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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blackest Night | Comics

blackest night dc
Blackest Night | Comics
During the events of "Sinestro Corps War" an old prophecy of "The Blackest Night" from The Guardians' sacred Book of Oa is finally revealed. Guardian Sayd and Ganthet were exiled from their council and five more new Emotional Spectrum is created to represent four other emotions. Following "Final Crisis", a former enemy of Corps, Black Hand has resurfaced again, murdering his whole family he commits suicide and then is resurrected immediately after. He then reaches to Gotham City Cemetery and with Batman's skull in his hand, he recites an Oath to unleash Blackest Night on world, releasing countless black rings that begins bringing back formerly deceased heroes and starts recruiting them as Black Lanterns for Black Lantern Corps.

The Flash and Green Lantern Hal Jordan are suddenly attacked by their former teammate Martian Manhunter on Gotham City, at Bruce Wayne's grave. At the same time, Oa is abruptly invaded by deceased Green Lantern members of all time but the dead superheroes are not seem to be in their true selves and former dead villains also starts coming back to life as Black Lanterns. The demon Nekron appears at Black Hand's call and revives all dead residents of Coast City, who died the time Hal became the Parallax (Zero Hour). JLA, Teen Titans and even Sinestro has joined with his Corps in this massive battle against an undead Superman, Kid Flash, Superboy, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Animal Man and team of other undead Lanterns.

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black lantern corps
The Dead Has Risen
Here is your links for "Blackest Night" limited series from DC Comics in issues.

Here is your links for "Blackest Night" limited series from DC Comics.

black hand dc comics
Culmination of Blackest Night
Blackest Night (Softcover)

Following "Sinestro Corps War" crossover event that paved way for another grand event based on an ancient prophecy, featuring Green Lantern Corps, which was planned a ling time ago, DC Comics has published the crossover event with gritty concept named "Blackest Night" in 2009 that focuses on two major monthly ongoing series both Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps, with a the core limited series for the titular story. The event was long time in making, is plotted out by writer Geoff Johns (Final Crisis – Legion of Three Worlds, Final Crisis – Rogues' Revenge) and drawn by artist Ivan Reis (Aquaman – New 52, Justice League – New 52). Many tie-in limited series were linked to this series that is followed by the next crossover "Brightest Day" in 2010 where many unresolved and complicated issues were sorted out.
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Final Crisis | Comics

The Fourth World is diminished and "Death of the New Gods" did not stop the eternal war between Apokolips and New Genesis. Darkseid travels to time after his final conflict with New Gods and upon gaining Anti-Life Equation, he reaches Earth. His consciousness takes abode in a human body that starts running "Dark Side Club" in Blüdhaven. He becomes a leader of a criminal gang and going by the name "Boss Dark Side".  While investigating a case of a few missing kids, Detective Dan Turpin finds a dying Orion and sky turns red.

Green Lantern, Hal Jordan and John Stewart go to the docs for inspection of the crime scene and alert Guardians of the Universe about this incident. It is eventually discovered that a radiated bullet was fired backwards from future to kill Orion by an anonymous person. Batman and Green Lantern, Alan Scott gets engaged in an exploration regarding this murder mystery that puts them both out of picture for a while. Doctor Light and Mirror Master attacked the League of Titans to obtain Metron's Mobius Chair for Libra.

superman v batman dc
Final Crisis | Comics

Libra, an agent and minion of Darkseid, is sent to escort escaped villains from prison planet "Salvation Run" to re-form Secret Society of Super Villains. He managed to capture and then murder Justice League member Martian Manhunter by burning him alive upon encountering him during his operation. Dan Turpin kept looking for answers, leading him to Boss Dark Side and his consciousness took over Turpin's body. Nix Uotan, the Monitor of Earth-51 is standing a trial and Multiversal race of Monitors sentenced him a human existence on New Earth, while this helps Solomon's own agenda to progress.

To face the fallen Monitor Dax Novu, Superman and his alternate-selves were called in for help. Dax would become Mandrakk the Dark Monitor and he is a threat because he will feed off the Multiverse itself like celestial parasites. Looking for Secret Society's hideout, The Flashes Jay Garrick and Wally West finds Mobius Chair, which opens a Boom Tube. They witness as the Radion Bullet comes through that portal, followed by Barry Allen and Black Racer on his tail. Frankenstein leads a S.H.A.D.E. strike team at Dark Side Club, while the Evil Factory in Blüdhaven was preparing a body for Kalibak.

