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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Avengers – Illuminati | Comics

Though members of Illuminati were united to take on greatest threats, they are torn apart by idea of a "Secret Invasion".

In the aftermath of Kree-Skrull War, King T'Challa AKA Black Panther has invited Black Bolt, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Mister Fantastic, Namor and Professor X to Wakanda. Tony Stark believes they are partially responsible for what happened a week earlier as they all had some knowledge of their enemy but had no formation to stop them.

To his proposal for all groups of heroes to unite for a cause, Namor points out that there will be issue regarding leadership and not everyone will want to join them. Except for Reed Richards, both Strange and Xavier completely disagrees to this idea. However, none could debunk the idea of an oncoming invasion from enemy in future.

When time came to vote for keeping it all between them and continue working in secret but only T'Challa backs out, thus Illuminati is formed. Right after forming, these five travels to Skrull Throneworld and warn Emperor Dorrek VII to stay away from Earth or face consequences but he simply chooses to ignore and threatens their life.

In a show of force, Black Bolt destroyed their ship using his quasi-sonic scream and attempted to return home but got captured instead. After being examined and tortured for a while, Tony finally managed to lead them all to escape back home knowing there will be more attack but not before Skrulls collected important data on them.

new avengers illuminati marvel comics brian michael bendis brian reed jim cheung
New Avengers – Illuminati | Comics

They eventually took care of Infinity Gems by becoming their protectors, convinced Beyonder to self exile and groomed a Kree warrior to be Marvel Boy. Years later, when Hulk decimated Las Vegas in a rampage, Tony proposes his group that they throw him in space since there was no cure known to them for him but Namor rebelled angrily.

Without Xavier, Illuminati came together once again after House of M was over and Tony revealed to them about how U.S. government is planning for a Superhuman Registration Act. Hearing how things can lead to a superhero "Civil War", only Reed came to his support with Black Bolt, Strange and Namor walked out disagreeing.

New Avengers was split and Tony formed a government sponsored Mighty Avengers after asserting position as Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. His former teammate Spider-Woman showed up with a corpse of a Skrull that was posing as Elektra, implying that ranks of superhero groups have been infiltrated with sleeper agents for invasion.

He then took the dead body to show to his fellow Illuminati members, believing it has something to do with their visit to Skrull home-world from many years ago. What is even more baffling to them is that it was able to remain undetected from Wolverine's mutant abilities, Spider-Man's senses and Doctor Strange's magic for too long.

Reed proposes to run an autopsy and dissect the corpse into molecular level to determine how to detect them. Both Charles Xavier and Prince Namor suggest that it could all be a solo operation even that they just found. Tony points out how everything has been upside down for past few years as they were being manipulated from within.

As they were arguing about what to do now, Blackagar Boltagon is revealed itself to be a Super-Skrull hiding among them all along. Immediately after revealing, it attacks them all and claims that Earth has already been taken over. Iron Man and his allies realize that this shape-shifting alien imposter is too-powerful for them to take down.

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New Avengers - Illuminati V2 05

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New Avengers – Illuminati (Softcover)

New Avengers – Illuminati (Hardcover)

Debuting back in "Sentry" story arc from New Avengers monthly ongoing comic-book series, a history of a secret group of superheroes is plotted out by writers Brian Michael Bendis (Mighty Avengers – The Ultron Initiative, New Avengers – Breakout) and Brian Reed (Dark Reign – Sinister Spider-Man, Spider-Woman – Origin) in 2006.

Bendis and Reed come up with a five-part limited series for Marvel Comics that will connect to New Avengers: Illuminati one-shot issue from earlier that year. Aside from bearing legacy of this secret group, major parts of the storyline directly contributed to early chapters of "Secret Invasion" crossover event titled "The Infiltration".

new avengers illuminati marvel comics secret invasion black bolt blackagar boltagon doctor strange stephen strange iron man tony stark mister fantastic reed richards prince namor professor x charles xavier brian michael bendis jim cheung
Invasion of Skrulls

Marvel assigned artist Alex Maleev (Infamous Iron Man – Infamous, Infamous Iron Man – The Absolution of Doom) to work on Illuminati one-shot and Jim Cheung (Avengers – The Children's Crusade, New Avengers – Civil War) did an entire run of five issues for the limited series, diving deep into many untold adventures these heroes had.

