buy "Civil War" from Marvel Comics in issues on Amazon.

Civil War 01

Civil War 02

Civil War 03

Civil War 04

Civil War 05

Civil War 06

Civil War 07

Here is your links to buy "Civil War" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Civil War (Softcover)

Civil War (Hardcover)

Considered as one of the great story by renowned writer Mark Miller (Kick-Ass, Reborn), "Civil War" is a major crossover storyline of Marvel Comics, which was published in 2007. The main seven issue mini-series that was drawn by artist Steve McNiven (Death of Wolverine, Wolverine – Old Man Logan), is published with many other tie-in books as well. The event found its place in the pages of other monthly ongoing running series like Amazing Spider-Man, Black Panther, Cable/Deadpool, Captain America, Fantastic Four, Heroes for Hire, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, New Avengers, Punisher – War Journal, Sensational Spider-Man, She-Hulk, Thunderbolts and Wolverine.

civil war marvel
Heroes Divided by War

"Civil War" has changed the dynamics of heroes in the whole Marvel Universe from inside out as heroes who previously fought alongside against world-ending threats became each others' opponent. Doctor Strange and the team of X-Men remained mostly neutral during this event, except for Wolverine, who went on a solo mission to take down Nitro himself. The story is later adapted into a live-action film, the third movie of the Captain America trilogy titled "Captain America: Civil War" from Marvel Studios on 2016.
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