Wonder Woman ran into Mary Marvel, who turned evil and exposed her to Morticoccus virus. With help of Darkseid's much desired "Anti-Life Equation", a major change happens worldwide when he released it over Internet. Seeing this, The Dark Knight decides to use the radiation bullet to finally take down God of Evil by breaking his Oath against using guns for a greater good. He does so but only mortally wounding the Dark God before being blasted with his powerful Omega Beams that apparently disintegrated him on spot.

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dc comics multiverse darkseid
Oblivion Across Multiverse

Here is your links to buy "Final Crisis" from DC Comics in issues on Amazon.

Final Crisis 01

Final Crisis 02

Final Crisis 03

Final Crisis 04

Final Crisis 05

Final Crisis 06

Final Crisis 07

Here is your links to buy "Final Crisis" from DC Comics on Amazon.

Final Crisis (Softcover)

Final Crisis (Hardcover)

Absolute Final Crisis

"Final Crisis" is a follow-up crossover comic-book event to "Infinite Crisis", concluded from its prequel and seemingly the last of line of Crisis titled events by DC Comics. This event took place in 2008, when writer Grant Morrison (All-Star Superman, Doom Patrol) came up with the core idea of this story along with artists Carlos Pacheco (Bishop, Inhumans) and Doug Mahnke (Justice League Elite, Major Bummer) to envision the plot. Major characters from DC Universe like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman remained as primary focus of the story as well as threats as great as Darkseid and Mandrakk the Dark Monitor.

batman superman apocalypse
A Dark Demise

Even today, "Final Crisis" is still considered as one of the most important crossover events of DC Comics in modern era that has changed major status-quo of Multiverse timeline with demise of a few popular protagonists and it is the last major event which took place before the biblical "Blackest Night" event. Though these events took place in the New Earth reality, following the reality-altering "Flashpoint" event, "Final Crisis" has been referenced a couple of time in The New 52 continuity. It also suggests that all major events does takes place in all different realities with a slight variation of outcome for each one.
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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Black Adam – The Dark Age | Comics

black adam dc comics
Black Adam – The Dark Age | Comics
With the removal of godlike powers that has been taken away from him by Captain Marvel as a last resort after he single handedly decimated an ensemble roster of powerful super-heroes opposing him, with ease (in World War III), Teth Adam seeks to find out the new secret magical word that will re-establish him as Black Adam again and the only thing that always kept his heart from turning entirely black with anger, his now-dead wife, Isis. Some hidden place in Kahndaqi border, Adam is bound to a chair and having one of his loyal followers, Tamir, beat him to face to bruise it to a point when it appears almost unrecognizable. When Teth thinks it is done, he goes to Kahndaq border to enter the country posed as a native named Hassan Bari with his faithful followers.

Adam and his followers broke into the tomb of Isis to collect her charred remains for a resurrection ceremony but quickly attacked by armed guards working for an unknown organization who wants Black Adam dead. During the shootout, Adam manages to escape with help from his followers who sacrificed themselves for him to safely get-away. JSA team is also in search of him while he was on the run. Adam embarks a long and hard journey to find out a Lazarus Pit to resurrect his love once again. But Isis dissolves as soon as she was revived; led Adam to believe that something went wrong in the ceremony that has skipped his sight. The situation will eventually force him to team up with the vile magician Felix Faust to fulfill the rest of his mystical journey to revive his beloved wife back.
black adam comics
Clash With Wings of Fury
Here is your link for "Black Adam – The Dark Age" limited series from DC Comics.
hawkman vs black adam
Fight or Flight