Going back as far as time of Kree-Skrull War, Illuminati explored throughout many conflicts of Marvel Universe like Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity War and Planet Hulk. Additionally characters such as Beyonder, Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Noh-Varr AKA Marvel Boy, Super-Skrull, The Thing and Uatu the Watcher made guest appearances.
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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fantastic Four – Rising Storm | Comics

After having his home world devoured and completely destroyed by mighty Galactus, an extraterrestrial being named Zius from a distant planet has devoted his life to save other planets from great devourer’s wrath. He developed a very advanced cloaking technology which is capable of rendering entire planets invisible and thus, saving many of them from Galactus. He learnt from Shi'ar and Skrulls, that there is something in this known universe which can negate his technology, leaving those planets vulnerable to the World-Eater.

Zius then immediately traveled to Earth to eliminate the very cause and found it within Susan Storm; Invisible Woman of Fantastic Four. Upon incapacitating her friends he proceeds with her execution so that the Destroyer of Worlds couldn't find those cloaked worlds using her power. In a desperate attempt to save her, Mister Fantastic charged her with a blast from his weapon and claimed to Zius that he has taken her power away so; she is no longer a threat to his mission. He checked in to verify and find it to be true.

fantastic four marvel comics
Fantastic Four – Rising Storm | Comics

As Zius and his survivors were heading back, Reed explains that his act actually saved her life by swapping her powers with her brother Johnny Storm. Before he could swap her powers back to her, Galactus himself appears on Earth. Not only had he destroyed Zius’s ship in his single grasp, he also abducted Johnny to be his newest herald. Even a genius like Reed Richards who is always prepared for every situation was completely taken aback by the complexity of their current situation and doesn't know what to do next.

Since Susan had no prior experience of controlling her new-found power of pyrokinesis, she almost dropped The Thing from great height when she was trying to catch him mid-air like Johnny does. Infuriated at Reed's power-swapping idea and gotten her brother being drafted into service of Galactus. However, he is worried more about Johnny pissing off his abductor. He is ejected into space to find himself facing against an alien warrior Kaargan the Unforgiving, who seeks revenge on the World-Eater for destroying his planet.

Now juiced up with power cosmic he unknowingly splitting his attacker in layers and then pieced him together realizing the extent of his capability. He explores the galaxy to face hostile reactions from many alien races towards him who identifies him as a harbinger of death. Meanwhile, with help from their old-friend Quasar, Reed, Susan and Ben Grimm decides to go for a rescue mission to save Johnny. The real question lies here is that even if they manage to find Johnny, how on Earth they are going to save him from mighty Galactus or even stand up against his near-limitless cosmic might?

galactus marvel comics
New Herald of Galactus

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Fantastic Four 520

Fantastic Four 521

Fantastic Four 522

Fantastic Four 523

Fantastic Four 524

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Fantastic Four – Rising Storm

"Rising Storm" is a four part Fantastic Four storyline concluded from "Disassembled" storyline and ran from issues #520-524 of the first monthly ongoing volume of the series from Marvel Comics. Writer Mark Waid (Onslaught Saga, Original Sin) continues his amazing storytelling with his fantastic visionary collaborator artist; the late Mike Wieringo (Tellos, The Flash). This tale of cosmic adventure featuring the planet devourer Galactus and another classic character Quasar in one epic collision that went totally unexpected. This one happens to be the final storyline of Fantastic Four ongoing series where Waid and Wieringo ever teamed up.

galactus marvel comics
Ascension To Power Cosmic

The story picks up from the aftermath of previous arc "Fortitude" and involves Johnny Storm becoming a new herald of the World-Eater, much like Silver Surfer. Away from home, Johnny rediscovers himself and figured a lot about his family while holding him against countless alien races wanting to kill him all by himself. In a surprise twist, his captor also came to see the lives of humans on Earth from a mortal perspective, as he previously belonged to a race of explorers and used to go by the name Galen. Once he shared his origin about how he came to be who he is today, the former Human Torch realized that they are much alike in some manner.
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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Fantastic Four – Disassembled | Comics

