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Superman – For Tomorrow | Comics

People around Earth disappear in a catastrophic "The Vanishing" event and a new threat tests Superman like never before!

In Metropolis, cancer-ridden priest Father Daniel Leone of the Sacred Heart Church was confiding to his former love detective Lupé Teresa about how he feels regret for the choice he made fifteen years ago and feels a little selfish these days. After bidding farewell to her, he turns around to see Superman hovering down from above.

Awestruck to see the Man of Steel, Father Daniel almost kneels down to him but stopped midway. Turns out, Big Blue is here to talk about his guilt over an incident that took place a year ago and everything was changed since then, including his life.

Superman reached out to help out his Justice League teammate and current Green Lantern Kyle Rayner in deep space. Then he returns to Earth immediately after only to find out that an unfortunate event called "The Vanishing" has taken place on a global scale and one million people have randomly gone missing from existence since.

He expresses his guilt over the incident because he wasn't present and failed to save all of them in time, including his beloved wife Lois Lane. To investigate the root of "The Vanishing" event, he flies to Middle East and arrived on a region plagued by a civil war led by a dictator named General Nox and his super-powered henchman Equus.

By the time he reached there, the war was over and so he helped clear the mess it created but the burden of the dead and wounded still bother him. Upon learning that Nox has the device that caused "The Vanishing", he faces him again and it leads to another confrontation with Equus, which critically wounds the behemoth.

superman for tomorrow dc comics
Superman – For Tomorrow | Comics

In a ditch attempt to take a dig at him, the monster then activates the Vanishing Device and this time 300,000 more people disappeared along with him and General Nox. Elsewhere, a mercenary named Mr. Orr drives his attention looking for the device and seems to already know about the recent incident that just happened.

Orr even manages to track down Father Leone at the hospital during one of his routine checkup and offered to cure him. They meet again when Daniel went out for a walk at night and administer a painkiller shot when he starts coughing blood.

A mysterious woman walks onto the ground where he and Big Blue were standing previously, to summon four Elemental Giants made of earth, fire, water and wind. They tell the Man of Steel to leave the planet or watch it being destroyed. He managed to counter their warning by pointing out that he will still be there to crush them.

The giants all go back to where they came from and the woman in desert named Halcyon cries in frustration only for Wonder Woman to come comforting her. These two gets a surprise visit from Orr while Big Blue Boy Scout goes to see The Dark Knight.

Back at Watchtower, Superman is confronted by Aquaman, Batman, Flash, John Stewart, Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman about his irrational decision of intervening into the affairs of a foreign country and then directing a second Vanishing. His teammates in Justice League even suggest him being personal on a global issue.

Afterwards, goes to his Fortress of Solitude with Father Daniel and sensing that he is about to use the machine on himself, Batman immediately warns and sends Diana to stop him from making a fatal mistake. After a brief brawl with her, Superman finally manages to convince her to let go of him as his Fortress collapsed.

Upon activating the machine, he enters a new world where he finally found his love and reunited with at last. Then Kal-El discovers something terrible beneath the beauty of that world and someone he knew that he never imagined on other side. If he can figure out what action to take, he may undo all the incidents happened so far.

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Absolute Superman – For Tomorrow (Hardcover)

Running through issues #204-215 of the second ongoing volume of monthly Superman series from DC Comics, "For Tomorrow" is a twelve part storyline by comic-book writer Brian Azzarello (Before Watchmen – Comedian, Before Watchmen – Rorschach) and legendary artist Jim Lee (All-Star Batman and Robin, Superman Unchained).

At times, the narrative from Azzarello may seem like a stretch and you may not find it engaging on the level of "Batman – Hush", another project where Lee was involved as illustrator. Because of the involvement of the latter, readers were expecting something like his previous collaboration, which also followed the twelve-part story format.

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This mammoth sized story-arc featuring the titular superhero Superman where a major catastrophic event changes his life and he befriends a cancer-ridden priest Father Daniel to share his confessionals of being who is with him. It deeply affects him because he holds his own responsible for not being able to avert it and save Lois.

Many supporting character shows up with their unique role into the plot, including the members of Justice League. Aside from all above, The Joker made a surprise cameo appearance during a meeting of the World's Finest. It also showcases the return of an old nemesis of Superman, who is re-invented throughout the events.
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