Black Adam – The Dark Age

"Black Adam – The Dark Age" is a 6-issue limited series published from DC Comics, written by Peter J. Tomasi (Batman – Arkham Knight, Forever Evil – Arkham War) with excellent pencil work by artist Doug Mahnke (Justice League Elite, Major Bummer). This mini epic comes for JSA fans is a must-have collectible saga that was released as a weekly limited series 52's follow-up title Countdown. In the course of this entire journey that Black Adam embarked on has led him to face few members of Justice Society of AmericaAtom-Smasher, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Hourman, Martian Manhunter, Power Girl, Red Tornado, Superman and Wonder Woman either in nightmare or only their flashbacks were shown. The limited series has explored the chronicles and the other side of this mighty magical villain of DC, who was one of the prime focus of the 52 crossover event and it's aftermath World War III from DC Comics.
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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Infinite Crisis | Comics

infinite crisis comics
Infinite Crisis | Comics
Following the actions of an unstable Superboy-Prime, Superman and Lois Lane of Earth-Two came to Earth-One for recovering Lois' health and to look-out for his cousin, Power Girl. He seeks Batman's aid to replace the current Earth with Earth-Two but Batman refuses this offer and attacks him instead. Superboy-Prime is on Earth to team up with Alexander Luthor and came to Earth after he broke out of their realm. Alex starts restoring multiple Earths as well as founding a new Secret Society of Super-Villains of his own that is ambushed by the Freedom Fighters. Not only Superboy-Prime unknowingly resurrected the long-gone adventurer team of Doom Patrol and former RobinJason Todd through his actions but he also sparked a war between Rann and Thanagar.

Then he engages in a battle with Earth-One's Superboy, Conner Kent followed by destroying the Justice League Watchtower. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman rushed to the scene after discussing their possible roles in this Crisis. Batman suggests Superman to head for Earth to help and to held Diana back. With the Teen Titans totally decimated by Superboy-PrimeThe Flash and Jay Garrick tries to trap him into their Speed-Force after several heroes are killed by him. To stop the menace of this psychotic Superboy, the Superman of the two Earth teams up for the final battle against him. In the midst of this chaos, the Clown Prince of Crime decides to exact revenge on Alexander Luthor for not inviting him into his Secret Society of Villains.

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green lantern vs superman prime
The Corps Fights Superboy-Prime
Here is your links for "Infinite Crisis" limited series from DC Comics in issues.

Infinite Crisis 01

Infinite Crisis 02

Infinite Crisis 03

Infinite Crisis 04

Infinite Crisis 05

Infinite Crisis 06

Infinite Crisis 07

Here is your links for "Infinite Crisis" crossover event from DC Comics.

Infinite Crisis (Softcover)
superboy prime comics
Superboy-Prime Unleashed

Infinite Crisis (Hardcover)

The Infinite Crisis Omnibus

"Infinite Crisis" is a major crossover comic-book event from DC Comics that took place in 2005 and is a follow up to 1985's Crisis on Infinite Earths. This event was plotted by writer Geoff Johns (Blackest Night, Brightest Day) along with some of industry's talented artists like Phil Jimenez, George Pérez (Final Crisis – Legion of 3 Worlds, Infinity Gauntlet) and Ivan Reis (Green Lantern, Sinestro Corps War). The core plot was formed with a seven issue limited series following "Countdown to Infinite Crisis" limited series. Artist extraordinaire Jim Lee (All-Star Batman and Robin, Superman Unchained) draws the seven alternate covers of the limited series for this comic event. Infinite Crisis brought major historical change to DC's timeline and later it led to the "Final Crisis" event which was the main reason for all the Crisis themed events.
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Monday, February 4, 2008

Superman – For Tomorrow | Comics

People around Earth disappear in a catastrophic "The Vanishing" event and a new threat tests Superman like never before!

In Metropolis, cancer-ridden priest Father Daniel Leone of the Sacred Heart Church was confiding to his former love detective Lupé Teresa about how he feels regret for the choice he made fifteen years ago and feels a little selfish these days. After bidding farewell to her, he turns around to see Superman hovering down from above.

Awestruck to see the Man of Steel, Father Daniel almost kneels down to him but stopped midway. Turns out, Big Blue is here to talk about his guilt over an incident that took place a year ago and everything was changed since then, including his life.

Superman reached out to help out his Justice League teammate and current Green Lantern Kyle Rayner in deep space. Then he returns to Earth immediately after only to find out that an unfortunate event called "The Vanishing" has taken place on a global scale and one million people have randomly gone missing from existence since.