An oldest adversary for Fantastic Four and founder of Frightful Four super-villain team, Bentley Wittman AKA The Wizard returns with his old accomplice Trapster at his side to rebuild his old team once again and destroy his long-time enemies for good. In his virtual chat room, he was telling his fans that how the recent mishaps at Latveria have discredited his foes and how they are struggling to keep things together these days. He has also enlisted aid of his ex-wife Salamandra AKA Dragon's Daughter and one of his former teammate Hydro-Man in his brand-new endeavor.

However, instead of attacking The Four directly, he sends off his daughter Cole Wittman to seduce Johnny Storm AKA Human Torch after they have been chatting online for some time and let her father break into Baxter Building. She was successful in making contact with Johnny and The Wizard eventually got Reed Richards and his team on their knees for the whole world to see it. Looks like it is this the end time for Fantastic Four but hopefully Mister Fantastic will pull out something off his sleeve like he always does.

fantastic four disassembled
Fantastic Four – Disassembled | Comics

Benjamin Grimm A.K.A. The Thing and Susan Storm along with young Franklin and Valeria Richards goes for trick or treating on Halloween night. He was talking with Sue about how there are so less people dressing up as The Avengers this Halloween and how they are perceived as a threat to public. Johnny and Reed were at Fantastic Four, Inc. office, while suddenly some major environmental abnormalities are seen across Manhattan. Multiple giant pylons starts landing from skies into surrounding water filled area of the island.

With The Avengers no longer available at the moment because of their recent incident, the mayor reluctantly asks for help from Fantastic Four against his secretary's strong advice. Though he and his family are currently dealing with some major issues of their own right now, Mister Fantastic and Human Torch immediately reaches out to tackle this situation. Meanwhile, Ben and Susan already had their hands full with holding back massive tidal waves that are about to hit the bystanders the moment they lose it.

Cavalry arrives soon as Johnny and Reed quickly came breaking Sue's force field to rescue everyone from scene. Figuring out what he must do to save their island; Reed led his team to one of those strange extraterrestrial obelisks that are hovering above the island of Manhattan. Inside they are initially greeted with hostility from a group of alien creatures and then met their leader named Zius, who has survived from the planet devouring entity Galactus long ago and now, came here with a very specific as well as deadly motive to stop the Destroyer of Worlds from consuming any more planets.

fantastic four marvel
Manhattan Goes For a Ride

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Fantastic Four – Disassembled

"Disassembled" is two sets of three part Fantastic Four storyline that took place in the first volume of titular monthly ongoing series from issue #514-519 by Marvel Comics. Series regular writer Mark Waid (Onslaught Saga, Original Sin) and guest-storyteller Karl Kesel (Harley Quinn, The Final Night) took care of the story as artist Paco Medina (New X-Men, X-Men) and Mike Wieringo (Tellos, The Flash) aided them with their mind-blowing artwork over the course of two different tale; "Dysfunctional" and "Fourtitude". This is also a tie-in for major crossover comic event “Avengers Disassembled”, running parallel with it.

thing marvel comics
Fortitude to Fight

Following "Unthinkable", the four adventurer of the unknown is pretty shaken and still trying to figure out what to do now. Then in "Authoritative Action", they got into more troubles when they unwittingly try to free people of Latveria upon defeating Doctor Doom, had to confront and a great personal loss. Just as they thought they have recovered, their old enemy The Wizard and his team of Frightful Four, back with a new scheme. The second arc "Fourtitude" actually served as an aftermath of Avengers disbanding and also set up a prologue storyline for upcoming "Rising Storm" arc with more stakes at hand.
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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Fantastic Four – Unthinkable | Comics

To exact vengeance against Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom does the unthinkable!

Before he crossed paths with genius inventor Reed Richards, before he had his face violently disfigured by an unfortunate accident at State University in New York or before engaging in years of endless fighting with the popular adventurer team known as Fantastic Four by becoming Doctor Doom, Victor Von Doom was a very different man.

