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Fantastic Four – Unthinkable | Comics

To exact vengeance against Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom does the unthinkable!

Before he crossed paths with genius inventor Reed Richards, before he had his face violently disfigured by an accident at State University in New York or before engaging in years of endless fighting with the popular adventurer team known as Fantastic Four by becoming Doctor Doom, Victor Von Doom was a very different man.

When he was of young age and fell in love with a girl named Valeria from the same Romani camp, these two love-birds were having their good days together with affection and concern for each other.

She was the only support left for Victor when he lost his parents and became an orphan. Victor then studied both science and sorcery to open gateways to another realm for hopes to free his parents. He eventually became a great inventor and got a chance of scholarship in America through his growing reputation.

Victor chose this golden opportunity over Valeria. Now, years after he is searching for the love of his life again in various places with no results even having accomplishments in the field of science or being a billionaire.

fantastic four unthinkable
Fantastic Four – Unthinkable | Comics

Except for Valeria in his life, he finds it all meaningless but ever since this couple parted ways, they never contacted each other and Victor doesn’t even have the slightest idea of her current whereabouts. So now he is looking for help of fortune tellers and gypsies everywhere to find her out.

Because, this time he is willing to give up everything he ever achieved, only to have her back in his life and he eventually does find her the first time he came looking for her, pointed out by another fortune teller. As she was already waiting for him, Victor approaches an elderly Valeria, asking to change his life forever.

The day of the lives of Fantastic Four was going just like any other normal one filled with their family misadventures. The Thing asks Johnny for borrowing some cash since he is the new Chief Financial Officer of Fantastic Four, Inc.

When he stood Ben up for too many times, he decides to play prank on Johnny Storm by hitting him up with a massive water balloon. Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman went on a dimension filled with trinary code speaking aliens, looking for photonuclear crystals to fuel his tech for a foreseeable future.

Franklin Richards and his sister Valeria were at New Attilan, Blue Area of the Moon, in care of Crystal and Medusa of The Inhumans while their parents were away. Upon returning, Reed and Sue bring them back through a portal. Susan takes Val to feed her, Reed goes to lab with Franklin to find out an entirely soaked Johnny looking for something to hurt Ben.

Knowing it was probably Human Torch who angered Ben Grimm in the first place; Reed offers a non-lethal suggestion and tells them to meet him after suiting up.

Susan was talking to Ben about how she is worried about a normal future for her daughter. As Val was playing with her blocks, Ben tries for her to say his name but unseen to them all, Doctor Doom showed up to her and claims her to be his goddaughter.

He compels her to say the word "Doom" and almost immediately chaos breaks out at lab in form of a weird green energy beam, which forces Mr. Fantastic to quickly transport Franklin to New Attilan but he accidentally ended up being dragged out by netherdemons in Hell.

fantastic four doom
The Conflict Infernal

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Here is your link to buy "Fantastic Four – Unthinkable" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Fantastic Four – Unthinkable

A four issue plot with a prologue story featuring Victor Von Doom from the pages of Fantastic Four, "Unthinkable" is a story-arc further exploring untold fractions of Doctor Doom's back-story. The story kick starts from issue #67 of third volume of titular monthly ongoing comic-book series and ended up on issue #500 of original count, which came after 70th issue of this volume.

Veteran comic-book writer Mark Waid (Onslaught Saga, Original Sin) and artist Mike Wieringo (Tellos, The Flash) tied this story up in 2004 that has its after effects on the series and eventually on other characters of the Marvel Universe.

doctor doom unthinkable
An Unthinkable Doom

This one is quite a different arc for Marvel's family of adventure as their arch-nemesis now relies on mystical powers beyond their understanding. Yet a question remains that, why Victor is looking for Valeria so bad after all these years? And what cryptic connection does it has with the Fantastic Four. What unthinkable deed he is going to perform when he manages to find out his lost love?

A brief glimpse on New Attilan as well as Crystal, Lockjaw and Medusa making a cameo were very enjoyable. Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange appears in a guest-role as well as beings from Dark Dimension. Though the good doctor didn't hang out for long, he did provide Reed a way to salvation.
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