He expresses his guilt over the incident because he wasn't present and failed to save all of them in time, including his beloved wife Lois Lane. To investigate the root of "The Vanishing" event, he flies to Middle East and arrived on a region plagued by a civil war led by a dictator named General Nox and his super-powered henchman Equus.

By the time he reached there, the war was over and so he helped clear the mess it created but the burden of the dead and wounded still bother him. Upon learning that Nox has the device that caused "The Vanishing", he faces him again and it leads to another confrontation with Equus, which critically wounds the behemoth.

superman for tomorrow dc comics
Superman – For Tomorrow | Comics

In a ditch attempt to take a dig at him, the monster then activates the Vanishing Device and this time 300,000 more people disappeared along with him and General Nox. Elsewhere, a mercenary named Mr. Orr drives his attention looking for the device and seems to already know about the recent incident that just happened.

Orr even manages to track down Father Leone at the hospital during one of his routine checkup and offered to cure him. They meet again when Daniel went out for a walk at night and administer a painkiller shot when he starts coughing blood.

A mysterious woman walks onto the ground where he and Big Blue were standing previously, to summon four Elemental Giants made of earth, fire, water and wind. They tell the Man of Steel to leave the planet or watch it being destroyed. He managed to counter their warning by pointing out that he will still be there to crush them.

The giants all go back to where they came from and the woman in desert named Halcyon cries in frustration only for Wonder Woman to come comforting her. These two gets a surprise visit from Orr while Big Blue Boy Scout goes to see The Dark Knight.

Back at Watchtower, Superman is confronted by Aquaman, Batman, Flash, John Stewart, Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman about his irrational decision of intervening into the affairs of a foreign country and then directing a second Vanishing. His teammates in Justice League even suggest him being personal on a global issue.

Afterwards, goes to his Fortress of Solitude with Father Daniel and sensing that he is about to use the machine on himself, Batman immediately warns and sends Diana to stop him from making a fatal mistake. After a brief brawl with her, Superman finally manages to convince her to let go of him as his Fortress collapsed.

Upon activating the machine, he enters a new world where he finally found his love and reunited with at last. Then Kal-El discovers something terrible beneath the beauty of that world and someone he knew that he never imagined on other side. If he can figure out what action to take, he may undo all the incidents happened so far.

For more information on Superman – For Tomorrow storyline, you can check out the link below.

Superman – For Tomorrow (Comics) Wikipedia

superman vs zod dc comics
Add caption

Here is your links to buy “Superman – For Tomorrow" from DC Comics in issues on Amazon.

Superman V2 204

Superman V2 205

Superman V2 206

Superman V2 207

Superman V2 208

Superman V2 209

Superman V2 210

Superman V2 211

Superman V2 212

Superman V2 213

Superman V2 214

Superman V2 215

Here is your links to buy “Superman – For Tomorrow" from DC Comics on Amazon.

Superman – For Tomorrow Vol 01 (Softcover)

Superman – For Tomorrow Vol 01 (Hardcover)

Superman – For Tomorrow Vol 02 (Softcover)

Superman – For Tomorrow Vol 02 (Hardcover)

Superman – For Tomorrow (Softcover)

Absolute Superman – For Tomorrow (Hardcover)

Running through issues #204-215 of the second ongoing volume of monthly Superman series from DC Comics, "For Tomorrow" is a twelve part storyline by comic-book writer Brian Azzarello (Before Watchmen – Comedian, Before Watchmen – Rorschach) and legendary artist Jim Lee (All-Star Batman and Robin, Superman Unchained).

At times, the narrative from Azzarello may seem like a stretch and you may not find it engaging on the level of "Batman – Hush", another project where Lee was involved as illustrator. Because of the involvement of the latter, readers were expecting something like his previous collaboration, which also followed the twelve-part story format.

jim lee superman dc comics
Add caption

This mammoth sized story-arc featuring the titular superhero Superman where a major catastrophic event changes his life and he befriends a cancer-ridden priest Father Daniel to share his confessionals of being who is with him. It deeply affects him because he holds his own responsible for not being able to avert it and save Lois.

Many supporting character shows up with their unique role into the plot, including the members of Justice League. Aside from all above, The Joker made a surprise cameo appearance during a meeting of the World's Finest. It also showcases the return of an old nemesis of Superman, who is re-invented throughout the events.
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