Long before he became the tyrant ruler of Latveria, he fell in love with a beautiful young girl named Valeria from the same Romani camp. These two love-birds were having their good days together with heartfelt affection and genuine concern for each other.

She was the only support left for Victor when he lost his parents at an early stage of life and became an orphan. Victor then studied both science and dark sorcery to open gateways to another realm in hopes to free his parents. He eventually became a great inventor and got a chance of scholarship in America through his growing reputation.

When his lover made him chose between her and the newfound opportunity, Victor chose this golden opportunity over Valeria for the pursuit of knowledge that would bring him power. Years after, he is searching for the love of his life again in places with no results even though having accomplishments in the field of science or being a billionaire.

fantastic four unthinkable marvel doctor doom
Fantastic Four – Unthinkable | Comics

Except for Valeria being in his life, he finds it all meaningless after all these years but ever since this couple parted ways before he came to America, they never contacted to each other and Victor doesn't even have the slightest idea of her current whereabouts. So he is currently seeking help from fortune tellers and gypsies everywhere to find her out.

Because, this time he is willing to give up everything he ever achieved, only to have her back in his life and he eventually does find her the first time he came looking for her, pointed out by another fortune teller he came across lately. As she was already waiting for him, Victor approaches an elderly Valeria, asking her to change his life forever.

The day of the lives of Fantastic Four was going just like any other normal one with their regular family misadventures. The Thing asks Johnny Storm to borrow some cash as he is the new Chief Financial Officer of Fantastic Four, Inc. When he stood Ben up for too many times, he decides to play prank on Johnny by hitting him up with a massive water balloon.

Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman went on a tour to a dimension filled with trinary code speaking aliens, looking for photonuclear crystals to fuel his tech for a foreseeable future. Franklin and his sister Valeria were in care of Crystal and Medusa of The Inhumans at New Attilan, Blue Area of the Moon, while their parents were away.

Upon returning, Reed and Sue bring them back through a portal and Susan takes Val to feed her. Reed goes to lab with Franklin to find out an entirely soaked Johnny looking for something to hurt Ben. Knowing it was probably Human Torch who angered Ben in the first place; Reed offers a non-lethal suggestion and tells them to meet him after suiting up.

Susan was talking to Ben in kitchen about how she is worried about a normal future for her daughter. As Val was playing with blocks, Ben tries for her to say his name but unseen to them all, Doctor Doom showed up to her, claiming her to be his goddaughter.

He compels her to say the word "Doom" and when she does, chaos breaks out at lab in form of a weird green energy beam almost immediately. Johnny couldn't stop it with his flames and Mr. Fantastic was forced to quickly transport Franklin to New Attilan for safety but the boy accidentally ended up being dragged out by netherdemons into Hell.

Defense system went down pretty fast and Johnny jumps in to save his nephew, only to get badly burnt by hellfire. When Ben mentioned of what Val said earlier, Reed watches into her eye and through it, Victor assures him to meet very soon. The world's greatest family then head over to Latveria for an unthinkable confrontation of their lives.

fantastic four doom
The Conflict Infernal

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Fantastic Four – Unthinkable

A four issue plot with a prologue story on Victor Von Doom from the pages of Fantastic Four, "Unthinkable" is further exploring untold origin of Doom's back-story. The story kick starts from issue #67 of third volume of titular monthly ongoing comic-book series and ended up on issue #500 of original count, which came after 70th issue of this volume.

Veteran comic-book writer Mark Waid (Onslaught Saga, Original Sin) and artist Mike Wieringo (Fantastic Four – Disassembled, Fantastic Four – Rising Storm) tied this story up in 2004 that would have after effects on the heroes in the long run of their lives.

doctor doom unthinkable
An Unthinkable Doom

This one is quite a different story-arc for the family as their arch-nemesis now relies on mystical powers beyond their understanding. Yet question remains, why Victor is looking for Valeria after all these years? What cryptic connection does it has with the Fantastic Four? What unthinkable deed he is going to do when he finds out his lost love?

A brief glimpse on New Attilan as well as other known Marvel Comics characters like Crystal, Lockjaw and Medusa making a cameo was very enjoyable. Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange appears in a guest-role as well as beings from Dark Dimension. Though the good doctor didn't hang out for long, he did provide Reed a way to salvation.
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Friday, July 11, 2003

The Thing | Comics

Born and grown up on a troubled family of Manhattan's lower East Side or more specifically on the neighborhood of Yancy Street, Benjamin Jacob Grimm struggled his way to high school. He played football as the "Grimm Reaper" for the State University of New York and befriended brilliant science student Reed Richards who was eager to build a starship for space travel and Grimm promised to pilot Reed’s ship if he can do so.

the thing comics
The Thing | Comics

He joined the U.S. Air Force and returned as a test pilot who eventually flies the ship that Reed built to space along with their friend Susan and her brother Johnny Storm. But as they encountered a storm of cosmic radiation in space, the ship was unable to shield them from its effect and they immediately returned home aborting the mission.

The cosmic radiation altered all of their DNA to cellular level, giving them superpowers and causing change. Grimm had turned into an orange-colored, rock-skinned super-strong being who is dubbed as “The Thing”. Together they decided to help humanity with their new-found gifts and formed the Fantastic Four. Not only he was a part of saving Earth from Galactus but he is often the key to their victory.

Grimm dates a blind sculptress Alicia Masters and also has history of fighting the Hulk, Silver Surfer and Wolverine. He was drafted to Secret Wars, even was killed by Dr. Doom and later brought back to life by his friends (Hereafter). He became one of the worthies of The Serpent who battled Thor as well as the Red Hulk (Avengers – Fear Itself).

For more information on The Thing comics series, you can check out the links below.

The Thing (Comics) Wikipedia

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hulk vs thing
Clash of Titans

Here is your links to buy "The Thing" comics from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

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Fantastic Four Omnibus Vol 01

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Fantastic Four Return

Essential Fantastic Four Vol 02

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Marvel Masterworks – Fantastic Four Vol 04 (Hardcover)

Marvel Masterworks – Fantastic Four Vol 05 (Softcover)

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Fantastic Four – The Coming of Galactus

Marvel Masterworks – Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Vol 01

Marvel Masterworks – Fantastic Four Vol 06

Fantastic Four – Doomsday!

Essential Fantastic Four Vol 03

Fantastic Four Omnibus Vol 02

Fantastic Four – The Peerless Power of The Silver Surfer

Fantastic Four – Where Stalks The Sandman

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Fantastic Four – The Flames of Battle

Fantastic Firsts

Bring On The Bad Guys

Marvel Masterworks – Fantastic Four Vol 08

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Thing – Project Pegasus

Fantastic Four Visionaries – George Perez Vol 02

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The Thing – The Project Pegasus Saga

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Fantastic Four by Waid & Wieringo Ultimate Collection Book 03 (Hardcover)

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The Imperfects

Marvel Monsters

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Last Planet Standing

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Onslaught Reborn (Hardcover)

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Doctor Doom and The Masters of Evil

Fantastic Four – The Master of Doom

Dark Reign – Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Vol 01

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Doomwar (Softcover)

Doomwar (Hardcover)

Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Vol 03

Marvel Universe Vs. The Punisher (Softcover)

Marvel Universe Vs. The Punisher (Hardcover)

Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Vol 04

A fictional superhero character that was part of the original team of Fantastic Four, Benjamin J. Grimm AKA The Thing was created for Marvel Comics by the legendary creator duo of Stan Lee (Amazing Spider-Man, Captain America) and Jack Kirby (Black Panther, Eternals) in 1961. Over the years, he has made his well- earned place on the most respected superhero teams of comic book universe. Apart from that, he also was part of New Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy for a period.

the thing marvel
The Ever-Lovin' Monster

The Thing was featured on various crossover events like Civil War, World War Hulk, Secret Invasion, Fear Itself, Avengers Vs. X-Men and Original Sin. As a perk of being a part of the Fantastic Four, the character was also adapted into the 2005 live-action movie titled Fantastic Four in 2005 and its sequel Fantastic Four – Rise of the Silver Surfer in 2007, portrayed by Michael Chiklis.
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